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Foam air conditioner cleaner for car
Foam air conditioner cleaner for car

As you know, you get used to good things quickly. This is what happened with cars. Comfortable movement by car has become something familiar to us. We no longer think about the fact that even in the recent past, the air conditioner in a car spoke about its certain class. Modern models for the most part already have an installed climate control system. And she stopped being something special. Many drivers do not understand that it, like all other components of the car, must be periodically cleaned. There are many resources on the market for this. Among them is a foam car air conditioner cleaner.

When to clean the air conditioner

There are several signs that it's time to clean your air conditioner:

  • Unpleasant odor after turning on the climate control system.
  • Additional noise appears during system operation. Most often, you can hear the fan running. This indicates that the evaporator is dirty.
  • The air is not cooled well. Due to dirt, the system can no longerwork as expected, even when turned on at full power.
foam air conditioner cleaner
foam air conditioner cleaner

If you do not pay attention to cleaning the air conditioner in a timely manner, the system may fail.

Causes of system pollution

The principle of operation of the air conditioner is based on cooling the warm air entering the car from the street. In this case, the heat from the evaporator is transferred to the condenser. Accordingly, the evaporator is cooled, and the condenser, on the contrary, is heated. It is worth remembering that the condenser is located in close proximity to the car radiator, and the evaporator is located under the panel in the cabin.

The air entering the system has a certain humidity. Its cooling leads to the fact that moisture can no longer be held in the air in full. Condensation forms and settles on the evaporator. If we take into account that the average air humidity on a hot day is fifty percent, then up to three liters of liquid is formed in one hour of air conditioning. Therefore, the system has a drain tube through which moisture escapes.

air conditioner foam cleaner
air conditioner foam cleaner

The evaporator is constantly wet. It is an ideal place for the development of bacteria, microorganisms, mold, fungi. It gets dust and debris on it. This can be compared to the filter in a washing vacuum cleaner. And while cleaning the vacuum cleaner is easy, the car requires cleaning the air conditioner with a foam cleaner.

Features of foam cleaners

Means of this type are used for cleaning and prevention of pollutionair conditioning systems in the car. They do not require the system to be disassembled.

Foam air conditioner cleaner cleans all elements of the system, disinfects, removes all bacteria, fungi, mold, protects against their occurrence, thereby protecting against allergies and other diseases. It also purifies and freshens the air.

car air conditioner foam cleaner
car air conditioner foam cleaner

The cleaning process can be entrusted to specialists by contacting any car service. But blowing agents are easy to use, so you can do this job yourself.

Composition of cleaners

Chemical products used to clean the car's air conditioning system include the most active substances, which can be found in the instructions.

cleaning the air conditioner with a foam cleaner
cleaning the air conditioner with a foam cleaner

Typically, an auto air conditioner foam cleaner contains one of the following:

  • Chloramine B is used to disinfect various surfaces, including medicine, kitchen and so on.
  • Chlorhexidine bigluconate, which is mixed with alcohol to increase efficiency.

How to use foam air conditioner cleaner

To clean the air conditioning system with a foam cleaner, just follow a few steps:

  • Remove the cabin air filter. This stage is slightly different for different car models, which is due to design features. The removed filter will provide good access to all air ducts.
  • Through the opening in which the filter was located, a drainage tube is taken out. It connects to a foam can. Air conditioner foam cleaner is poured into the air ducts through this tube. The instructions for this tool will tell you how long the drug should remain inside. On average, it takes fifteen to thirty minutes.
foam car air conditioner cleaner
foam car air conditioner cleaner
  • The agent is sprayed for about ten seconds. Foam should come out of the blower. If dirty liquid flows, the cleaning process must be repeated.
  • After the specified time, the air conditioning system is turned on. At the same time, it is periodically necessary to change the modes of its operation.
  • At the end, you need to ventilate the interior. This is due to the chemicals released into the air. Manufacturers warn about safety during operation.

Most Popular Foam Cleaners

The automotive chemicals market offers customers a wide range of cleaners for car air conditioners.

Air conditioner foam American-made "Step-Up" not only cleans, but also disinfects the system. According to car owners, this is one of the best means. It eliminates unpleasant odors, qualitatively cleans all channels. It's easy to use. The effect achieved in the cleaning process will last for a long time. This is achieved due to the formation of a special film on the surfaces to be cleaned, which prevents the appearance of microorganisms and the accumulation ofgarbage

air conditioner foam cleaner instructions
air conditioner foam cleaner instructions
  • Another remedy is Plak. It also disinfects and cleans the system. This air conditioner foam cleaner removes bacteria, microorganisms, mold and fungus. Cleans air ducts from debris. It purifies and freshens the air, giving a pleasant menthol aroma. It is easy to use.
  • Vary Lube is used during a comprehensive system cleanup.
  • Ranway.
  • BIZOL Air Condition Cleaner.
  • Liquid Molly.


Foam air conditioner cleaner allows you to clean the car's air conditioning system without any effort. It qualitatively cleans all air ducts and elements of the system, disinfecting them. The film formed on the surface of the elements is a kind of prevention. It protects the air conditioner from rapid re-clogging.

Using foam concentrates is easy, every car owner can easily handle it. No specific skills or knowledge required. The result is a clean system and fresh air in the car.

Timely cleaning will increase the life of the system. And consequently, it will please us longer, creating a comfortable microclimate for us with a pleasant aroma of freshness in the car interior.

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