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Minsk D4 125, design and specifications

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Minsk D4 125, design and specifications
Minsk D4 125, design and specifications

Minsk Motorcycle Plant has been producing original motorcycles with an air-cooled engine of its own design for a long time. In 2014, the plant began producing the Minsk D4 125 model, which looks very similar to the Yamaha YBR-125 motorcycle. When creating a new machine, the designer borrowed some of the nodes from already produced motorcycles. The basis of the new "Minsk" is a frame made of round profiles. This design allowed for acceptable frame rigidity.

In front of the driver there is a dashboard, which has a speedometer with markings from 0 to 140 km / h, total and daily mileage counters, a fuel gauge with a reserve reserve control lamp. In addition, the control lamps for the high beam, the switched on neutral in the gearbox and direction indicators are installed on the dashboard.

Minsk D4 125

Cars are offered to customers in three colors:

  • Red.
  • Black.
  • Blue.

Engine and transmission

The Minsk D4 125 motorcycle uses a 124 cc four-stroke model 157FMI engine with one cylinder,placed vertically. To simplify the design, the motor is air-cooled. The run-in power unit is capable of developing power up to 10.5 forces. Due to the design of the motor, peak power is achieved at very high speeds - about 8 thousand per minute. To start the engine, a foot pedal kick starter and an electric starter can be used. Lubrication of the motor components is carried out by a pump that supplies oil under pressure from a reservoir at the bottom of the crankcase. Tank capacity is about 0.9 liters.

Motorcycle Minsk D4 125

A five-speed foot-shift gearbox is installed in the same block with the motor. Gearbox ratios are:

  • First - 2, 769.
  • Second - 1, 882.
  • Third - 1, 4.
  • Fourth - 1, 13.
  • Fifth - 0, 96.

The connection of the motor with the box is carried out by means of a clutch with a large number of discs operating in an oil bath. The use of such a box made it possible to more fully realize the power characteristics of the engine.


Motorcycle "Minsk D4 125" is equipped with a classic suspension on hydraulic shock absorbers. In this case, a conventional fork is used in front, and two separately installed tubular elements in the back.

Spoked wheels in size 3, 0-18 are factory fitted with tires made in Croatia. This was a big plus, since the old cars from Minsk were equipped with Chinese rubber, which was not always of high quality. The design of the wheels is quite enough for the trouble-free operation of the motorcycle withdry weight is only about a centner. Croatian tires provide the car with good behavior on paved corners and behave well on dirt roads.


The power of the engine is quite enough to ensure acceptable technical characteristics of the "Minsk D4 125" - the maximum speed of the car reaches 100 km/h with an average fuel consumption of only 2.5 liters. The fuel reserve is in the tank in front of the seat and is 12 liters, which is a good indicator for a car of this class.

Minsk D4 125 specifications

To stop the motorcycle, a disc brake is used on the front wheel and a drum brake on the rear. The front brake is driven by a two-piston caliper. The rear brake is driven by a large chrome-plated pedal.

Customer feedback

One of the main advantages of "Minsk D4 125" is the price, which is up to 60 thousand rubles. Buyers are attracted by the modern appearance and good workmanship of the machines. The ergonomics of the motorcycle allows riders of different heights to comfortably sit in the saddle. Driving the Minsk D4 125 will be comfortable even for drivers with a height of about 190 cm. Another advantage of the design is the use of ordinary A92 motor gasoline as fuel.

But at the same time, there are also disadvantages in the design, including an uncomfortable and uninformative instrument cluster, certain problems with setting up the carburetor and an ill-conceived design of the steps (they are rigidly welded to the frame).

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