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Chevrolet Niva starter: possible malfunctions and their elimination

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Chevrolet Niva starter: possible malfunctions and their elimination
Chevrolet Niva starter: possible malfunctions and their elimination

Probably, there is not a single car in which a starter was not installed. Niva Chevrolet is no exception. Sometimes the starter fails, but since it is arranged simply, it will not be difficult to restore it with your own hands. You just need to know the typical problems of this unit and be able to fix them. It is arranged quite simply, and it is easy to figure it out.

Even if Chevrolet Niva cars are new, no one is safe from starter failure. Often there may be a manufacturing defect. Therefore, you need to be able to diagnose these nodes. It is also important to know the node devices and the principle of its operation. We hope that after this article, even beginners will be able to service the starter themselves.

How does the starter work?

Chevrolet Niva is equipped with an element with an electric DC motor. It is powered by electromagnets. The latter are additionally equipped with a planetary gearbox and a traction relay.

starter niva chevrolet
starter niva chevrolet

The rated power is 1.55KW. The current consumption in maximum power modes is no more than 375 A. At the time of braking, the current can reach a level of 700 A. At idle, no more than 80 A is needed.

Starter consists of 28 parts. The structure of the motor contains magnets that operate on direct current. All parts are in the body, and the anchor with the cover is pulled together with studs. The armature shaft is fixed on the support, as well as in the cover. When the element rotates, the torque is transmitted to the drive shaft. Helps the starter in this planetary gear.

starter relay niva chevrolet
starter relay niva chevrolet

The latter also has a "carrier" and gears with internal gearing. They rotate with the help of needle bearings. What else is included in the starter? Chevrolet Niva, in addition to the above, is equipped with a brush mechanism.

Operation principle

When the driver turns the key in the ignition switch, the contacts close through the starter relay. "Niva Chevrolet" and its engine are still in the off state. Power is supplied to the holding and traction windings. The magnetic field in them with a certain force pulls the armature into the body, thereby compressing the return spring.

After that, the anchor pushes the rod and the contact plate. It closes the contacts on the solenoid relay. The electric starter motor starts to spin. At the same time, the anchor fork pushes the starter's bendix ("Chevrolet Niva 1600" is also equipped with it). A gear is installed on the bendix. It engages with the flywheel on the engine.vehicle.

chevrolet niva new cars
chevrolet niva new cars

When the flywheel turns faster than the starter and the bendix gear, the overrunning clutch comes into play. It does not allow the torque to indulge in the bendix and then moves back with the help of a lever. And due to the return spring, the part goes to its original position when the engine starts.

Starter and breakdowns

What is the breakdown of the starter? Chevrolet Niva, like any other car, is operated quite intensively. This leads to node failure. To begin repairs, you first need to identify the cause of the breakdown. This is the only way to restore this important node to its performance. If you do the repair work yourself, you can get by with minimal costs. For example, if the starter does not turn on a Chevrolet Niva car, then often the reason is hidden not in the breakdown of the assembly, but in a discharged battery.

In order for the car engine to start properly again, it is enough to charge the battery. But the battery may be good. Then experts recommend checking the wires - their terminals and contacts could be oxidized.

Problems when starting the starter

Some starter problems can be diagnosed by the way the car engine starts. For example, if after several attempts the starter traction relay does not turn on, the Chevrolet Niva may not start. This is theoretically due to a break in the turns of the relay. But in practice this happens very rarely. This problem is solved by replacing the wires, cleaning the contacts, replacing or rechargingBattery.

Starter too slow

You need to make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged. Next, check the condition of the wires and terminals. Too early ignition can lead to such malfunctions. It can cause so-called backfires, which work against the direction of rotation of the crankshaft. Power will be transferred to the starter when it is engaged with the flywheel. This greatly reduces efficiency.

how to remove starter on chevrolet niva
how to remove starter on chevrolet niva

Often, these symptoms indicate problems in the electrical part of the device. Diagnostics can be carried out only after dismantling and disassembly. But we note right away that the problems will be associated with a burnt collector or with a short circuit in its plates. Most often, the brushes in the electric motor are simply worn out or hung.

