"Brilliance B5": car reviews, equipment, characteristics and fuel consumption

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"Brilliance B5": car reviews, equipment, characteristics and fuel consumption
"Brilliance B5": car reviews, equipment, characteristics and fuel consumption

Modification "Brilliance B5", reviews of which are given below, entered the domestic market of China in 2011. It has some external resemblance to the German equivalent of the BMW X1. Otherwise, these models have nothing in common. The Chinese car is larger, its wheels are larger, and the design itself with a filling of a different content in terms of quality and performance. The V5 model was initially sold under the name "Brilliance A3". Consider the features of this SUV and the responses of its owners.

The interior of the car "Brilliance"
The interior of the car "Brilliance"

Design outside and inside

Auto "Brilliance B5" (see photo above) justifies its name in design. The Chinese turned out to be quite a worthy "diamond". Some copying of the German prototype can be traced, but not so obvious as to attribute this to plagiarism. Among the external featuresIt is worth noting the LED inserts in the head and rear optics, which saves on-board energy. High ground clearance is provided by 17-inch wheels.

The instrument panel is made soundly, unlike many other Chinese analogues. Units are highlighted in blue. Some doubts are caused by the on-board computer, which seems to be doing its job. The design turned out to be successful, decent backlighting and a clear display of information on the monitor. However, the functionality of the device promises to be desired. In fact, on the BC in question, the driver can only find out the fuel consumption and the possible distance that the car will cover on the remaining fuel.

Car salon "Brilliance B5"
Car salon "Brilliance B5"

Other interior equipment

Despite all the improvements, reviews of the Brilliance B5 indicate that the Chinese assembly can be seen everywhere in the details (poorly tucked upholstery or a loose lid). However, the basic design of the cabin is high quality, with smooth seams and decent materials.

Important things to consider:

  1. Upholstery is pleasing to the eye and pleasant to the touch.
  2. The top of the dashboard is made of resilient plastic.
  3. The center of this knot is finished in a polished metal look.
  4. All knobs and buttons are accessible and functional. Ergonomics does not cause any particular complaints.
  5. Some elements (machine selector, configuration of the entire panel) are slightly reminiscent of the German style. In general, the design is quite harmonious.and neat.

Vehicle Features

In their reviews, the owners of Brilliance B5 point out a number of interesting points. For example, on a rather modest radio. At the same time, it will not work to change the device, since the socket is designed for a regular unit. It is worth noting that the sound of the radio is quite decent, and flash drives and CDs are suitable as carriers. The car's heater performed well, as did the air conditioning.

The sofa in the back can actually accommodate three adults. The seat cushion is flat, without special individual bulges. The split back is transformed in a ratio of 1: 2 with the formation of a small step. The capacity of the luggage compartment is 430 liters. The trunk has a good configuration, but in terms of capacity it loses even to some sedans. With the third row of seats folded down, the trunk volume increases to 1200 liters. There is a full-size spare tire with an alloy wheel under part of the raised floor.

Crossover "Brilliance B5"
Crossover "Brilliance B5"

About motor

The power units of Chinese cars were often mounted on various Japanese cars (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu). Adherents of stamps from the Middle Kingdom consider this an achievement, but many opponents attribute it to plagiarism. Nevertheless, one hundred percent proof of identity has not been presented, except for external similarity. As the owners of Brilliance B5 say in their reviews, only specialists and repair engineers can understand the true difference between the motors.

Yes, and no special evidence is required. On the consideredthe model is mounted version of "Mitsubishi", which is not particularly hidden. This is a licensed engine, which is an in-line "four" of the 4A-92S variety. This version has variable valve timing. The same analogue is mounted on the Lancer, only it has less power. On the Chinese model, it develops 110 horsepower instead of 117 as on the "Japanese", meets Euro-4 standards. Fuel consumption in mixed mode is about 7.0 liters per 100 km.

