IZH-27156: photo, description, characteristics and history of the car

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IZH-27156: photo, description, characteristics and history of the car
IZH-27156: photo, description, characteristics and history of the car

One of the latest models produced by domestic production is IZH-27156. This machine is famous for its spaciousness, reliability and low cost. What exactly contributed to the creation of such an amazing utility vehicle? Or, in other words, who pushed the Izhevsk Automobile Plant to release a new production car?

auto legends of the ussr izh 27156
auto legends of the ussr izh 27156

Firstly, the IZH company has long dreamed of improving the body, and wanted to make it not only more spacious (for carrying more cargo), but also convenient for transporting passengers. And secondly, the Matra Rancho car, produced by members of the racing team, pushed IZH engineers to release a new car, thereby not losing its rightful place in the foreign market.

IZH-27156 auto legend of the USSR

“Heel”, “shoe” and “pie” are the second names that the car has acquired among the people. There are no questions about the first two names, because the body of this car really looks like some types of shoes. But as for the “pie”, this is not even a name, but his vocation, since IZH-27156often used as a means of transporting large batches of various pastries (bread, loaf, buns, and so on).

Izh 27156 car photo
Izh 27156 car photo

What else could contribute to the creation of this car? Perhaps it was Moskvich-434, which has been produced since 1968. This small van had much in common with the Moskvich-412, because it could carry not only two passengers, but also 450 kg of additional cargo. And this, in turn, greatly pleased the agricultural entrepreneurs who needed this car. In particular, this car transported bakery products, sacks of potatoes, flowers and much more. It was also convenient to transport various garbage on it, for example, the one that remains after the construction of various structures (cement, sand, stones, pieces of mortar, etc.).


In addition to the standard models IZH-27156 (van) and IZH-27151 (pickup), which were produced before 1982, the car factory produced various modifications:

  1. IZH-2715-01 - a model with an all-metal body, which was intended for the transportation of oversized cargo.
  2. IZH-27151-01 - this pickup is designed with similar external elements as a van.
  3. IZH-27156 - this model is designed to transport six people.

It is worth noting that in all modifications that IZH-27156 underwent, the technical characteristics remained the same. Only the body and external elements have undergone changes.

Journey of the "heel"

Izh-27151(pickup) has found its fans even abroad. Foreigners gave it a new name - Elite PickUp. What were the main differences in this car?

IZH 27156 cargo-passenger version
IZH 27156 cargo-passenger version

Probably one of its most important features was the new elongated body, which could accommodate fairly wide and heavy loads. He also got new square headlights, which were on the first IZH models. Turn signals and other elements of the appearance remained the same.

Diversity in appearance

Throughout the history of IZH-27156, its body and other elements have constantly undergone changes. There are four appearance options in total, which we will now discuss:

  1. On the side of the cargo compartment there are three stiffening ribs, a chrome bumper and a radiator grill, on one of the rear doors there is an emblem “IZH 1500 GR”. The rear bumper is completely replaced with a three-piece iron tube.
  2. The cargo-passenger IZH-27156 has four stiffening ribs: three on the cargo compartment and one on the body itself. The radiator grille, as well as the front bumper, are painted in the native color of the car. All other elements are unchanged.
  3. Added additional stiffener. There are five ribs in total: three on the cargo hold and two on the car body. Two “fangs” were attached to the front bumper, and the rear one was made of two metal tubes running along the body.
  4. IZH-27156 has a new black grille, door handles flush with the body and stamping on the roof of the car. The rear bumper has been replacedone solid metal pipe, which is located in the center of the body.

Specifications IZH-27156

It is worth noting that the technical characteristics of the car have not been changed. It's time to open the hood and check the power unit:

  • The four-cylinder engine has 67 horsepower.
  • Manual transmission - four-speed.
  • Maximum speed is 130 km/h.
  • Fuel consumption was over eight liters.
  • The volume of the tank is 45 liters.
  • Capacity from 400 kg.
  • The car's own weight is 1600 kg.

As you can see from the specifications, this car is not designed for fast driving. In 19 seconds, IZH-27156 is gaining 100 km. This is quite a long time, but if we talk about his cargo capabilities, then at that time he had no equal. It was constantly used in agriculture, loading to the brim and not giving time to rest.

In the interests of a private trader

This commercial utility van killed two birds with one stone:

  1. External and domestic market. Having released a new type of car, the Izhevsk Automobile Plant said goodbye to many competitors.
  2. Most importantly, some directives from the ministry were implemented, which required the release of new models in a certain sequence.

The General Exhibition of Agriculture served as a fairly strong advertisement, where all the achievements were collected. It was on this day that the IZH automobile plant provided the public with a prototypenew car.

IZH 27156 photo
IZH 27156 photo

It is also worth noting that the standard IZH-27156 was taken as a basis with some modifications, so this car is called a concept car. After all, this is not just a new modification, but a fully established concept for the whole country.

Instead of a conclusion

In this article, we examined not only a few photos of IZH-27156, but also learned its history, technical characteristics, and also discussed various modifications that the presented car has.

Tuning izh 27156
Tuning izh 27156

Interesting information: at the time from 1982 to 1997, models with an extended body were intended not only for rural industry, but also various rescue services, such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an ambulance, used them. In the rear cabin, you can horizontally put a person on special retractable benches, which were designed for more comfortable transportation of the victim.