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How to recover lost rights: tips and tricks

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How to recover lost rights: tips and tricks
How to recover lost rights: tips and tricks

From time to time people damage and lose documents. Some papers are stolen. Of course, they have to be restored. Often, such operations cause a lot of trouble. After all, not everyone knows how to act in a particular case. Today we will be interested in a driver's license. Every driver is familiar with such documentation. And drivers must understand how to restore lost rights. Otherwise, they will have to become pedestrians or constantly face fines for not having a previously specified paper. The simplest instructions and recommendations below will help you navigate the issue under study. In fact, even a person who does not understand anything about paperwork can cope with the restoration.

Driver's license
Driver's license

A visit to the police

How to recover lost rights? The first stage is an appeal to the local police authority. The driver must come here and write a statement about the loss of documentation. The petition describes in detail the situation in which the paper was found to be missing.

It is enough to have a civil identity card with you. Oncethe application will be accepted, the person will be issued a certificate of the established form. It will come in handy in the future.

Where to apply for the service

Man lost his rights? How to restore them in Russia in 2018? You need to understand where to go for the appropriate service.

At the moment, the issuance and reissuance of driver's licenses is carried out in:

  • MREO;
  • traffic police;
  • traffic police;
  • MFC.

Applicant can receive the service remotely. To do this, he will have to submit an application on the portal "Gosuslugi".

Quick Guide to Document Recovery

How to recover lost rights? If you prepare in advance, the operation will not cause any problems and hassle. The main thing is to immediately go to the police at the place of registration and write a statement about the loss of the V/U.

Contacting the police
Contacting the police

Further, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  1. Determine where to apply for a document recovery service.
  2. Prepare documents to bring the idea to life. We will get acquainted with their list later.
  3. Pay the fine for losing your driver's license.
  4. Pay the state fee for document restoration.
  5. Fill out the application in the prescribed form and give it to the employees of the selected registration authority.
  6. At the appointed time, pick up the finished paper.

In fact, the procedure does not cause any real difficulties. Now it's clear how to restore the lost rights.

Request for "Public Services"

We are alreadythey said that you can cope with the task with the help of an Internet portal. This technique is in great demand among modern drivers. Especially for those who have already been registered on "Gosuslugi".

Man lost his rights? How to restore them in Moscow or in any other region of Russia? It is worth submitting an application through the "Gosuslugi".

Image"Public services" and restoration of rights
Image"Public services" and restoration of rights

The guide to working with the mentioned portal looks something like this:

  1. Enter the "Personal Account" on the Gosuslugi website.
  2. Go to the "Catalog" block.
  3. Select "MIA"-"Driver's license".
  4. Click on the line "Exchange rights".
  5. Click on the "Get…" button. It is advisable to immediately familiarize yourself with the information on the page that appears.
  6. Fill out the application form. Here you will have to note the reason for restoring the documentation.
  7. Upload scans of pre-prepared documents.
  8. Indicate the place of receipt of rights. In Moscow, you can sign up for the traffic police in advance. That is, choose the time and date of the upcoming visit.
  9. Confirm procedure.
  10. Pay for the service. The option will open after the successful consideration of the application.
  11. Come at the appointed time to the traffic police with prepared documents and pick up your driver's license.

Important: before taking action, a person will have to go to the police in advance and write a statement about the loss of paper. Otherwise the procedurewill crash.

Service cost

We figured out how to recover a lost driver's license. And how much will you have to pay for the procedure?

Pen alty is provided only for driving a vehicle without a driver's license. Therefore, units are faced with it. You will need to pay from 2,000 to 15,000 rubles.

Replacing a driver's license costs 2,000 rubles. Additional costs - 800 rubles for the production of a temporary certificate. No more spending by law.

Important: when paying the state fee for the service through the "Gosuslugi" until 2019-01-01, a citizen receives a 30% discount. Accordingly, you will have to pay much less.

Getting rights
Getting rights

Documents for rights

Thinking about how to restore lost rights, a person must prepare a certain package of papers. Namely:

  • identity card (passport);
  • certificate from the police;
  • duty paid ticket;
  • application for the restoration of a / y;
  • personal photos (3 pieces);
  • driver's card or other proof that the person has been trained to drive.

In some cases, the applicant will have to bring receipts with paid fines. You have to close them first. The traffic police will refuse to restore the document if the applicant is in arrears in fines.

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