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Avatyre Freeze tires: reviews, features and description

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Avatyre Freeze tires: reviews, features and description
Avatyre Freeze tires: reviews, features and description

The feature of all tires made in China is the low price. Rubber brands from the Middle Kingdom are cheap. And often the quality of tires is in no way inferior to analogues from recognized world concerns. This thesis is fully applicable to Avatyre Freeze tires. In the reviews about them, motorists just note the combination of an attractive price and decent reliability. The brand itself is unique. Manufacturing facilities are located in China, with a design office based in Canada.

Flag of China
Flag of China

For which cars

This model was designed for budget sedans and mid-range cars. This is clearly hinted at by the size range of tires. In total, 15 different sizes can be found on sale with landing diameters from 13 to 17 inches.


Sedan on a winter road
Sedan on a winter road

Winter tires. The tire compound is very soft. The presented model is able to maintain its elasticity even in extreme frosts. At positive temperatures, tire roll increases many times. This leads to increased wear.


Avatyre Freeze Tread
Avatyre Freeze Tread

The tread design is unusual. Manufacturers endowed these tires with a symmetrical directional pattern, the usual division into stiffeners is absent. The central part is represented by rows of blocks of complex geometric shape, beveled to each other at an acute angle. Each element is characterized by massiveness and increased rigidity. This allows the tires to maintain profile stability under sudden dynamic loads. In reviews of Avatyre Freeze, drivers do not recommend accelerating to high speeds. These tires are made for slow riding only.

The presented winter tires are characterized by massive and large shoulder areas. Moreover, the outer sidewall of the wheels received additional reinforcement. Thanks to this technical solution, the tires are stable when cornering and braking. Demolitions to the sides are excluded.

Behavior on Ice

In reviews of the Avatyre Freeze, motorists also note the stability of behavior on an icy road. To improve the quality of contact with the presented type of surfaces, the manufacturer endowed these tires with studs.

Places for fixing spikes are arranged with variable pitch. This allows you to get rid of the effect of the track. The car confidently turns, passes maneuvers without skidding. The stud head on Avatyre Freeze tires is rounded. It is better to refuse sharp maneuvers.

Riding in the snow

On a snowy road, the presented tires showed their best side. Massive blocks quickly push through loose snow and provide confidentroad grip. The control is stable, there are no problems in this case.

Riding through puddles

Riding on wet roads is made more difficult by the specific water barrier that forms between the asph alt pavement and the tire surface. The contact area is reduced, there is a risk of loss of control and manageability. In reviews of the Avatyre Freeze, motorists claim that manufacturers have managed to completely neutralize the risks of the hydroplaning effect. This was achieved through a number of measures.

hydroplaning effect
hydroplaning effect

Firstly, the directional tread pattern itself improves the speed of water removal from the contact patch. This design variant is even used in specific rain tires.

Secondly, the drainage is represented by a complex system of longitudinal and transverse grooves. All elements have received increased sizes, which allows you to remove more water per unit of time.

Thirdly, wavy lamellas were applied to each block. They increase the number of cutting edges in the contact area and generally increase the quality of grip.

Fourthly, silicon dioxide was introduced into the compound. With it, the risk of tire slipping on a wet asph alt roadway is reduced. In reviews of the Avatyre Freeze, drivers claim that the rubber practically sticks to the road.


These tires show a decent running resource. A number of motorists claim that the quality of control decreases only after 50 thousand kilometers. The manufacturer Avatyre Freeze did a good job on the issue of increasingwear resistance.

For example, when compiling a rubber compound, the concern's chemists increased the proportion of carbon black. The rate of abrasion has decreased significantly.

The stud fixing points have received additional reinforcement. This prevents premature loss of these small elements. That's just about running the wheels to forget is also not recommended. The first thousand km must be driven as calmly as possible.

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