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K-133 carburetor: specifications, device and adjustment

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K-133 carburetor: specifications, device and adjustment
K-133 carburetor: specifications, device and adjustment

This carburetor model was developed by the engineers of Pekar JSC, and today it is produced at the facilities of this enterprise. The K-133 carburetor is intended for installation on the MeMZ-245 engine, which is equipped with ZAZ-1102 Tavria cars.

The carburetor has one chamber, but there are two diffusers in it. The flow of the combustible mixture in it is falling, and the float chamber is balanced. The carburetor is also equipped with an EPHX system, a semi-automatic starting device, and brass floats. Let's take a closer look at this model, learn how to repair, maintain and adjust it.


The K-133 carburetor consists of three main parts - a float chamber cover, a middle part, as well as a lower pipe and a mixing chamber.

carburetor to 133 device

The lid has a built-in air damper. There is also a fuel filter and a float needle valve. Additionally inthe cover of the unit is equipped with a parking imbalance valve, an atomizer of the accelerator pump system. It is equipped with an idle air jet.

This carburetor model has an air damper, which is connected to the throttle through hinges. The part is driven by rods. The button with which you can control the position of the damper is located in the car on the floor, in the tunnel. If the damper is fully closed, then the throttle is opened by means of the rods. In this case, the gap is 1.6-1.8 mm. It is this gap that allows you to get the most optimal ratio of fuel and air when starting a cold engine.

The middle part of this unit is a float chamber, as well as air channels into which diffusers are pressed. It includes floats, accelerator pump system, power mode economizer and accelerator pump valves, main jets of the main metering system, idle jet.

A throttle valve is installed inside the mixing chamber of the K-133 ZAZ carburetor. The throttle is controlled via a pedal in the cabin. The damper is connected to the pedal by means of mechanical rods. In addition to the throttle valve, the mixing chamber includes an EPHH. This assembly is a closed metal case, inside of which there is a rubber diaphragm. The cover has a special screw with which you can adjust the amount of fuel mixture that will be supplied to the engine during the operation of the K-133 carburetor. The economizer valve stroke is also limited by this screw. This is the mainan element that allows you to adjust the vacuum formed in the intake tract.

The device of this carburetor also has a microswitch mounted on a special bracket. How effectively the EPHH system will work depends very much on the correct installation of it.

carburetor device

The electric valve is located on the horizontal part of the shelf, to the right of the ignition coil. It is necessary in order to enable or disable the possibility of supplying vacuum to the diaphragm of this valve. EPHH is controlled by a control unit. It can be found on the right side on the wall of the engine compartment. The main function of the block is to control the solenoid valve, depending on what speed the engine is currently running.


The starter system is equipped with a pneumatic corrector and a linkage system. All this forms a semi-automatic system that controls the air damper.


The cover of this carburetor model includes a tube for unbalancing the float chamber, as well as a fuel needle valve connected to the float. It is also equipped with fittings for supplying and lowering fuel into the tank. It also has a fine fuel filter.

carburetor k 133

Float chamber

The chamber housing contains the main air passage and the small diffuser, as well as the gasket and latch. In addition, the case has a large diffuser. Small has a jumper in which channels are made,acting as GDS sprayers and economizers.


This is the main dosing system of the K-133 carburetor. It is a fuel, as well as air jets and an emulsion tube.

Idling system

This carburetor has an independent idle system. It contains fuel and air jets, as well as adjusting elements. These are the quantity screw and the fuel mixture quality screw.

carburetor repair kit for 133

Accelerator pump

The unit is connected to an economizer. These elements are united by one drive, which, in turn, is also connected to the throttle valve drive. In the K-133 carburetor, the accelerator pump is equipped with a check valve, atomizer and a pressure valve.


Like other models of carburetors, K-133 has ample opportunities for adjustment and tuning. Here you can adjust the fuel level in the float chamber, starting clearances, idling. You can adjust the fuel consumption and dynamic characteristics, but in this case you will have to select jets and drive the car until a suitable combination is found.

The K-133 carburetor is adjusted as follows. With the carburetor removed, the throttle clearance can be adjusted. So, when the damper is fully closed, the gap should be up to 1.8 mm. If it goes beyond these limits, then adjust to the desired value by bending the thrust.

carburetor repair kit

AerialThe damper must fit snugly against the wall of the air clearance chamber. This gap should be no more than 0.25 mm. The choke actuator is adjusted on the carburetor mounted on the vehicle. First, the throttle control lever is pulled out, and then it is sunk by about 2 mm. Next, close the damper completely. After that, the actuator is inserted into the air damper actuator lever and the fixing screw is tightened. Then you need to fix the cable sheath on the bracket.

After that, you can check how the air damper works. When the lever is fully extended, the damper should be fully closed. If this is not the case, then the adjustment should be continued until the result is normal.

Then fully close the throttle, clamp the cable with the screw, install the tension spring and check how tightly the throttle is closed. If it is completely closed, then there should be no loosening of the cable.

Idling setting

To adjust the stable operation of the engine at idle, you need to do the following operations. Start the engine and warm it up to 75 degrees. Then the screw responsible for the quality of the mixture is turned almost to the stop. After the quality screw is turned off by about 2.5 turns. Next, use the quantity screw to set the speed to 950-1050 rpm.

repair kit for 133

If it is not possible to set up stable idling, then cleaning or repair of the K-133 carburetor is necessary. Needles are usually changed. You should also clean the fuel and air passages of the idlestroke with compressed air or carburetor cleaner. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace spare parts - all of this is in the repair kits that are sold today, like the carburetor itself.


This carburetor over the years of operation has established itself as a simple and reliable device. It can be used on ZAZ vehicles. The K-133 carburetor repair kit, as well as the unit itself, can be purchased at automotive stores and online markets.

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