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Bulldozer "Liebherr": specifications
Bulldozer "Liebherr": specifications

The German bulldozer company Liebherr is one of the world leaders in its respective segment. In addition, the company is known for the production of earthmoving and construction equipment. In the market, cars from this brand occupy up to 45 percent. This is due to the reliability and quality indicators of the units, because the designers are constantly introducing the latest technologies using modern materials. Consider the modifications and features of construction vehicles from this brand.

Caterpillar bulldozer "Liebher"


Bulldozer "Liebherr", regardless of the series, has a number of advantages over competitors. These include:

  1. The presence of a hydrostatic drive, which contributes to the provision of the required power indicators, taking into account the huge dimensions of the equipment. In this case, it becomes possible to move smoothly without jerks.
  2. The movement of the machine is controlled by a universal joystick. This makes it possible for operators to work without serious training.
  3. The management system is clearly balanced inin terms of aggregation between thrust and speed, which protects the motor from overload.
  4. Hydrostatic drive significantly reduces repair costs, simplifies production, which reduces the cost of equipment.

There are a huge number of not only new, but also used Liebherr bulldozers on the market. The only negative is the fact that there are no official representative offices of the company in Russia, which makes it difficult to purchase a machine and spare parts for it.

General Description

The machines in question are equipped as standard: the power unit is in the front, and the driver's cab is in the back. The hydrostatic dual-circuit drive makes it possible to control the position and speed separately on each wheel. This design allows you to move and turn smoothly, which can not be guaranteed with a conventional manual transmission.

The Liebherr bulldozer is controlled by a single lever responsible for movement, turns and braking. This ensures that operator workload is reduced, allowing full focus on the workflow. On all modifications of the equipment of this brand, various versions of the Litronik system are used, which is responsible for controlling all the components of the machine, the optimal distribution between speed indicators and traction.

Equipment bulldozer "Liebher"


All Liebherr bulldozers, the specifications of which are listed below, are equipped with motors of our own manufacture. They are equipped with four or sixcylinders, have two standard piston unit sizes. This approach makes it possible to unify the parts of the power unit, which facilitates the search for spare parts and engine maintenance.

The undercarriage of the considered equipment is equipped with an oval caterpillar bypass with rear drive shafts and front tension drive of the tracks. Cabin maintenance is simplified by tipping with hydraulic jacks, providing easy access to the drive. This design facilitates the production itself, which has a positive effect on the final cost of the product. The tracks are equipped with oil-filled pins to ensure regular lubrication throughout the life of the machine.


On the domestic market, these machines are available for sale only from unofficial leaders or in used condition. The model range includes several modifications that differ in the Litronic control system. Each series is represented by models designated by the letters XL, LGP, L. Between themselves, they differ in the undercarriage, blades, which determine the purpose of the unit and the ability to work on a particular type of soil.

Bulldozer "Libherr" 734


Thanks to the ability to operate various types of attachments, the tractor in question is capable of performing a huge range of tasks in the industrial and construction industries. Swivel, universal, leveling blades make it possible to carry out work on the arrangement of roads, embankments and bridges. Proprietary motors guarantee a high power output and a largework resource.

Technical characteristics of the Liebherr 764 and 756 bulldozers

The following are the main parameters of the 764 series:

  • weight - 44, 2-55, 7 tons;
  • power indicator - 310 kW;
  • ultimate traction force - 600 kN;
  • dump volume - 13, 6-17 cubic meters;
  • raise / deepen the blade - 1, 2/0, 52 m.
Bulldozer "Liebherr" 764

The 756 features are also valid for the 754 series. The second version is slightly simpler, harder to drive and not as comfortable to drive. The numbers are below:

  • weight - 30, 5-40, 8 t;
  • dump dimensions - 4, 2x1, 65/4, 32x1, 65/5, 03x1, 3 m;
  • volume of the working body - 8, 9-11, 7 cubic meters;
  • motor power - 250 kW;
  • drawing force to the maximum - 495 kN;
  • raise / deepen the dump - 1, 14/0, 52 m.

Parameters of the bulldozer Liebherr 776 and 746

Modification 776 is characterized by increased power and optimal conditions for the operator's work, has the following characteristics:

  • weight - 71, 8-73, 18 tons;
  • dump capacity - 18.5-22.0 m3;
  • power indicator - 565 kW;
  • raise / deepen the dump - 0.5-1.1 m;
  • working speed is 10.5 km/h.

Parameters of model 746 (not very powerful, but "gives odds" to competitors in terms of maneuverability and movement on unstable soil types):

  • weight - 28, 3-30, 8 t;
  • blade overall dimensions - 3, 7x1, 5/3, 9x1, 45/4, 5x1, 35 m;
  • powermotor - 150 kW;
  • capacity of the working body - 6, 0-7, 2 cubic meters;
  • ultimate pulling force - 274 kN;
  • raise / deepen the blade - 1, 2/0, 54 m.

Versions 736 and 734

Bulldozer "Liebherr" 736

These modifications have approximately the same characteristics. The 736th variation is distinguished by an improved electronic unit, an original design and a cab with increased safety. There are two control joysticks and a monitor that allows you to track the actions of equipment. The table shows the parameters of these machines, for comparison with the indicators of the popular Liebherr 764 bulldozer model.


PR 736

PR 734

PR 764

Mass (t)

20, 3-24, 5

20, 4-24, 5

44, 2-52, 7

Blade dimensions (m)

3, 36/3, 99/1, 15

3, 36/3, 99/1, 14


Motor power (kW)




Maximum pulling force (kN)




Blade Burial/Raise (m)

0, 54/1, 2

0, 542/1, 2


Working speed (km/h)

10, 5

11, 0

10, 6

Features of models 724 and 754

754 series machine parameters:

  • working weight - 34, 9-42, 4 tons;
  • power - 250 kW;
  • dump capacity - 4, 9-11, 7 cubic meters;
  • speed - 11 km/h.

The Liebherr 724 bulldozer has the same quality parameters as its predecessors, it has the following characteristics:

  • working weight - 1, 9-2, 0 t;
  • blade dimensions - 3, 2/1, 2 m in length and height;
  • dump capacity - 3, 1-4, 2 m;
  • traction to the maximum - 227 kN;
  • engine performance - 118 kW;
  • deepening/lifting of the working part - 0.52/1.1 m.
Bulldozer Liebherr 724

At the end of the review

Liebherr bulldozers are not so easy to find on the domestic market, but quite real. Some modifications were released in limited quantities, while the quality of all units is at the highest level. This is due to the fact that the technique is focused on professional construction, where accuracy and literacy in the execution of tasks play an important role. Thanks to proprietary engines and the ability to use a variety of attachments, the machines in question are capable of performing a wide range of jobs.

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