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Additive SMT 2: customer reviews, composition, types and instructions for use

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Additive SMT 2: customer reviews, composition, types and instructions for use
Additive SMT 2: customer reviews, composition, types and instructions for use

The automotive chemicals market is oversaturated with a variety of oil additives with useful properties. Some products are designed to improve engine performance, others will clean carbon deposits, and others can cure minor defects. One of the market offers is the SMT 2 additive. There are still very few reviews about it, and car owners are not sure that this is not another Suprotec clone, which is famous for its low quality.

What is SMT 2?

oil additive smt2

This is a synthetic metal conditioner. It allows you to significantly reduce friction, as well as wear in the parts of the internal combustion engine and transmission compared to the operation of units on pure oil. The additive can significantly extend the life of the car. SMT 2 does not contain toxic substances, petroleum derivatives, and is environmentally friendly.

The additive is a non-flammable, synthetically produced, non-toxic, degradable anti-friction conditionerfor metal. It is added to the oil, but the lubricant in this case is only a carrier of the composition.

The SMT 2 owes its appearance to new developments in tribology or the science of friction. The manufacturer has combined in the composition all the best that has been achieved in the study and technology of anti-friction compounds. The liquid does not contain in its composition photopolymers of graphite, particles of metals, ceramics, esters.

Therefore, CMT 2 oil additive is safe for engine components, oil, and the environment. The product is well combined with all lubricants and technical fluids without exception. The composition does not change the properties of the oils in any way, as well as the volume of the liquid.


engine additive smt 2 reviews

The product, according to the manufacturer, is necessary to reduce friction, as well as to reduce the intensity of wear of engine parts. Its addition to the oil prevents the appearance of scoring in the friction elements. The SMT 2 is able to increase its efficiency when exposed to elevated temperatures, RPMs, or lack of lubrication.


The manufacturer in the instructions for the SMT 2 additive indicates the following areas of application of the drug. So, for passenger cars, this composition will reduce oil and fuel consumption. The engine will run much quieter, the owner will spend less money on car repairs. The service life of the internal combustion engine and its individual components and assemblies will increase. Dynamics will improve, and cold starts will become easier.

If you add an additive to the oil of a truck, the composition can reduce consumptionfuel, as well as the temperature of the elements. After application, the noise level is noticeably reduced, the service life of motor lubricants increases. If CMT 2 additive is added to the transmission fluid, the overall operation of the gearbox improves. When transporting goods, the engine power of the machine increases.

additive smt 2 reviews instructions

For two-stroke engines, using SMT 2 can significantly lengthen overhaul runs. The power of the power unit increases, the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft increases. Reduced engine temperature, fuel consumption, temperature. If the compression is uneven or low, then through the use of the drug, the manufacturer guarantees the restoration of compression to the factory level.

The additive is also recommended for boats, jet skis. Under these conditions, the use of fluid can significantly increase the overall life of the motor. The composition protects engine parts from corrosion during storage of equipment. The heat stress of the internal combustion engine is reduced at full load modes, and the resistance of internal combustion engine parts to scuffing is increased. The product is also suitable for small aircraft engines.

If smooth-bore and rifled weapons are treated with the additive, then the accuracy of fire increases, wear and heat decrease. The intensity of wear of moving parts is reduced, the risk of weapon jamming is sharply reduced. Such an application is written on the forums in reviews of the additive in the SMT 2 engine.

In metalworking, this composition improves wear resistance and improves propertiescutting edge of the cutting tool. When using CMT 2 with conventional HSS cutters, it becomes possible to process stainless steel.


additive smt 2

The additive can be used in any equipment. But it is important to know a characteristic feature - the action of this product is strictly selective. Reviews of the SMT 2 additive indicate that it can only be used in certain cases.

Depending on the condition of the car's engine, the composition will work to eliminate the only important problem - friction. Another feature is the content of special metal conditioners. They are different from any existing analogues and are resistant to thermal or mechanical stress.

To activate the air conditioner, special conditions must be created - this is the pressure in the system and temperature. When these factors are implemented, the additive will begin to work and will protect and reduce friction on the parts. Molecules will start to work when there is increased friction.

How long does the additive last?

smt 2 oil additive reviews

As a result of laboratory tests, it was found that the duration is longer than the average period of engine oil changes. The composition has a residual effect. But to create a safety margin, the developers of the drug recommend filling it with each oil change. Reviews of the CMT 2 additive confirm this - the owners added the mixture with each lubricant change and received a positive effect.

Does it affectoil specifications?

The product was originally created with high viscosity. But the addition of an additive does not have any significant effect on either the stability or the performance of the oils. The product is completely adsorbed by metal surfaces containing iron. Therefore, there is no effect on lubricants.

Working mechanism

The additive base is a special innovative component of TPF. It comes into operation at certain temperatures, pressure and friction in the area of ​​rotating surfaces. This component starts a series of conditioning chemical reactions. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that when TPF and iron interact, a strong protective layer with high strength is created on the surface of the part, which additionally protects it from wear.

As a result, friction is shielded, wear is reduced, and resistance to scuffing is increased. The process of creating a coating on metal parts is carried out constantly. Energy that used to be spent on heating and destruction is now used to restore surfaces. The effect of wearlessness is created.

Recommended concentrations

additive smt 2 instruction

Analyzing the reviews and instructions for the SMT 2 additive, we can distinguish the following dosages of the drug by application. So, for gasoline and diesel engines, it is recommended to fill in 60 ml per 1 liter of oil if the treatment is performed for the first time. In subsequent times, you can use already 30 ml per 1 liter. It is also advised to add the drug to the fuel - 20 ml per 100 liters of gasoline ordiesel.

For mechanical transmissions, manufacturers advise topping up 50 ml of additive per 1 liter of transmission oil. For automatic transmission - 15 ml per 1 liter of lubricant. The composition is not recommended for self-locking differentials operating on the principle of increased friction. For two-stroke engines, 30 ml of CMT 2 per 1 liter of fluid is sufficient.


additive smt 2 instruction

If we look at the reviews about the additive in SMT 2 oil, then car owners claim a decrease in the degree of engine wear, a decrease in exhaust toxicity, as well as a slowdown in oil wear. Drivers note that the noise from the engine has also become less noticeable. This is confirmed by test results conducted by reputable domestic automotive publications.


In reviews of the SMT 2 additive, the owners write that the composition works. But you need to understand that with significant wear, the tool will not help. But for newer motors, it is definitely worth using it as a preventive measure - this way you can significantly extend the life of the motor. If you use it regularly as a wear prevention, you will be pleased with the result.

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