Starter fails to crank

Such problems also happen. The starter is designed to operate at a certain RPM. If the wires are damaged due to corrosion, if they are prone to contamination, then this can cause the assembly to rotate slowly or even fail completely.

The second reason is the gear, which for some reason cannot engage with the crankshaft flywheel. The clutch may also slip. Sometimes the reason for this behavior is a blocked engine.

Starter turns but crankshaft does not turn

If the starter is spinning, but the engine is not running, then experts recommend checking the condition of the teeth on the flywheel andbendix gear. With intensive use of the car, critical wear of these teeth is possible. Check their condition through a special mounting hole. You can replace them by purchasing a replacement kit for the Niva Chevrolet starter. Its price is about 500 rubles.

Niva Chevrolet does not turn the starter
Niva Chevrolet does not turn the starter

The same symptoms are shown by an inoperative drive unit. If the starter gear meshes well with the engine flywheel, but does not rotate, the starter should be checked for wear and other mechanical damage. The node may not be installed correctly.

As for starter repair kits for Chevrolet Niva cars, their configurations and prices can fluctuate greatly. But most often, manufacturers take into account all parts that are subject to wear and must be replaced.


So, first of all, the device is connected to the battery and to the multimeter. You can connect through the contact bolt on the traction relay. It is recommended to use for this wire, the cross section of which is not less than 1.6 square meters. see Also make sure that the brushes are well lapped to the commutator and that the temperature of the assembly is normal.

A chain of starter, battery and multimeter will help diagnose the device. Close the switch by applying 12 V to the terminal. This procedure is carried out three times, constantly changing the braking conditions. The circuit turns on for short periods of time.

starter niva chevrolet price
starter niva chevrolet price

If the node does not rotate, and extraneous noise is heard in its operation, it is easy to conclude thatthe device is defective.

The starter is also tested in full braking. This diagnostic method allows you to find out the causes of the breakdown and help to successfully repair the unit. For this procedure, it is necessary to turn on the starter and at the same time check the ammeter reading. Perform voltage measurements with a multimeter, and also measure the braking torque. The current should be no higher than 700 A. The voltage should be no more than 5 V, and the braking torque should be less than 13.72 Nm.

If the indicators are different, then the starter is defective. If the current is higher and the torque is lower, then the cause of the malfunction is associated with a short circuit inside the armature winding. Worth checking the coils. A short to ground on the armature winding is also possible.

DIY dismantling

These diagnostic methods can only be carried out if the device is dismantled. And to do this, you need to know how to remove the starter. On the Chevrolet Niva, this is done as follows:

  • Before dismantling, disconnect the wire from the battery minus. Judging by the advice of the owners, the starter is best dismantled through the bottom of the car. In this case, a flyover or a pit is needed. After the battery is disconnected, remove the engine protection.
  • The starter itself is mounted on three bolts. To dismantle the device, you just need to unscrew them. I unscrew the bottom bolt from below - it's more convenient. The other two bolts are best unscrewed from above. The top bolt is considered the most problematic.
  • After unscrewing the nuts, dismantle the thermal protection. From the side of the checkpoint, the tin is bent, and the bolt holding this tin is unscrewed from below. Next, the starter canpull out carefully. Moreover, it is better to pull along with the wires. There are only two of them here.
Chevrolet Niva configuration and prices
Chevrolet Niva configuration and prices

First of all, the unit is cleaned, the contacts and fasteners are freed from dirt, the mechanism is lubricated. If necessary, replace damaged parts. You can also install a new Chevrolet Niva starter. The price for new nodes, depending on the manufacturer, from 4,000 rubles


“Chevrolet Niva” is a domestic cross-country vehicle. It is purchased by those who categorically do not like the quality of domestic roads. These are inexpensive and relatively affordable cars. So, for those who decide to purchase a Chevrolet Niva SUV, the configuration and prices start from the base - L, where there are stamped wheels and a central lock, for 545 thousand rubles. The maximum version - LE, with air conditioning and power accessories, costs 629 thousand rubles.

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