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The main secrets for replacing the cabin filter "Nissan Teana J32"

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The main secrets for replacing the cabin filter "Nissan Teana J32"
The main secrets for replacing the cabin filter "Nissan Teana J32"

Nissan has spent a lot of time, money and effort to create a completely new design for this model. The radiator grille, which changed the bumper, betrays the American love for chrome. The brutality of the model is a bit like Infiniti M. The interior is spacious, the trunk is enough for business class trips. The suspension is soft and the car accelerates confidently.

Comfort is thought out by the designers to the smallest detail, and the trip will not be overshadowed by exhaust gases, dust with a working filter in the cabin. The accumulated dirt requires the replacement of the Nissan Teana j32 cabin filter, which should be done on time.

Expediency of procedure

Image "Nissan Teana j32" - cabin filter replacement algorithm
Image "Nissan Teana j32" - cabin filter replacement algorithm

Plant pollen, dust particles from the road surface adversely affects the air in the cabin. People in the car suffer from the smell of burning, exhaust gases, and are forced to sniff the dust. Moreover, they are at risk of developing diseases with the respiratory system. Carbon,formaldehyde, carbon monoxide - only a fraction of what is present in unfiltered polluted air.

Consumable selection

The automaker recommends installing filters model: B7277JN20A. These consumables are technically and functionally no different. The filter part is a paper base coated with antibacterial and anti-allergic impregnation. These filters are also used by other cars of the manufacturer: Altima 2007-2013. and Maxim 2009 – 2013

Factory equipment does not include charcoal filters. But you can use original models with article numbers: 27277JN00A, B7277JN00B and 27277JN00B. Given the "indecent" prices for original consumables, you can find paper and carbon counterparts from Filtron, TSN, BIG filter, Bosch on the market. Experienced drivers claim that the filtration quality of coal analogues is superior to the original models.

About installation location

Cabin filter "Nissan Teana j32"
Cabin filter "Nissan Teana j32"

To carry out the replacement, you need to know where the Nissan Teana J32 cabin filter is located and correctly follow the algorithm of actions. The developers installed it behind the glove compartment on the left side. The convenience of this item is that there is no need to dismantle any components or mechanisms.

From the tools to replace the Nissan Teana J32 cabin filter you will need: a new filter, a screwdriver, a rag will come in handy.

Can't change leave?

In car maintenance, replacing the Nissan Teana j32 cabin filter plays an important role. Not all drivers prefercall in a car service workshop and carry out the procedure for a fee.

Most often this event is addressed independently. The manufacturer regulates to do this after 10 thousand km. mileage, but this indicator is purely individual. The frequency of changing the filter element is dictated by the driving style, the operating conditions of the "steel horse".

If the driver often has to travel along dusty off-road tracks, the Nissan Teana j32 cabin filter will have to be replaced earlier. If extraneous odors appear, if the windows begin to “sweat” for unknown reasons, the air conditioner or heating does not function correctly, it’s time to buy a new device.

Recipe for a competent replacement

Image "Nissan Teana j32" - cabin filter replacement
Image "Nissan Teana j32" - cabin filter replacement

The procedure involves the following steps:

  1. It is necessary to free the glove box in the "Nissan Teana j32" from things, so it will be easier to work.
  2. The screws that secure the glove compartment of the body must be unscrewed. Next, the glove box is pulled towards itself and carefully pulled out. Don't forget to disconnect the backlight wires. With a certain dexterity, the glove box can not be dismantled.
  3. As a result, it is possible to remove the filter accessory. With careful actions, the lid is unfastened, the damaged unit is pulled out.

The new kit is installed in reverse order. It should be taken into account that the size of the mounting hole is almost 2 times less than the thickness of the filter. Therefore, when removing and replacing it, you need to squeeze it slightly. For installationnew version, you need to fold it a little like an accordion and start the top corner, and then the bottom one, pushing it all the way.

Replacing this device is simple and even beginners on the road can do it. The main thing is not to ignore this question. In general, using the presented algorithm, the entire procedure for changing the filter will take no more than 10-15 minutes.

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