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Volvo VNL 670: photo, specifications

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Volvo VNL 670: photo, specifications
Volvo VNL 670: photo, specifications

The Volvo VNL 670 truck belongs to the category of powerful tractors, focused on transporting heavy loads and road trains over long distances. The high quality of all components of this machine has led to its popularity around the world. Tests have shown that the vehicle is comfortable and ergonomic, which is important on long trips. Consider the technical parameters of the car and the features of its operation in domestic open spaces.

Truck Volvo VNL 670

History of Creation

In 1997, a branch of the Volvo Corporation in the United States ventured to release the VN series tractors. The result is a combination between the American direction of automotive production and the style of European designers. For example, the manufacturer mounted the cab, attachments and electrical wiring on the chassis. At the same time, the motor, axles and gearbox were purchased from other manufacturers.

In fact, the Volvo VNL 670 mainline tractor is also a compromise. The truck received a cab traditional for Volvo, and all other details were provided by American manufacturers.The experiment was a success, the created novelties conquered both America and Europe. Drivers and owners of these trucks spoke only positively about them, which led to the further development of this line.


The VN version is represented by a couple of tractor modifications (VNL and VNM). Between themselves, they differ in technical dimensions. Volvo VNL 670 from the extreme point of the front bumper to the cabin wall has a distance of 2870 mm, and the VN series - 3120 mm. The proven and reliable H-12 platform became the basis for the truck in question. Modifications also differ in engine performance.

Most often, Volvo D-13 or D-16, as well as Cummins-15, are used as an engine. The power of the power units reaches 500 horsepower. Motors from other manufacturers were mounted extremely rarely. It is worth noting that the "engines" used were adapted to the American market, equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system without the inclusion of urea in them.

The reliability of Cummins engines is beyond doubt. According to user reviews, these units can reach their destination, even if a significant part of the electronic filling fails. Opinions differ on Series D.

Volvo VNL 670 car

Other traction units

Several types of gearboxes were mounted on the ETS 2 Volvo VNL 670 tractor and analogues. At the first releases, only a manual transmission for ten modes was used, then an automatic analogue of the ZF type was mounted.

Subsequently, the list of boxes significantlyexpanded:

  • 12-speed versions of Volvo AT and ATO I-Shift.
  • Gearbox FRO, RTO, RTLO for 10-18 modes.
  • Auto Shift and Ultra Shift machines.
  • Eaton, Fuller, RTOC, RTOCM for 9 positions.

Such a wide selection of gearboxes has made it possible to optimally choose the right version for almost any consumer.

One of the weakest points of the truck in question is the clutch assembly. The hydraulic system does not provide for a pneumatic "assistant", which makes it harder to squeeze the pedal, however, its complete drowning is required only when starting from a standstill. Indispensable for operation in harsh climatic conditions and mountain ranges Volvo VNL 670 is made by reliable Meritor axles, as well as the possibility of mounting an interwheel differential.

About the cabin

It so happened that Americans are kind to the arrangement of the workplace, which is often also a place to sleep. The cab of the Volvo VNL 670 tractor is spacious, light and comfortable. The driver's seat can be compared to the pilot's seat, the instrument panel also resembles an aircraft counterpart. The steering wheel is adjustable in various positions and ranges, which makes it possible to comfortably accommodate a person of any configuration and height.

Driving Volvo VNL 670

Additional convenience is provided by the presence of air conditioning, audio system, heated mirrors and other technical innovations. All elements are arranged as thoughtfully as possible. The cabin has a lot of niches, drawers, lockers, where a solid food and clothing stock for two drivers is placed.

In the sleeping compartment of the cab of the ATS Volvo VNL 670 tractor, as in other models, you can not only sleep, but also walk to your full height, use the block as a mobile office. The interior of the cabin is made in various variations. The sound insulation of the workplace is ideal, the noise during movement is not higher than that of a “passenger car”. Excellent visibility is guaranteed by solid panoramic glass. The disadvantage of this part is that if damaged, the replacement will cost more than trucks with twin fronts.


