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Which battery is better - that is the question

Which battery is better - that is the question
Which battery is better - that is the question

Answering the question of which battery is better is not an easy undertaking. Your peace of mind and the safety of the nervous system depend on whether the choice is made correctly. Going to the store for a battery, already at home you need to understand what you want from a new battery. You need to clearly know what characteristics are of interest to you.

which battery is better

There is a misconception that the more expensive the battery, the better it is. This is not the case, because different types of batteries are designed for different operating and storage conditions. You can argue about which battery is better indefinitely. On the Internet, every seller praises their products, and therefore you can find directly opposite judgments.

Batteries are divided into serviceable and non-serviceable. Maintenance includes periodic checking of the electrolyte, but in the second case, this is often even physically impossible to do.

The production of serviced batteries is carried out by both Russian and foreign manufacturers. Batteries are divided into two types - calcium andhybrid. The hybrid battery has a lifespan of approximately five years and is not harmed by being discharged.

Calcium battery is the most expensive of the batteries, its life varies from five to seven years, it is classified as maintenance-free. But it is categorically contraindicated for him to discharge to a critical state, since after several such cases it is almost impossible to charge him. The advantage is that it has a large starting capacity.

The choice of battery for a car should take into account the internal capacity. Its numerical expression, measured in ampere / hour, shows how much time the load will be powered from the battery with a constant connection. The higher the internal capacity, the more reliable it will be to start your car in the winter, and vice versa, the lower this indicator, the more problems await you in the cold. Therefore, to the question of which battery is better for the winter, the answer is unequivocal - a battery with a starting current of at least 600 A and a capacity of 60 Ah and above is the best fit.

what is the best battery for winter

Let's sum up the preliminary results, which battery is better:

- if frequent use of the car is expected, then you need to choose a maintenance-free calcium battery;

- if the operation of the car is temporary, then your choice is a low-maintenance hybrid battery;

- if the car is actively used in the summer, and in the winter it is put on "joking", then we choose a serviced battery with a low internal capacity.

Today there are many brandsbatteries for various cars. When deciding which battery is better, it is more correct to choose a battery from those that have been produced for a long time and tested according to the highest quality criterion - time. Here is a quick tour of popular brands:

- VARTA is a German brand of batteries, they are considered the best today, but most of them are maintenance-free batteries. They are suitable for motorists who do not see this as a particular problem: they installed it, it was discharged, and after a couple of years they threw it away. Suffering from undercharging and overcharging, above average price;

car battery selection

- CENTER is a good battery, but does not accept full discharge. The correct answer to the question of which battery is better for the winter will be the Center's battery;

- TOPLA and MUTLU are good quality equivalent batteries with an average cost and a service life of about five years;

- NO NAME - these are inexpensive batteries, suitable if needed for cars for sale, as well as for extreme sports enthusiasts, since such a battery requires constant care (do not forget to top up the distiller, charge).

Be sure to look at the date of manufacture when buying, and if it was made more than a year ago, it is better to refuse such an acquisition. Of course, there are very expensive ideal batteries, but that's another story.

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