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How to replace the cabin filter yourself in a Chevrolet Cruze

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How to replace the cabin filter yourself in a Chevrolet Cruze
How to replace the cabin filter yourself in a Chevrolet Cruze

Along with other components, the Chevrolet Cruze cabin filter must be replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's regulations for carbon filters. On a foreign car of this plan, it is customary to install a new part, throwing out a worn one, after 45 thousand km. or after 2 years of operation. Highway luminaries advise motorists traveling in too dusty conditions to do this more often - after 25,000 km. The term is determined by the activity and operating conditions.

When should a motorist consider replacing?

filter to be replaced
filter to be replaced

Chevrolet Cruz's cabin filter receives a lot of dust loads, and therefore it quickly becomes clogged with dirt and its efficiency is significantly reduced. The result is a decrease in throughput, loss of cleaning properties. Once every two years, the manufacturer recommends replacing the filter element. At scheduled maintenance within the walls of a car repair shop, its obligatory cleaning is required. Why is it recommended to do it a little earlier?

Reason for violationregulations

Cabin filter on a Chevrolet Cruze
Cabin filter on a Chevrolet Cruze

Any creator of transport, especially foreign cars, creates it taking into account road surfaces, hoping for their best condition, determining the time when to change spare parts. Drivers are better off not heeding this advice by replacing the Chevrolet Cruze cabin filter much earlier. Car service specialists cite a number of reasons for such a decision:

  • "Steel Horse" when used in urban environments, especially in metropolitan areas, is faced with forced long downtime in traffic jams.
  • Traffic in megacities is dense, so there is more dirt. Constant dust, fine grains of sand, dirt from road surfaces - a small fraction, with which the Chevrolet Cruze cabin filter must constantly work, performing its functions.
  • Ambient dirty air enters the cabin, unpleasant odors begin to be felt, and again an increased load on the element.
  • It occurs in the case of frequent car exits to the ground.
  • During the spring flowering of trees, the air is filled with fluff, pollen, and later flying seeds. Cabin filter "Chevrolet Cruz" must also cope with this "enemy".

Is it appropriate to save on such an important device? A negative answer is given by all experts in the field of automotive industry, advising to change it to the original version, not the coal type produced by Delphi. Budget models will cost about 300 rubles. Not every beginner knows where the cabin filter is located on the Chevrolet Cruze, so for the first time you should take a closer look at the repair inprofessional service in order to change it yourself in the future. In serious centers, drivers are allowed to observe the process, and they do not miss the moment to give practical recommendations.

Secrets of competent replacement

Installation of a new unit
Installation of a new unit

First, it is worth determining how to change the cabin filter on a Chevrolet Cruze from specialists, sit in the passenger seat, then proceed with the following steps:

  1. On a car of this brand, the developers placed it behind the glove box. It is to be dismantled.
  2. Pulling out all the contents from the inside, we find two delimiters on the left and right sides.
  3. They pry off with your fingers, and moving towards the rear of the body will help to remove the glove compartment correctly, while removing the microlift fixed to the wall of the part from the lugs.
  4. Opens a clear view of the body of the filter device. It is attached with three plastic clips. First you need to unfasten the right, then the left, then the upper fastener. Voila, cover removed.
  5. The body should be thoroughly cleaned of dust, remove debris, foliage.
  6. Installation of a new unit is done so that the markings look at the installer. In this case, the arrow in front should be directed downwards.
  7. The process ends with the assembly of the filter in reverse.

The main thing when buying is to purchase reliable spare parts for Chevrolet Cruze in trusted stores, car services. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

Recommendations for selection

Engineers at the origins of the Cruise
Engineers at the origins of the Cruise

Engineers who stood at the origins"Kruz", give advice to stick to buying a regular filter with the article "13271190" or the original one. Motorists with remarkable experience buy analogues at an affordable price. This may be the products of Mann Filter, Bosh, Mahle, Nipparts and many others. Also suitable products Kamoka, Purflux.

Replacing a cleaning device is not particularly difficult, any vehicle owner eventually learns to do it on their own, without spending money on paying for the services of servicemen. With a clean filter, it is comfortable for passengers and the owner of the vehicle to ride, breathing fresh, unpolluted air. For allergy sufferers exposed to dust and pollen, air purification is a must.

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