What factors affect gas mileage?

What factors affect gas mileage?
What factors affect gas mileage?

Gasoline consumption is the amount of fuel used by the car. This characteristic of the machine motor is currently one of the most important. And for decades, the world's leading engineers have been solving the problem of reducing gasoline consumption.

Gasoline consumption can be measured by calculating the amount of fuel that the car spends when passing a certain distance. Now in countries where the metric system of measures is used, consumption is measured in liters for every hundred kilometers. The lower the value, the more economical the car.

gasoline consumption
gasoline consumption

Gasoline consumption can be calculated in another way - they measure the distance during which the vehicle will completely consume a certain amount of fuel. This method is generally used in countries where the English dimensional system is used.

In South Korea, Japan and India, economy is measured in kilometers per liter. At the same time, the higher the value, the more economical the car.

For more accurate calculations, engineers have selected several special cycles:

1. The urban cycle, characterized by highthe intensity of movement, the need for overheating, the operation of the motor during a stop in traffic jams and at traffic lights, as well as a sharp reset and acceleration. As a result of such work, a large consumption of gasoline is observed.

high consumption of gasoline
high consumption of gasoline

2. Extra-urban cycle, characterized by a smoother ride and more stable speed. At the same time, a decrease in gasoline consumption is observed.

3. A mixed cycle is something in between.

The consumption of gasoline is affected by a large number of factors. The main reasons for the increase in consumption: malfunctions of the engine or its systems, vehicle acceleration, incomplete combustion of gasoline, “aggressive” driving style, increased driving resistance (car load, open windows, jammed brakes, transmission malfunctions).

Proper condition of the machine, the choice of the most optimal driving mode, driver experience is the key to optimal fuel use.

Fuel consumption is also affected by other less important factors: aerodynamics, curb weight, gear ratios.

reduction in gasoline consumption
reduction in gasoline consumption

Consumption rates

All transport companies set their maximum allowable fuel consumption levels when using vehicles. There are basic and settlement-normative levels of consumption. The base one is determined according to the standard scheme and sets the fuel consumption rate under normal conditions. The calculation and standard establishes certain operating conditions, as well as some other factors.

Gasoline mileage rates may increase if:

-work during the cold season in the northern and southern regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in the Far North;

- when working on roads with a complex plan;

- when driving in mountainous areas;

- when transporting dangerous or oversized cargo;

- during driving practice;

- when the air conditioner is running;

- when driving in the city (depending on how dense the traffic is);

- when working in difficult conditions (floods, snow, ice);

- when driving a new car or a car after a major overhaul.

Gas mileage is one of the most important characteristics of every car's engine. It is on its improvement that work is underway in many countries of the world.