Important facts about seat belt replacement
Important facts about seat belt replacement

The role of seat belts is obvious. In most emergencies, these simple devices save the lives of road users. When should you consider replacing seat belts, and how do you do it yourself?

Who faces a fine?

Seat belt anchor
Seat belt anchor

From passengers and drivers, traffic police officers require mandatory fastening with this device. Violation of the rules entails unexpected costs for the passenger's wallet. If we talk about the fine for the seat belt 2018, then we are talking about the amount of 500 rubles. This year, this value has grown to 1,000 rubles.

Attention, driver! For public transport, a special regulation is prescribed, the provisions of which are recommended to be strictly followed.

In this regard, before the trip, it is important to check whether all people have fastened their seat belts in the cabin. In the event of a malfunction, the seat belt must be replaced in time to avoid pen alties. This is especially true for tourist routes or buses.

Features of pen alties

Seat belt fine 2018
Seat belt fine 2018

Having found an unfastened passenger in the cabin, the traffic police officer will issue a double fine. The driver will also undergo the same fate and will be punished for 1,000 rubles. For what, you ask, because the motorist is not to blame? In fact, law enforcement officials do not think so.

According to the law, it is the responsibility of the car owner (driver) to monitor the condition of the car, including its internal systems, and timely replacement of the seat belt. The driver can pay within 20 days, in which case the fine will also cost him 500 rubles. Particular attention will be paid to small passengers and restraints for their safe ride.

Child restraint requirements

Car child restraint
Car child restraint

There is a whole line of special devices for holding a child during a road trip. There are two basic requirements for child restraints in a car:

  • they should save the life of the baby and not lead to deformation of the body in a situation of sudden braking;
  • they must meet the comfort requirements.

In case of discomfort, the child will distract the driver, which can result in an accident. Varieties of straps are selected depending on the weight of the child. For example, for a baby weighing from 0 to 10 kg, this will be one type of device, for children weighing more than 22 kg, you will have to buy another option. Be sure to inform the seller for what purpose the purchase is being made.

Bwhen should you change your seat belt?

How to remove the seat belt
How to remove the seat belt

The design of these parts of the security system is calculated with a certain service life. They are made with a certain margin of strength indicators. Even with repeated accidents, they consistently perform their function.

Not everyone knows that the seat belt has a specific service life. At the end of this period, it becomes necessary to replace the seat belts. If this is neglected, the motorist and occupants may be hit and injured.

Advice from the experts

seat belt ticket 2018
seat belt ticket 2018

Such an important item as a seat belt requires immediate replacement, even despite the margin of safety provided by the manufacturer. You need to contact the dealer and purchase the option suitable for the brand of car. Care is a must. This part of the cabin does not like the build-up of dirt.

In some cases, the seat belt gets stuck. Other problems arise.

Common causes of breakdowns

Repair service masters note the following factors leading to breakdowns:

  1. The mechanism is blocked as a result of the disaster, the squib wedges.
  2. Worn roller mechanism.
  3. Zero temperatures have a negative effect.
  4. The interlock system has become unusable.

Don't panic, competent actions will help solve the problem.

Three most common belt repair methodssecurity

The problem lies in the spring, provided that the tape was stretched, but is not going to return to its original position. It is recommended to do this:

  1. After disassembling the lining, you need to try to get to the drum and fix the spring, or change the strap drum.
  2. Dirt is a common culprit for strap problems. This applies in particular to old cars. The device must be rinsed and dried thoroughly.
  3. In a situation where the belt is not pulled out of the socket at all, the reason may lie in the accumulated dirt in the mechanism itself.

You can buy at the auto shop and spray a specially designed tool on the seat belt mount. Then move the tool back and forth. Sometimes it helps. It didn’t help - it’s time to change the part.

Execution technique

To carry out a qualified repair or replacement, you need to know how to remove the seat belt correctly. It may stretch a little at first and then stop moving.

No need to dismantle the seats. Experienced car owners do not advise touching a thin compartment with a spring. This applies to VAZ vehicles. The upper compartment of the block is opened by pushing four caps located at its corners with a screwdriver. As a result, the lid is easily removed.

The machine must be on a level surface so that the belt does not stop when pulled. In the undercover space we find a blue plastic box with a ball and a foot. After removing the plastic part, you can see a metal element with teeth that perform the functionstopper. Dirt particles accumulate there, so everything needs to be cleaned. Next, you need to lubricate the mechanism with antifreeze agents. If this method is ineffective, it is better to completely change the device by contacting a service center.

Some drivers tuck in a little the copper tab, which is affected by the metal ball. You can change the entire assembly by purchasing a complete kit.