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Fuel filter "Largus": where is it and how to replace it? Lada Largus

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Fuel filter "Largus": where is it and how to replace it? Lada Largus
Fuel filter "Largus": where is it and how to replace it? Lada Largus

Probably every second car enthusiast knows that even in times of rapid progress, ideally clean fuel has not yet been invented. The most difficult situation with gasoline is observed in the CIS countries. Diluted or simply low-quality fuel fills more and more gas stations, so the motorist should monitor the condition of the engine and fuel filter on the Largus on his own.

General information about the fuel filter

Fuel filter for "Lada Largus"
Fuel filter for "Lada Largus"

Important in this system is the filter element, which cleans the fuel entering the injector or carburetor. It is interesting that this small knot, with proper use, can increase the life of the motor up to 30%. If the fuel filter is not replaced in time if it is dirty, the injection system may quickly wear out, which will lead to a violation of fuel injection and a decrease in powerengine.

What this knot is for

Simple in its structure, the fuel filter on the "Largus" performs functions of great importance for literally any car. This fret knot:

  • Prevents large particles from entering the injector or cylinders with low-quality fuel.
  • Filters out fine sand, which is also found in fuel.
  • Prolongs fuel system and engine life.

Fuel filter unit

Fuel filter "Largus"
Fuel filter "Largus"

The design of the fuel filter on "Largus" is interesting, as for a car model from AvtoVAZ. The design has two filtering fuel elements that are installed in the fuel pump system. Fine and coarse filters in tandem with a gasoline pump are a one-piece design. This means that in the event of a breakdown, in most cases, the assembly is completely replaced. Taking into account this feature, AvtoVAZ made the fuel filter for Lada Largus reliable, of high quality and with a long service life.

The device of the fuel filter and the fuel pump on the Lada Largus is complicated, so it makes no sense to consider individual elements. But, despite this, even an amateur motorist will be able to visually determine the degree of pollution.

Replace part

How to change the fuel filter on "Largus"? To carry out repairs, it will be necessary to disassemble the entire fuel pump system, which, of course, is not worth doing. This procedure is not only financially expensive,but takes a lot of time.

When to change

Dirty fuel filter
Dirty fuel filter

You will not be able to tell if the fuel filter is dirty unless you regularly check its integrity and condition. Due to the specifics of the design, the fuel cell on the Largus is endowed with a "heroic resource." As AvtoVAZ says, fuel filters, together with a gasoline pump, are designed for the entire period of operation of a car, that is, about 160 thousand kilometers. But is it true? From practical experience, no.

Given the average statistics, we can highlight the following:

  • mesh filter in the nozzle of the injection system, which passes fuel through itself after primary and fine cleaning, can last no more than 30-45 thousand kilometers;
  • main fuel filter has a resource equal to 80-120 thousand kilometers.

Experienced car repairmen advise every Largus owner to dismantle the entire fuel pump module and check the level of filter contamination every 20,000 km. Also, a check is carried out if:

  • slight loss of traction;
  • fuel system problems;
  • reduce or increase fuel consumption.

The main difference that the fuel filter element is dirty is the gradual appearance of the symptoms described above.

Part replacement features

Part replacement features
Part replacement features

Replacing this part is not so difficult if you know where the fuel filter is located on the Largus and howrepair correctly. It is important to note that even an amateur motorist can perform the replacement procedure, since the whole process is very simple. Filter replacement does not require any serious preparation, except for the following measures:

  • it is best to replace the filter element in a spacious workshop, where the car can be parked on level ground, securely fixed with a handbrake or a wheel stand;
  • prepare a standard car repair kit in advance: a few screwdrivers, a set of keys, rags and gloves;
  • buy a fuel pump assembly or a separate "mesh" fuel pump (for example, the same part is suitable, but only from Renault Logan).

The procedure itself takes no more than 30 minutes, of course, if you do not want to completely disassemble the fuel pump system and try to clean the fuel filter in the "grandfather" ways. It is considered a bad idea to replace the part with a homemade filter. Also, this is not worth doing because improperly cleaning or assembling the fuel pump will cause serious damage to the entire Lada Largus fuel system. Is it worth it? Probably not.

How to change the filter element with your own hands

Fuel filter disassembly
Fuel filter disassembly

So, the step-by-step algorithm for replacing the fuel filter with "Largus" is as follows:

  • Remove the rear sofa cushion and lift up the plastic hatch underneath. For greater convenience, experts recommend removing the carpet.
  • Having disconnected the battery in advance,bend the tab that is on the fuel pump connector and turn it off.
  • Next, you need to connect the battery and start the engine. The running engine should run for two to three seconds and then stall. Next, de-energize the entire system again by disconnecting the terminals. Disconnect the fuel pipe and turn the fuel pump fixing washer counterclockwise. The use of a special mounting spatula will help facilitate the work.
  • After doing all the above steps, the fuel pump module can be removed without any problems. As needed, the filter mesh or the fuel pump is completely replaced. After replacement, you need to assemble the entire structure in reverse order.

It's still not worth disassembling the fuel pump system to replace the filter parts. Such repairs can adversely affect the condition of the entire fuel system in the future. It is better not to save money and change the entire design of the fuel pump. Many auto-masters believe that changing the fuel filter on the Largus is quick and easy if you study in advance the features of its design and location in the car.

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