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Niva Chevrolet oil filter: which one is better and when to change

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Niva Chevrolet oil filter: which one is better and when to change
Niva Chevrolet oil filter: which one is better and when to change

The “heart” of a car is called the engine, which needs constant lubrication during operation. Indeed, without it, it will not last long, because there is increased friction and parts are subject to greater wear. To prevent this from happening, they must constantly have an oil film. An essential role in the lubrication system has an oil filter. It serves as a "collection" of all the smallest metal particles and combustion products. What are the features of the oil filter on the Chevrolet Niva? More about this in the article.

Niva oil filter

Now let's go directly to the topic in question. When choosing an oil filter for a Chevrolet Niva, the owner of the car is faced with a huge selection of this spare part. Especially when the machine is still under warranty, the owner must adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations. Origin althe oil filter on the Chevrolet Niva, which is installed by the factory, is a sample of the Mann W 914/2 brand.

Chevrolet Niva cost
Chevrolet Niva cost

But in addition to the original, you can choose analogues that perform their role well. It is not recommended to buy oil filters from Chinese manufacturers. Of course, everyone's business, but such savings can lead to sudden and premature repairs. You can install oil filters on the Niva Chevrolet of such brands as Bosch, Dextrim, VicFiltrs, Filtron. They are in great demand among buyers.

niva chevrolet oil filter replacement
niva chevrolet oil filter replacement

New Chevrolet Niva car

In 1977, the production of the first all-wheel drive civilian SUV called "Niva" was launched. At that time in the USSR, all-wheel drive vehicles were only militarized, for example: "UAZ" and "Gas". Design engineers called this car short for "the best invention of the Volga Automobile Plant".

The years passed and the car was constantly subjected to technical improvements. So, in 2002, the sale of a new version of the Niva begins. Which is completely different from its predecessor. True, the cost of the Chevrolet Niva has doubled. To date, the car has undergone only one restyling, in 2009. This SUV has an unpretentious, hardy, carbureted 80-horsepower engine with a displacement of 1.7 liters. Torque of 127.5 Nm is achieved at 4000 rpm. All-wheel drive system (4WD) with locking differential and 5-speed manualgear allows the car to get to where many can not. From the moment of creation to the present day, the car has undergone 1700 modifications and improvements.

best oil filter for niva chevrolet
best oil filter for niva chevrolet

The cost of Chevrolet Niva depends on its configuration. Starts from 680,000 rubles - base L, 730,000 rubles. - with LC air conditioning and 800,000 rubles. – The GLC has airbags, a rearview camera, a heated windshield and other bells and whistles).

Oil filter replacement timing

Every owner of his car hopes that his iron friend will serve him as long as possible without costly repairs. That is why the way the machine is serviced is the way it works. The manufacturer recommends replacing the oil filter on the Chevrolet Niva every 10,000–15,000 km. But these figures depend on the lubricant that lubricates the engine and operating conditions. Drivers have a huge selection of oil filters and oils. Their main types:

  • mineral oils (Mineral);
  • synthetics (Fully Synthetic);
  • Semi Synthetic.

Engine oil change

In order to change the oil in the engine of your car, you must first warm it up to operating temperature. After the engine has warmed up, it is allowed to cool slightly to avoid thermal burns. Then you need to unscrew the engine protection, if any. Next, unscrew the filler neck located on the valve cover, substitute a container to collect the wastepan oil. Using a hexagon or a 17 wrench, slowly unscrew the drain plug. It has a magnet on it that magnetizes metal shavings on itself. It must be wiped with a dry cloth.

niva chevrolet where is the oil filter located
niva chevrolet where is the oil filter located

When the “working out” is all out, the drain plug is screwed into place. They change to a new oil filter, having previously lubricated the sealing ring with oil, and fill in, respectively, new engine oil. You can try to unscrew the old oil filter by hand, but an auxiliary tool may be required. This can be an ordinary flat screwdriver or a special puller.

In the case of a screwdriver, you need to carefully pierce the Chevrolet Niva oil filter through and, having received the “lever”, unscrew it. If, of course, there is a puller, there should be no difficulty in unscrewing. The oil level is checked with a dipstick, which has Max and Min marks indicating the amount of oil in the engine. According to the regulations, the volume of oil to be filled is 3.75 liters. You can control this using the scale located on the side of the canister.

The best oil filter for Chevrolet Niva

How to find the perfect match? Let's make a reservation right away that no one changes the oil filter without replacing the engine oil itself. There are three types of filters:

  1. Full-threaded. Such a filter has a special valve that regulates the pressure in the system.
  2. Filter with partial bandwidth. Filtering in it is a little slower than in the first one.
  3. Combined. It is considered the best because it combines the advantages of the two previously listed filters.

As you can see, the best oil is combined. However, no one forbids using the cheaper options above.

Location of the Chevrolet Niva oil filter

niva chevrolet where is the oil filter located
niva chevrolet where is the oil filter located

Not all car enthusiasts know where to look for the component we are considering. In the image above, the arrow indicates the place where the Chevrolet Niva oil filter is located. In the process of dismantling it, some difficulties may arise. If the driver is not confident in his abilities or for some reason he does not have the opportunity to change the filter and oil on his own, then it is better to contact a specialized service.


After reading this article, we can say that when you perform all the steps described earlier, the procedure for replacing the lubricant and oil filter on the Chevrolet Niva is not so complicated. If you wish and have a minimum tool, you can easily do this in your own garage or on a flyover. In this case, it is not even necessary to have a lot of experience, the main thing is to be guided by detailed instructions, and you will succeed.

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