Aerodynamic kit for "Land Cruiser 200"
Aerodynamic kit for "Land Cruiser 200"

A large number of cars of this brand on the roads of Russian cities is not something from the category of supernatural and amazing facts. In addition to its intended purpose, the appearance of the car has an executive class and demonstrates the status of its owner. Consider the advantages and features of the Land Cruiser 200 aerodynamic body kit.

Land Cruiser 200 body kit photo
Land Cruiser 200 body kit photo

Professional approach to the modernization of the appearance of the "Land Cruiser 200" allows you to turn the vehicle into a work of automotive art. The changes being made to the body design of the SUV, initially self-sufficient and prestigious, make it unrecognizable.

The installed aerodynamic kit on the Land Cruiser 200 will easily transform the car from a brutal rogue into a luxurious executive class vehicle.

Tuning programs

To emphasize the individuality and character of the car is capable of professional and high-quality tuning of the Land Cruiser 200 body kit. It's like an evening tuxedo for the hero, complementing his image. Each of the presented tuning programs is designed specifically for this model. They make the car one of a kind, distinguish it in the flow of moving traffic. The body kit on the "Land Cruiser 200" is installed, taking into account the preferences of the customer. At your request, you can turn the car into a gallant knight, a furious road eater or a lady's heartthrob.

tuning body kit land cruiser 200
tuning body kit land cruiser 200

The design of the KHANN tuning program does not radically change the original appearance provided by the manufacturer. The "Khan" body kit for the "Land Cruiser 200" accentuates and enhances the main contour lines, making them concise and complete.

kit inviter for land cruiser 200
kit inviter for land cruiser 200

The package includes front and rear bumper, exhaust system, running diode modules, fog optics.

Invader kit for "Land Cruiser 200" will add maximum brutality to your vehicle. The package will radically change the appearance of the car, make it more resolute and aggressive, but at the same time not turn it into a wild beast.

body kit for land cruiser 200
body kit for land cruiser 200

Invader-set consists of:

  • front bumper with integrated grille;
  • set of thresholds, front fenders with arch extensions;
  • rear wheel arch extensions;
  • rear bumper.
body kit for land cruiser 200
body kit for land cruiser 200

Modellista aerodynamic kit for tuning the updated version of the "Toyota Land Cruiser 200" 2016 at first glance is simple. But its meaningquite palpable. The front bumper pad smoothly transitions to the side sills and gives the car a more streamlined look. The rear bumper trim completes the logical design. Installing a branded muffler with two nozzles will emphasize the sporty component of the design project.

body kit modeller land cruiser 200
body kit modeller land cruiser 200

It is possible to increase the standard set of the proposed equipment with additional elements at the request of the customer. Installing original alloy wheels will add confidence to the car.

Modelist's tuning body kit on the Land Cruiser 200 is a universal option for those who like less significant changes in the exterior of the vehicle.


  • front and rear bumper skirt;
  • set of mounting fittings;
  • sealing rubber gaskets.
body kit for toyota land cruiser 200
body kit for toyota land cruiser 200

There are special reinforced tuning - designs for off-road travel for lovers of extreme travel, hunting and fishing. The original power kit will become a reliable protection against damage, emphasize the strengths of the SUV.

Why do you need a car body kit

Before installing additional items on a vehicle, you need to find out if your car really needs it. Most car owners use a body kit to improve the outer contours of the body contour and improve aerodynamic parameters.

If you just wantdecorate the car and mount it for decorative purposes, the procedure does not require much labor, which involves the replacement of some parts of the car.

Applied aerodynamic tuning body kits provide better vehicle stability on the roadway at high speeds. Structural elements contribute to the emergence of additional clamping force. Increased cooling of brake pads and rims. The upgraded exhaust system and additional LED accessories complete with head optics, in addition to appearance, significantly improve operational and technical parameters. Management becomes more comfortable and, importantly, safer.

