"Ladushka" - Lada-99

"Ladushka" - Lada-99
"Ladushka" - Lada-99

The domestic car, designed and manufactured in Tolyatti, was a favorite car among buyers. The full name of the model is Lada-21099, or VAZ-21099.

Lada 99
Lada 99

The four-door sedan differs from previous cars in length, which is 200 mm longer due to the rear overhang. It completes the 1st generation of the Samara family. They produced cars in 1990-2004. In 1996, Lada-110 replaced this car in popularity. But, despite this, Lada-99 in the CIS, as before, is quite prestigious as a car that is among the inexpensive and practical. Until the end of 2011, it was assembled at the Zaporozhye Automobile Plant ZAZ in Ukraine. The assembly was carried out from Russian components, and the car was called "ZAZ-21099".

lada 99
lada 99

The car Lada-99 has all the advantages of the Samara family - excellent speed indicators, it is stable and easy to drive on highways with different surfaces. The VAZ-21099 is a front-wheel drive sedan with a conventional 1.5 liter engine and a five-speed manual transmission. There is a VAZ-21099i model with an injection (distributed fuel injection) highly economical engine of 1.5 liters. It meets international requirements (EURO-2) in terms of exhaust gas toxicity.


– with carburetor: – 21099-00 standard, -210992-01 normal, -21099-02 deluxe;

– with injection engine: – 21099-20 “standard”, -210992-21 “norm”, -21099-22 “luxury”.

Injection engine has four cylinders, volume 1,499 liters. Fuel consumes "Lada-99" very economically - at a speed of 90 km / h, the consumption reaches 5.9 l / 100 km, at 120 km / h - respectively 8.0, and within the city - 8.8. Engine power is 78 kW at 5400 rpm

Exterior and interior are also different:

– non-traditional grille with new cladding;

– lack of a plastic mask on the fenders and hood;

- in the cabin a new "high" dashboard. Additionally, it has a tachometer, illuminated switches for electrically lifting windows, door lock switches;

Lada 99 photos
Lada 99 photos

– changed steering angle;

– seat belts adjust to the mounting height;

– new upholstery material;

- for driving in bad weather - fog lights;

– on-board he alth monitoring of some units.

The placement of instruments on the dashboard is original. This panel has become traditional in subsequent Lada-Samara models.

And now about the exotic! This is a modification of the VAZ-21099-91. Its highlight is the VAZ-415 rotary piston engine. The aerodynamics of the VAZ-21099 is the last century, but under its hood there is a small motor, or rather, a motor. And the comparison with the usual "piston" is not a plus for the latter- its rated power is 140 hp. (6000 rpm), and the weight is reduced by 2-3 times. They say that the craftsmen boosted it with the correct intake-exhaust setting and up to 217 horsepower. Before the first overhaul, this engine runs 125,000 km. Fuel consumption within the city limits is no more than 12-14 liters per 100 km, this is an alternative to the forced "piston". Therefore, the VAZ-21099-91 with such an engine was called the "wolf in sheep's clothing" for a reason. This RPD can be installed on all VAZ cars from 2108 to 2119, except for VAZ-2116.

The appearance of the car can be both traditional factory and extravagant. At the same time, the degree of originality is determined by the amount of money invested and the skill of tuners (exteriors). A small review of Lada-99 (photo) is offered to your attention in the article.

fret 99 price
fret 99 price

For a Lada-99 car, the price depends on the year of manufacture, mileage, wear and tear of the car, place of sale (country, city).

For example, the cost in Moscow:

- new cars - 6, 8-8 thousand dollars, in Russian rubles from 205 to 250 thousand rubles;

- 2-3 year old cars - about 6-7 thousand dollars. In rubles, this is 185-220 thousand rubles.

For more used ones (depending on the year of manufacture, mileage, etc.), the price floats from 25,000 rubles. (1994, 40,000 km) up to 140,000 rubles. (2005, 115,000 km).