It cannot be argued that the above characteristics of the Volvo VNL 670 and equipment are a dogma. American manufacturers like to get creative with the process of building cars. Even modifications of one batch differ from each other, although not significantly. For example, instead of one gearbox, there may be another gearbox, motors of the same brand often differ in power and adjustments.

Volvo VNL 670 operation

Consequently, it is possible to talk about the standard configuration of the trucks in question or describe the general parameters relatively, focusing on certain features of the structural units and their interaction. In the domestic market, the first samples of VNL 67 appeared at the beginning of the "zero" years of this century. Russian users highly appreciated the advantages of the bonnet configuration and the comfort of the workplace.

Volvo VNL 670 specifications in numbers

Tractive parameters of the tractor in question:

  • fuel tank capacity - 16 l;
  • fuel consumption to the maximum - 40l/100 km;
  • maximum load - 18,000 kg;
  • speed average - 100 km/h;
  • torque - 3150 Nm.

Overall dimensions Volvo VNL 670:

  • length - 12.6 m;
  • width - 2.4 m;
  • car height - 2.6 m;
  • load weight to the maximum - 30 tons;
  • total weight/road train - 7.1 t/40 t.

Performance testing

The tractor under consideration, regardless of the type of suspension (pneumatics or mechanics), all road bumps pass gently, the impact from the chassis on the cab is minimal. This design feature makes it possible to transport fragile goods along the "wonderful" Russian roads.

The truck feels great on the steering wheel, thanks to a powerful hydraulic booster with a confident return response. This is also facilitated by the propulsion mechanism, which practically does not transmit vibrational moments to the steering wheel, driving a car is pleasant and easy. Given the considerable length of the machine, maneuverability plays a significant role. Despite the fact that the road train fits a little worse than European analogues in tight places and turns, the ability to turn the front wheels by 50 degrees makes it possible to perfectly cope with parking, including in limited warehouse areas.

Truck tractor Volvo VNL 670

Volvo VNL 670 in Russia

Since several types of engines are mounted on trucks of this series, fuel consumption varies from 35 to 40 liters per 100 kilometers on different modifications.The I Shift configuration gearbox, according to the manufacturers, makes it possible to achieve a minimum “appetite”, which is facilitated by a special setting of the intelligent speed selection unit. This system is able to automatically select the optimal gear, activating it, bypassing intermediate speeds. In fact, it behaves like an "autopilot". Regardless of these features, fuel consumption does not exceed 40 l / 100 km, which is more economical than domestic KamAZ trucks.

Approximate price of Volvo VNL 670 in the Russian market depends on the condition, year of manufacture and configuration of the car. The cost varies between 1.5-4.6 million rubles. This figure corresponds to the price of a new tractor from Kama manufacturers, which cannot be said about the comfort and reliability of a domestic car.

Even in the harshest Russian regions, the tractor in question copes well with frost and bad roads. In addition, the truck driver does not freeze, he can rest comfortably and tidy himself up. A fairly extensive dealer and service network makes the purchase of a Swedish-American tractor even more tempting.

Volvo VNL 670 cab equipment

Owner Reviews

Even those users who have purchased a Volvo VNL 670 with a decent mileage (over 600 thousand kilometers) note excellent comfort and confident driving of the car both on flat areas and on mountain ranges. The modification that underwent scheduled maintenance behaved confidently and reliably for more than 50 thousand kilometers. Aftera series of minor repairs, the car confidently passed another 100 thousand.

Among the pluses, the owners note Cummins engines, which are reliable. The features of these power units include the complexity of the design, it is almost impossible to eliminate the breakdown on your own. In general, according to consumer feedback, the tractor is reliable, as comfortable as possible, has good maneuverability and additional equipment.

Dimensions Volvo VNL 670


The truck "Volvo VNL 670" is undeniably an excellent vehicle for long-distance trunk transportation. Despite some comments on the quality of the automatic transmission, clutch and electronics, the car deservedly gained popularity around the world. In honor of this car, a popular computer game called American Truck Simulator Volvo VNL 670 was even created. Of course, this tractor cannot be called a purely American or European truck. It optimally combines the features of car assembly on both continents, and in a positive way.

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