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How to make a stunning DIY scooter tuning?

How to make a stunning DIY scooter tuning?
How to make a stunning DIY scooter tuning?

Scooters attract a lot of people with their positive features. These include small dimensions, low fuel consumption and savings in maintenance. Therefore, sometimes there is a desire not only to move comfortably, bypassing traffic jams, but also to do the tuning of the scooter with your own hands, thus emphasizing your individuality.

Achieve such goals by externally modifying the scooter, using the following tools and materials:

- set of keys;

- sheathing material;

- paint;

- primer;

- putty;

- fishing line;

- rims;

- new optics.

To carry out external tuning of the scooter, different from the usual standards, you need:

- set a new sound signal;

- replace headlights;

- polish plastic and metal parts;

- to sheathe the saddle with automotive leather.

do-it-yourself scooter tuning

Give your scooter a personality:

- unusual painting option;

- airbrushing;

- vinyl sticker;

-UV light, etc.

However, it must be remembered that all changes and improvements should be not only beautiful, but also practical. For example, increasing the diameter of the discs affects the performance of the brakes, which are the basis of the safety of every driver. In addition, such tuning of the scooter, made by hand, reduces the cross-country ability, which is also important. After all, everyone would like to comfortably climb the mountain.

external tuning scooter

When tuning a scooter with your own hands, know that not all tricks are useful. So, it is not advised to install a windshield. It increases the resistance force of the air flow and, accordingly, reduces the speed of the scooter.

It is also worth abandoning the anodized fasteners, which reduces the safety of movement. In addition, such “beauty” can quickly peel off over time. Therefore, such changes are ineffective and unjustified.

If you want to do a scooter engine tuning, then you should not change the variator cover to a completely transparent one made of plastic. The fact is that over time it becomes covered with dirt and dust. Therefore, you will not achieve the planned transparency, but you will violate the rigidity of the entire structure.

Do-it-yourself scooter tuning is best to start with plastic. Having unscrewed the bolts and fasteners, an external inspection of the entire vehicle is carried out. Minor cracks and scratches are soldered or glued with a special compound. You can process the plastic with sandpaper, and then apply a layer of primer on it and then paint.Don't forget to varnish the surface for extra shine.

scooter engine tuning

New discs or painted old ones look beautiful on a scooter. As in the previous operation, the disc must be cleaned with sandpaper and covered with several layers of primer and paint.

Lighting is best done with LEDs because they are often more durable than other lighting designs under these conditions. Often the bulbs are on the headlights, dashboard or wheels. The illumination from below the entire scooter looks spectacular, it creates the effect of “hovering”.

But first you need to plan where and how the lighting details will be placed on the vehicle itself. That is to develop its design. And then, having already bought the LEDs and connecting them in a chain, fix them in a pre-planned place.

In general, tuning a scooter can make a completely unrecognizable car out of it, capable of impressing even seasoned fans of fancy “devices”. It only takes a little ingenuity, as well as imagination, and you are sure to get a unique and stunning-looking vehicle.

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