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ZMZ-505: basic data

ZMZ-505: basic data
ZMZ-505: basic data

In the era of the USSR, the Zavolzhsky plant was the only supplier of engines for various cars of the GAZ plant. Based on the standard eight-cylinder engine from ZMZ-53, many different versions of engines were produced, differing in displacement, power and type of attachments. The photo shows a typical "eight" GAZ.

ZMZ 505

General data

The ZMZ-505 engine is a V-shaped eight-cylinder engine equipped with a carburetor fuel preparation and supply system. Initially, the motor was created for installation on cars of a large class manufactured by the GAZ plant. One of the most famous of these machines is the GAZ-14 Chaika. As part of the fight against privileges, the production of this car was stopped and all body equipment was destroyed. But the GAZ-14 engine remained in production and was supplied to equip small-scale Volga vehicles in a special configuration for the needs of the KGB.


In the early 90s, the plant upgraded the engine, which resulted in the appearance of a new designation - ZMZ-505. With a working volume of cylinders of 5.53 liters, the power unit developed power up to 220 liters. forces. An increase in the compression ratio to 8.5 units contributed to the increase in the characteristics of the ZMZ-505 engine. But because of such a highcompression engine required high-octane gasoline brand "Extra" AI-95 (according to modern terminology - A-95) or AI-98.

This engine was produced for the latest versions of the GAZ-24-34 catch-ups (produced before the beginning of 1993). In the photo below you can see the ZMZ-505 engine under the hood of the Volga.

Characteristics of the ZMZ 505 engine

Design features

The engine has an overhead valve arrangement driven by a camshaft block located in the collapse. The profiles of the shaft cams had their own curvature, which contributed to an increase in the power of the ZMZ-505. There were no hydraulic gap compensators in the valve drive, unlike the previous version of the motor. Since the work required a larger volume of the working mixture, the section of the inlet channels in the heads was changed. The channels themselves are oval.

The crankshaft was equipped with a vibration damper, which significantly reduced vibration during engine operation. To purify the oil, instead of a centrifuge, a conventional filter with a replaceable paper element was used. To ensure the operation of such a cleaning system, the ZMZ-505 engines were equipped with a more modern single-section oil pump.

One or two four-chamber K-114 carburetors could be used to supply fuel. At the same time, the power of the ZMZ-505 with one carburetor was lower and amounted to about 195 hp. forces. The ignition system was duplicated and controlled by a microcontroller.

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