How aerodynamic body kits are made

Production of body kit to improve the aerodynamics of the car begins with design sketches. When starting to prepare the initial sketches, the designer should become familiar with the design philosophy of the vehicle, taking into account the overall style of the details and touches that form the basis of the outline and lines of the body. Once approved, the sketch version is sent to software engineers to create a 3D model. This takes into account the necessary dimensions of the car for the installation of additional elements.

A special program completely scans the contours of the car and creates a computer model using a variety of marks. It will serve as an object for modeling the 3D shape of the future body kit. On the basis of the obtained sample, a vacuum mold is made, which is the basic source for serialproduction.

What body kit is made of

The main raw material from which the kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is made is ABS plastic. This is a very durable and elastic material that can withstand serious technological stress. ABS sheet is heated on special equipment and laid in a ready-made form. Under the influence of vacuum, the plastic takes on the required configuration. Subsequent air-cooling completes the process cycle.

Prefabricated ABS plastic parts perfectly match the standard mounting points on the body. The durable and lightweight body kit for the Land Cruiser 200 does not differ in quality from factory-produced bumpers and sills.

Aerodynamic body kit manufacturers

Individual elements, as well as whole complex tuning programs can be purchased at specialized companies, online stores, as well as in workshops for installing and servicing body kit parts. They are manufactured by manufacturing companies in Germany, Russia, China and Taiwan. Attached aerodynamic equipment is made of metal coated with plastic, polyurethane, stainless steel (chrome-plated or polished). The choice of tuning program depends on the goal you are pursuing by installing a body kit on the Land Cruiser 200, and on the funds planned for the purchase.

Installation of body kits

The speed and quality of installation depends on a number of factors. In the first place is the quality of the workmanship of the elements themselves. There is an immutable truth: if you save onquality and material, be prepared to pay for installation. Equally important is the condition of the vehicle body parts. Large labor costs will require installation on a deformed or corroded body. Even the original factory body kit on the Land Cruiser 200 will look unprofitable if the surface is restored to poor quality.

Of course, when choosing an installation service provider, make sure of the professionalism of the service center employees to whom you decide to entrust this operation. Only an experienced craftsman will be able to calculate and assemble the body kit parts as correctly as possible.

Painting body kits

The process of painting body kit elements is fundamentally different from painting standard, factory body parts. The technological cycle is more time-consuming and costly. Pore-filling primers and putties are used for sanding and finishing the plastic components of the body kit. It will take 2-3 days of work to paint a tuning bumper instead of 2 hours for a standard bumper. For drying, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of no more than 40 degrees Celsius.

If the technological process is observed, the painted aerodynamic body kit on the Land Cruiser 200 will favorably distinguish your car from the gray mass of the traffic flow.

Fuel economy

If you own a Land Cruiser 200 car, then the question of fuel economy is irrelevant. Nevertheless, the installation of a body kit improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle, which reduces the load on the engine andreduce fuel consumption at a speed of 120 km/h by up to 15%.

Aerodynamic body kit benefits

The advantages of such tuning include the following:

1. The streamlining of the vehicle body is improved.

2. Reduces the resistance of the oncoming air flow when the car accelerates sharply.

3. Economical fuel consumption.

4. Steady position of the car on the roadway.5. There is no swirl of air flow under the bottom of the machine.

Aerodynamic kit - the individuality of your car

Body kits are a quality addition to the factory body design. They emphasize the elegance of lines, give solidity, are able to change the appearance of the car beyond recognition. The reliability of materials guarantees operation in various climatic conditions and modes for a long time. In addition to the aerodynamic effect, the power body kit made of steel is used as protection for bumpers, sills and footrests. At the same time, the grids of the false radiator grille, towbars, deflectors, moldings and side trims look presentable. They add confidence on the road and beyond. Tuning "Land Cruiser 200" looks pale without a stainless steel body kit.

Tuning work transforms a standard car into a car with an individual character that will surprise road users with its aesthetic feature and will be a wonderful gift for you and your vehicle. The presented photos of the "Land Cruiser 200" in the body kit will help you decide on the choice of tuningprograms.