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How to bleed the brakes on the "Niva" yourself?

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How to bleed the brakes on the "Niva" yourself?
How to bleed the brakes on the "Niva" yourself?

In the article we will talk about how to pump the brakes on the "Niva" with our own hands. To do this, you can use one of the ways - to do the necessary manipulations with a partner or alone. Of course, it is much more efficient and reliable to use the first method. It is he who is usually given in the manuals for the operation of cars. Almost all cars use the same algorithm of actions. Let's first look at the design of the brakes and determine when it needs to be bled.

When the need arises?

Brakes need to be bled if there is interference with the design of the system, namely:

  1. Tubes and hoses are being replaced.
  2. Brake fluid changing.
  3. Installing new calipers on the front wheels.
  4. New cylinders are mounted on the rear axle.
  5. The main cylinder is changing.
How to pump the brakes on the field

In other words, pumping is necessary if there has been a violation of the tightness of the system. Before you pump the brakes on the Niva, you should prepare the car for this procedure. First you need to loosen all the bleeder fittings. To do this, you need to use a special key on "8". All work is best done on a flyover or viewing hole.

Standard method

The essence of this method is that two people do the work at once. One sits in the driver's seat and, on command, presses the brake pedal, while the other performs the necessary manipulations.

Here's how to properly bleed the brakes on the Niva:

  1. Start with the rear right cylinder. Fill the expansion tank with liquid. Put a tube on the fitting, lower its second edge into a jar with a small amount of brake fluid.
  2. Give a command to your partner to press the brake pedal 5-7 times (of course, you need to release it).
  3. The last time you press it, you need to fix the pedal in the extreme position near the floor.
  4. Turn off the fitting a little and bleed air from the system. It will come out with some liquid.
  5. Repeat the above procedures until the air stops flowing.
Front brake

Then you need to switch to the second rear cylinder. The last to be pumped are the calipers of the right and left frontwheels, respectively. The main thing is to strictly follow the sequence and add liquid to the tank in a timely manner.

Alternative way

This method is suitable in the case when it is not possible to use the help of a partner. To do this, you will need to pressurize the system with a simple chamber or spare tire. You will have to be Kulibin a little to make an adapter between the chamber fittings and on the cover of the expansion tank (you need to use a spare cover).

The essence of the procedure is the same as in the first version. You should unscrew the bleeder fittings one by one to get rid of excess air. Experts recommend that you carefully monitor the level of liquid in the tank and, if necessary, add it to the desired volume.

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