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Niva passability – is the legend really that good nowadays?

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Niva passability – is the legend really that good nowadays?
Niva passability – is the legend really that good nowadays?

Many off-road vehicles are good representatives in the slush, there are both good and bad models. But if you think about finding a good domestic one, then the first car you think of will be the Niva.

History of Creation

The legendary car was designed back in 1977 and still has not changed the design features. Then it was one of the first cars with permanent all-wheel drive, before that it existed only on foreign Range Rover SUVs. Without knowing it, Soviet designers built an advanced car. According to the results of the tests, it turned out that the Niva's cross-country ability is many times better than that of foreign off-road vehicles and even than that of UAZ. But there was also a downside. The Niva's engine had a low thrust, which did not allow it to pass obstacles to the tightness.

Model history

Success and model export

Immediately after the start of production, "Niva" was in unheard of demand, and not only in the Soviet Union, but also in Germany, Great Britain and other European countries. She iscost much less than other SUVs. The same Gelendvagen cost twice as much as the Niva. In addition, the dealers who sold this car installed various modifications on it, panoramic roofs, kenguryatniks, body kits, and even made a convertible out of it. Some replaced the domestic engine with a more powerful French diesel.

Continuity of generations

If you look and compare the old "Niva" with modern ones, you will practically not find any differences, since the successful layout and design do not need significant improvement. Not a single Russian resident will be able to imagine this car in a different form. Initially, this model was designed as a car with permanent all-wheel drive and increased cross-country ability. And indeed, it copes with these tasks to the present, since the Niva's 4x4 cross-country ability is almost the best among all SUVs in the world.

Image "Niva" off-road

Off-road performance

Short base, small overhangs, as well as the presence of a low gear and transfer case allow this car to easily overcome any obstacles. Even in standard modifications, it can drive through a rather serious muddy road, and if it is subjected to modernization, then the Niva will simply not be equal on the roads. One has only to put off-road wheels, as it will immediately add to the cross-country ability and will be much better than all modern crossovers and some SUVs. And if it is equipped with a winch andincrease the ground clearance, then the Niva's cross-country ability will not be equal.

Passability "Niva" in the snow

Yes, in many ways the Niva is an outdated car. It has an archaic interior design, and the exterior has not been updated for a long period of time. But she is not loved for this - the machine was created in order to work and be indispensable in the household. The patency of the "Niva" is still the reference one. Of course, all the shortcomings of this model have long been known, and it is a pity that modern designers do not want to bring this car to the ideal, but despite all its shortcomings, the Niva will always remain in the heart of every Russian person.

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