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The unique Dodge Tomahawk

The unique Dodge Tomahawk
The unique Dodge Tomahawk

Everyone knows that the tomahawk is a throwing weapon used by the Indians of North America. It was an ax made of stone with a wooden handle. It was also used for hand-to-hand combat. But now they also call it a new, very unusual motorcycle, which looks more like a kind of mechanical statue.

dodge tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk is a Chrysler Group concept that was unveiled at the Detroit International Auto Show. The designers of this firm believe that all vehicles on display to a respected public, regardless of their functions, should cause a feeling of deep emotional satisfaction in society. In other words, every person who sees the Dodge Tomahawk should be delighted and amazed by the new model! And they did.

Dodge Tomahawk Specifications

The weight of this concept is 680 kilograms. Of course, for higher stability, this giant was equipped with not two, butfour wheels. Dodge Tomahawk ten-cylinder, V-shaped engine from the Dodge Viper. Its power is five hundred horsepower, and the volume is 8.3 liters. Few cars can be found with such a motor, but here is a motorcycle!

To a speed of 97 kilometers per hour, the Dodge Tomahawk can accelerate in just two and a half seconds, and its maximum possible speed is 644 kilometers per hour. True, this has not been verified. And the manufacturer himself writes that anyone can verify this for himself.

Between the two massive rear wheels in a special way placed a brake light. The motorcycle itself is represented by the following slogan: "At this moment, life has become more extreme and dangerous. Much more extreme than it was before!".

dodge tomahawk

The total length of the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle is two and a half meters, the width is about seventy centimeters, and the height is one meter. The fuel tank holds 3.26 gallons.

According to the manufacturer, four wheels are needed in order to cope with such a powerful engine. At the same time, each of the wheels has an independent suspension.

At the show of this model in Detroit, one of the directors of the Chrysler company (Bernhard Wolfgang) decided to pilot it himself. When the huge four-wheeled motorcycle entered the scene, American bikers and other interested people forgot their former favorites - Boss Hoss and Suzuki Hayabusa.

Who will buy the Dodge Tomahawk? Who will acquire such a giant?

There will be no license for this motorcycle,for this reason, driving it on public roads will not work. The Dodge Tomahawk is a collectible vehicle that will cost approximately $555,000. In total, Chrysler plans to sell nine of these motorcycles. According to other information, the estimated price of the motorcycle will be about $ 250,000 apiece, and two to three hundred of them will be made in total.

dodge car

Chrysler Vice President Creed Trevor said: "The Dodge Tomahawk is a bold strike against the mundane and boring life and mediocrity. This is a great example of what kind of work of art our experts can create if given complete creative freedom This concept took motorcycle design to a whole new level that only Chrysler and Dodge could do."

Will the Dodge Tomahawk be mass-produced? The president of Chrysler answered this question with two words: "Maybe."

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