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Stels Trigger 125 - description and specifications

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Stels Trigger 125 - description and specifications
Stels Trigger 125 - description and specifications

In recent years, you can hear more and more news about the Velomotors concern, which supplies motorcycles of its own production, as well as equipment assembled with a subsidiary in China. Another common model was the Stels Trigger 125 SM EFI, which has already made a splash in its own circles. Stylish design, pretty good performance and price are the key to success, which helped this bike to gain positive fame.

Short description

Stels Trigger 125 SM is a worthy continuation of the famous line of sports bikes. But unlike many classmates, Trigger is considered not only equipment for competitions, but also a riding bike. In the abbreviation SM (Supermotard) itself, there is an indication that this two-wheeled unit is able to feel good both on hard surfaces and off-road. Riding it is no problem. The landing is more or less straight, which means that you do not have to spend the whole trip in a bent position, as is the case with other models.

Stels trigger 125

Type of motorcycle

Stels Trigger 125 belongs to the enduro class, which in turn came from cross-countrymodels designed for racing on dirt tracks. Of course, this type is slightly different from its sports counterpart. Enduro has less cross-country ability, and this is understandable. Indeed, in the pursuit of comfort, it is worth sacrificing light weight. One of the main advantages of this type can be considered a large ground clearance. It allows you to safely roll off the asph alt and conquer off-road. Enduro is also easy to repair. Even in the field, due to the lack of an abundance of lining, you can replace the part.

Stels trigger 125 specifications


The appearance of the Stels Trigger 125 leaves positive emotions from the very beginning. The abundance of chromium immediately catches the eye. Almost all metal parts are covered with it. The elongated flat seat smoothly passes into the body. Mudguards are at a fairly large distance from the wheels, from which a feeling of lightness is imposed. All parts of the motor are placed compactly, nothing sticks out anywhere and generally does not violate the existing organic picture. The dashboard does not take up much space, so the nose of the motorcycle is narrow. Stels Trigger 125 can be considered a sports bike, so its handlebars don't stick out too much.


This motorcycle has a small mass, only 140 kilograms. Which positively affects other parameters: speed, cross-country ability and the rest. The Stels Trigger 125 engine has good performance. It is single cylinder. Belongs to the four-stroke system. The total volume of the cylinder is 125 cubic centimeters. This bike can definitely be called economical. Least,injection type fuel supply helps save money. 5.5 liters of 92nd gasoline are spent per hundred kilometers. For stable operation, a liquid cooling system is installed on the motorcycle, which does its job perfectly. The engine does not overheat even after a long operation. The maximum motor power is 15 horsepower at 7500 rpm. The starting system is electric. This bike has good suspension. A smooth ride is achieved thanks to two spring-hydraulic shock absorbers and a high-quality front telescopic fork.

Stels trigger 125 SM EFI

At high speed, the main thing is not to lose control. To do this, the Stels Trigger 125 is equipped with high-quality alloy disc brakes. The transmission has six gears including neutral. The clutch is multi-plate, placed in an oil bath. The volume of the fuel tank is 7.5 liters. This means that the maximum range without refueling can reach up to one hundred and twenty kilometers.

The Stels Trigger 125 is a good bike for both sport and everyday use. A good point is the price of this bike. A copy with zero mileage can be purchased for $ 1,500 (85 thousand rubles).

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