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Cleaner for bituminous stains from the car body. The choice of autochemistry

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Cleaner for bituminous stains from the car body. The choice of autochemistry
Cleaner for bituminous stains from the car body. The choice of autochemistry

To the great regret of car owners, the beautiful look and perfect condition of the paintwork, which is so valued in new cars, turns into something terrible, spotty and matte with everyday use of the car on poor quality roads. The body is covered with chips and scratches. In this case, nothing can be done - the road is full of surprises. But another unpleasant moment for the paintwork is bituminous stains, which the car wash cannot cope with, and various car shampoos can only do harm. They only partially remove stains.

How to deal with this problem? To remove such plaque, you need a bituminous stain cleaner. Let's see what kind of means it is, what types of it are the best and how you can deal with such stains at home.

Bitumen stains: where do they come from

First, you should figure out where they come fromcar body. Asph alt, from which most roads in our country are made, is a small stone and some kind of adhesive. Bitumen or resin acts as the last binder. When this same resin is heated, it turns into a viscous black substance. As it cools, the compound binds everything it touches.

bituminous stain cleaner
bituminous stain cleaner

In summer, asph alt can heat up to quite high temperatures and bitumen, hated by many car owners, appears on the road surface. It clings to the wheels of the car and from their rotation, particles of hot substance scatter in all directions on the body, as well as on other cars that drive behind or nearby.

But stains are taken not only from hot asph alt. This mixture covers each area that needs to be repaired. After the substance gets on the body, it cools down, and then a thin sticky black film forms. It is very difficult to wash it off. But if you know some secrets, then everything will work out. Light cars are especially affected by these spots. And the moment is unpleasant that if you do not remove the bitumen stain immediately, then in a few days it will be impossible to wash it off. Even car cleaning chemicals for a car will not always be able to cope with this problem.

How can you remove bitumen stains without harming the paintwork

Now the automotive chemicals market offers a huge number of different drugs - some are effective, others are not particularly effective. These tools allow you to remove bitumen stains from the surface of the body without any harm. All of themvary in price and quality. Some products are worth their price, others are completely powerless over bitumen.

All these auto chemicals for the car are conditionally divided into two product groups:

  • Special tools.
  • Universal.

Special ones can only remove bituminous stains directly. The latter can remove other stains. The composition of universal products contains surfactants, alcohol and other chemical components that can dissolve not only bitumen. But this is only at first glance. If you take domestic bitumen, you need to consider that it is very strong. Such stains will not be removed by a universal bituminous stain cleaner. It will only handle light dirt or insects.

Professional cleaning compositions are based on petroleum fractions and additionally have special additives. These preparations may well cope with any pollution of bituminous or tar origin. But there is one major downside here. These tools are very aggressive. If used improperly, the product will cause more harm than good. You need to use a professional bituminous stain cleaner correctly. And it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

White spirit in the fight against bituminous stains

How can I wash them off using regular mineral spirits? First of all, we thoroughly wash the car from even the smallest dirt. Washing should be done with water and shampoo only. This will help get rid of scratches that may occur if you try to scrub the stains.along with dirt from the roads. Then the body must be allowed to dry well. Next, the tar stain cleaner is applied directly.

bituminous stain cleaner astrochem
bituminous stain cleaner astrochem

Apply liquid better with a cotton or foam swab. Then you need to wait about five minutes. After that, wipe the stain from the surface of the body. It's not worth rubbing hard. If white spirit can dissolve the stain, then it can be easily washed off. Otherwise, the paintwork may be damaged. If it was not possible to wash the body in this way, then you can use a more reliable tool that is designed for this purpose. Also, instead of white spirit, stains are removed from the car using gasoline or kerosene.

Market overview for bitumen cleaners

Today there are no special problems with the choice of products for removing bitumen stains. When choosing a suitable composition, it is necessary to ensure that the content of aggressive substances is at a minimum level. Experienced motorists are advised to purchase the composition in the form of an aerosol can for ease of application.

Turttle Wax

This component, according to the manufacturer, is able to cope with fresh stains.

auto chemicals for the car
auto chemicals for the car

Made in the UK. One bottle costs about 200 rubles. During expert tests using domestic bitumen, the result was zero. This tool could not cope with bituminous pollution. Even if you try to scrub more carefully, there will be no result. Foam cannot cause bitumenabsolutely nothing.


But this product does an excellent job of cleaning the body. Removal of bituminous stains was successful on the first try.

Already two minutes after application, the composition dissolves stains and flows down, dragging small particles of dirt with it. It is enough to wipe the surface and there is not even a trace of harmful stains left. This is a great product made in Russia. Price - 179 rubles for 500 ml.

grass car chemistry
grass car chemistry


Grass (car chemicals) is a leading brand that manufactures touchless car wash products and other chemical products. To combat bituminous stains, the company offers an effective tool Antibitum. And these statements are fully justified.

During the testing of this tool, good results were shown within a few minutes after application. Grass is a car chemistry that is really worth your attention.

You can buy such products without fear. Reviews of those who have already used this tool contain only positive impressions. The composition allows you to remove even old stains and does it easily and quickly.

removal of bituminous stains
removal of bituminous stains


It is also a domestic brand. A product from a series of professional tools. It is able to remove not only bituminous stains, but also traces of poplar buds. The composition of this drug was developed jointly with specialists from Ireland. A complex of additives has been developed that allows you to remove even old and dried dirt. Bituminous stain cleaner "Astrokhim" contains in itscomposition of a set of unique components that penetrate deeply into the layers of dried stains and dirt. Then the composition softens and splits the stain. The action begins immediately after the moment of application. The product is able to completely remove bitumen, poplar buds and other contaminants. It also works well with anti-corrosion compounds.

car stain removal
car stain removal


As you can see, bituminous stains can be de alt with. Moreover, there are effective means for this. In addition, dealing with these troubles on your own will help save a lot.

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