Cars "Brilliance"
Cars "Brilliance"

Test drive

As emphasized by the reviews about the Brilliance B5 car, on the very first meters of the road, the test modification is similar in aggressiveness to the X1, although not so much. I would like more speakers, since the power with an automatic box is tight enough. There is an opinion that a mechanical analogue would be more active. However, the regular automatic transmission is distinguished by the ability to adapt to the driver's driving style. In addition, the design provides for manual gear selection, which somewhat smooths out the limited power of the engine.

In normal mode, when accelerating, the box quickly and smoothly goes through modes, stopping at the fifth stage. It won't be hard to check this one. You should dial 60 km / h, then take the selector away from you, and the D mark will change to the M5 combination. In general, the dynamics practically tends to zero, which is not particularly critical for the city.

Suspension unit

Having studied all the pros and cons in the reviews of the owners of "Brilliance B5", it can be noted that such a node is quite effective. At low speeds on uneven road surfaces, you can often heartapping, which disappear after speeding up, after which the shock absorbers and springs “swallow” bumps and grooves more gently. The MacPherson strut suspension is mounted at the front and a torsion bar torsion beam at the rear.

A block at first glance may seem tough, but it is very difficult to break through. A road clearance of 17.5 centimeters avoids deformation of this part. However, the crankcase of the power unit is open, and there is no standard protection. If you decide to install an analog yourself, remember that the crankcase will have protection, and the weight will increase. The best solution is to install a plastic mudguard under the entire area of the engine compartment.

SUV "Brilliance B5"
SUV "Brilliance B5"

Steering gear

The knot is pretty reliable. Reviews of "Brilliance B5" confirm this. An electrical configuration amplifier is provided. From one peak point to another stop, the wheel makes about three revolutions. In this case, the accuracy does not increase, and the reactive force is small. The SUV reacts quickly during maneuvers, but on sharp turns, unpleasant rolls are sometimes observed.

On the other hand, the car "Brilliance B5" does not show any special "independence", does not lose the given trajectory on bumps, steadily keeps a straight line at speed. The problem arises in longitudinal wavy sections, where the crossover begins to “float”. It is realistic to cope with the management, however, it does not bring much joy.

Brake system

The brakes on the new Brilliance B5 make a good impression. On all wheelsinstalled disc elements, characterized by a high degree of tenacity. A few days will have to be spent on adjusting the pedal pressure. Otherwise, sharp jerks are observed with the driver moving sharply forward. When driving on slippery surfaces, ABS kicks in to stop early on straight, bare ice or mixed surfaces.

Deceleration without active braking speaks of excessive zeal of the anti-lock system. Preserve the ability to correct the trajectory of the movement in priority during emergency braking.

Devices in the salon "Brilliance"
Devices in the salon "Brilliance"

Current Stability

The Brilliance B5 car, according to the owners (with photo), does not have a high directional stability parameter at certain points. Features of car behavior on ice:

  1. When the crossover enters a sharp turn, the corresponding icon is displayed on the dashboard. At the same time, the behavior of the vehicle remains almost the same.
  2. On turns, the radius also changes slightly.
  3. When climbing uphill, the difference with the activated and deactivated system is not noticeable at all.

Experience shows that climbing ice can feel confident at times. However, don't be fooled. Often, after stopping at such an obstacle, when restarting, the car simply starts to slip in place.

The obvious advantages of the car in question in terms of cross-country ability and stability include only a decent ground clearance. Fuzzy functioningan electronic stabilizer and a low power indicator are the shortcomings of the designers. Many owners note that in inclement weather you will need to carry a shovel, a good reliable cable, and special reagents. The best option is a manual winch. All of these materials can be useful when leaving the city, given the peculiarities of domestic roads and weather changeability.

Urban crossover "Brilliance B5"
Urban crossover "Brilliance B5"

In closing

Reviews often compare the Brilliance B5 with the German equivalent of the BMW X1. In fact, the technical content of both cars has almost nothing in common. The similarity is observed only in the exterior and a little in the cabin. The Chinese SUV is equipped with front-wheel drive. His engine is low-powered and is located transversely. Nevertheless, said SUV is a shining example of the Chinese auto industry, proving that improvements in this area are happening year after year.