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Irbis VR-1 motorcycle and its features

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Irbis VR-1 motorcycle and its features
Irbis VR-1 motorcycle and its features

Vehicles from Irbis enjoy well-deserved recognition and popularity among those who prefer speed and a breath of fresh wind to a closed car interior.


This company produces very high quality products that fully comply with the requirements of international regulatory and technical documents and standards. The success of this Chinese corporation is based on the principle of borrowing the most promising developments in the field of environmental friendliness, performance and design.

irbis vr 1
irbis vr 1

That is why the Irbis range of motorcycles is very impressive, because any model is the epitome of style, ergonomics and practicality. Each of the powerful and reliable units is worthy of the attention of buyers, because these bikes can reach speeds of at least 120 km / h, which is more than enough for urban vehicles, in the production of which the company specializes.

On such a motorcycle, any folds of the terrain will submit to you, overcoming them will not be difficult. After all, Irbis motorcycles are superior to their competitors not only in terms of price-quality ratio, but also in terms ofperformance and practicality.


Most recently, this Chinese manufacturer had the opportunity to put another of his inventions to the public. In addition to the beautiful appearance and decent technical performance, it also has outstanding performance features that allow it to serve for a very long time.

irbis vr 1 200cc reviews
irbis vr 1 200cc reviews

We are talking about the Irbis VR-1. It combines exactly those qualities that are in demand among buyers in Asia and Europe. Manufacturers had to try to combine in this motorcycle a powerful 13.2 horsepower engine, modest dimensions and unobtrusive design. However, in addition to all of the above, Irbis VR-1 boasts a reliable steel frame, a comfortable design with comfortable seats, a capacious gas tank and many other small but very important nuances.

Practical and safe

We are talking about a narrow sports steering wheel, durable aluminum alloy wheels, high-quality headlight optics and practical LED indicators. Passive safety elements are an equally important argument - comfortable mirrors help the driver keep the traffic situation under control.

motorcycle irbis vr 1
motorcycle irbis vr 1

Surely such a rich equipment and practicality explain the commitment of buyers to the Irbis VR-1 200cc, reviews of which are full of gratitude for reliability and unpretentiousness. Indeed, in combination with a reasonable pricing policy for its acquisition and maintenancethis transport remains an excellent option for those who do not want to stand idle in traffic jams or prefer to travel in the fresh air. Surely this is what makes this motorcycle so attractive in the eyes of future buyers. Therefore, we will consider the features of this vehicle in more detail.


Irbis VR-1 motorcycle and its technical parameters:

  • vehicle dimensions are 200x74x105 cm, which allows it to squeeze anywhere;
  • chain drive transmits torque to the rear wheel;
  • with a light weight - 125 kilograms - Irbis VR-1 has enviable dynamics and maneuverability;
  • front suspension is made in the form of a telescopic fork;
  • behind the motorcycle - a pair of hydraulic shock absorbers that perfectly dampen the unevenness of the roadway;
  • cast aluminum alloy wheels are lightweight, reliable and mechanically strong;
  • motorcycle irbis vr 1 200cc
    motorcycle irbis vr 1 200cc
  • The front brake installed on the Irbis VR-1 200cc motorcycle is hydraulic disc, while the rear brake is drum;
  • The air-cooled gasoline engine has a power of 9.7 kW and is designed as a 4-stroke, single-cylinder power plant. Unit volume 200 cm3. The highest torque is reached at 6500 rpm and reaches 13.5 Nm;
  • carburetor power system allows you to use A-92 gasoline as fuel;
  • starting system is presented in the form of an electric starter,but if the battery is low, you can start the motorcycle from the pusher;
  • the tank holds 13 liters of fuel, so it's more than enough for an average consumption of about 2.5 l/100 km;
  • with a total load of 150 kg, the Irbis VR-1 has a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

Good design

In addition, motorcyclists who own this vehicle note the complete absence of vibration from a running engine. This observation is due to its upper construction and excellent balance. In addition, the rear shock absorbers, due to their multi-turn structure, allow them to be adjusted for stiffness.

irbis vr 1 max speed
irbis vr 1 max speed

Together, these features provide superior handling and maneuverability that other vehicles cannot.


If after buying this motorcycle you find that the sound of its engine is not velvety enough, then this difficulty can be de alt with in a few minutes. The design of the Irbis VR-1 muffler is such that it can be easily transformed into a straight-through one - you just need to remove the plug from it and unscrew a few fasteners.

After these activities, the resonant bass of your motorcycle will not leave anyone indifferent, and you can enjoy its rich sound during your trips. Among other things, this acoustic accompaniment plays another important role - it draws attention to the bike as a road user.

As a result, we can conclude that young people will like this vehicledrivers who will be happy to use it in the warm season for personal trips or outings.

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