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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2017: review, specifications

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2017: review, specifications
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2017: review, specifications

Mitsubishi is a fairly common brand in Russia. In particular, this Japanese manufacturer received such high popularity thanks to Lancer. However, Lancer is far from the only bestseller on the Russian market. So, in the list of popular cars of the Mitsubishi brand, Pajero Sport is worth noting. This is an all-wheel drive Japanese mid-range SUV, mass-produced since 96. At the moment, the Japanese are releasing the third generation of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. It was first introduced in 2015. At the moment, the car is officially sold in Russia. What is Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2017? Reviews, characteristics and features of the car - further in our article.


Externally, the car looks no less brutal and solid than the older Mitsubishi Pajero. Squinted optics with stripes of running lights, as well as a massive bumper with a chrome-plated shark grille immediately catches your eye.

pajero sport technicalcharacteristics

The front part is made in X-shaped style and looks quite modern. The car is literally strewn with chrome, not only in front, but also on the sides. However, this does not make the car look worse. Reviews say that the car catches the eye and looks fresh against the background of the general flow.

pajero sport photos

The back of the car is no less original. The rear lights have a rather strange shape. They start almost from the bumper. The trunk lid has a wiper, heated glass, and a wide chrome molding. Some versions come with parking sensors, which can be seen from the round sensors on the bumper.

Dimensions, clearance

Compared to the previous generation, the 2017 Pajero Sport has gained some weight. So, the total body length is 4.79 meters, height - 1.8, width - 1.82 meters. The car has become not only longer, but also higher than its predecessor. I am glad that the Japanese did not turn the Pajero Sport into an urban SUV, like many other companies. This is evidenced by a high ground clearance of 22 centimeters, as well as highly raised bumpers. The approach angle is 30 degrees, which is higher than any crossover. According to reviews, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is able to overcome fords up to 70 centimeters deep without any preparation (snorkels, suspension lift and high-profile rubber).


Getting into the car is comfortable - there are additional handles on the racks. Inside the car looks quite modern. The center console has a huge multimediaBluetooth enabled display. At the bottom there is a climate control unit. All keys are at a comfortable distance. The steering wheel is four-spoke, with neat aluminum inserts. There are volume keys.

pajero specifications

The instrument panel has a nice backlight. According to reviews, it is quite informative. The salon can be offered in several colors. But in most cases it will be a black interior with fabric upholstery. Beige leather upholstery is available in luxury versions. He looks pretty nice. By the way, already in the basic configuration there is climate control and power windows. Plastic is pleasant to the touch. Noise isolation is made at the level. On the go, nothing rattles or creaks - say the reviews of the owners. The seats have good lateral and lumbar support and can be adjusted to different positions. The range of settings is quite extensive.

pajero sport specifications

The second row of seats "Mitsubishi Pajero Sport" can accommodate three adult passengers. There is plenty of space to spare. The central hatch is made very low and it does not interfere at all.


On the Russian market, Pajero Sport is offered only in a five-seat version. However, in other countries, the car can be equipped with a third row of seats, which will be located in the trunk. As for its volume, models for Russia are able to accommodate 700 liters of luggage. It is also possible to fold the back of the rear sofa. Double version luggage compartment volumeis 2500 liters. there is so much space here that, by folding the backs, you can organize a full-fledged double bed. This is especially true for lovers of fishing and hunting. The spare is located under the raised floor. This is not a dokatka, but a full-fledged spare tire.

Pajero Sport - Specifications

In our market, this SUV is presented with two engines. These are petrol and diesel units. The first develops a power of 209 horsepower with a volume of 3 liters. Motor torque - 279 Nm. The motor complies with the Euro-5 environmental standard and is equipped with a 24-valve timing mechanism, as well as a MIVEC phase shift system.

pajero sport

Now about the diesel engine. It was the 4N15 engine with an aluminum cylinder block. This motor is equipped with a turbine with variable geometry and a variable valve timing system. With a volume of 2.4 liters, this engine develops 181 horsepower. At the same time, the motor pulls well from the bottom - reviews say. Torque is 430 Nm at 2.5 thousand revolutions, which is almost twice as high as on a gasoline unit.

As a gearbox for both engines, an automatic eight-speed box with manual shifting is offered. For faster gear changes, the car has paddle shifters.

Dynamics, consumption

A car with a gasoline engine accelerates to hundreds in 11.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 182 kilometers per hour. The diesel accelerates in 12.4 seconds. The fuel consumption of the petrol version is within 11 liters permixed cycle. This is one and a half liters less than the gasoline Mitsubishi Pajero Sport of the second generation. Diesel consumes even less fuel: 9 liters per hundred in the combined cycle.


In terms of chassis, the new Pajero Sport is no different from its predecessor. So, the car is built on the basis of the L200 pickup truck, where the frame plays the role of the supporting structure. The front has an independent suspension with double wishbones. Behind - continuous bridge. However, instead of springs, as on a pickup truck, the third generation Pajero Sport uses coil springs. The steering is shortened and supplemented with a hydraulic booster. Disc brakes on all wheels.

pajero sport car

It should be noted that the Japanese Pajero Sport has a decent cross-country ability. The car is already in the base equipped with a second-generation Super Select all-wheel drive transmission with a self-block from Torsen, which distributes torque in a ratio of 40 to 60. There is a hard differential lock. In total, the all-wheel drive system has four modes of operation: for mud, gravel, sand and driving on stones. All this is controlled by a special washer on the central tunnel.

Cost and equipment

The car "Mitsubishi Pajero Sport" is presented in several trim levels:

  • "Invite".
  • "Intensity".
  • Instyle.
  • Ultimate.

The cost of the basic version starts from 2 million 200 thousand rubles. This price includes:

  • Two front airbags.
  • Heated frontseats.
  • Power windows for all doors.
  • Electrically adjustable side mirrors.
  • Cloth upholstery.
  • 18" alloy wheels.
  • Single zone climate control.
  • Standard audio system.

You will have to pay 2 million 450 thousand rubles for a car in the Intens configuration. This price, in addition to the above, includes seven airbags, engine start with a button, heated steering wheel and rear seats, rain and light sensors.

The Instyle package includes a top-end 6-cylinder engine with 209 horsepower and is available at a price of 2,600,000 rubles. The maximum version of "Ultimate" costs 2 million 800 thousand rubles. Here the buyer additionally receives:

  • Parktronic with all-round camera.
  • Power front seats.
  • Multimedia system.
  • Adaptive cruise control.
  • Leather trim.
  • LED optics.
  • Acoustics for eight speakers.
pajero specifications photo

In closing

So, we found out what this Japanese car is. "Mitsubishi Pajero Sport" is one of the few representatives of real, frame SUVs that come with real locks and genuine all-wheel drive. Such cars really deserve respect. Of course, the cost of this Mitsubishi is an order of magnitude higher than that of Korean crossovers. However, Pajero Sport is adapted to off-road like no other. On the Russian marketthe car will definitely find its fans.

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