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Lost the key fob from the alarm, how to recover? Binding a new keychain
Lost the key fob from the alarm, how to recover? Binding a new keychain

Car alarm key fob is an integral part of the security complex. It is an interface through which the car owner can configure the alarm settings, manage functions, and receive information about the state of the car. It is not uncommon for drivers to lose key fobs. But in case of loss, the car owner must remain the master of the situation. You should always know what to do if you lost the alarm key fob, how to restore the device. Professional installers will tell you how to deal with this situation.

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What to do after a loss

If the siren turns on, the communicator is launched to notify the owner of the car about the event. In order to provoke an alarm to sound an alarm, it is usually enough to hit the wheel, knock on the window, or try to open the locks with master keys. On a signal, when the security mode is activated,you can try to find the remote control. But this will only help if the motorist knows approximately where the key fob was lost.

To disable the alarm in the event of such an emergency start or when the key fob is completely lost, you must:

  • Provide access to the car interior;
  • Find the main unit of the security system and the Valet button on it.

How to get into the car?

If the key fob is irretrievably lost, you can get into the car interior using a regular key. If there is no key either, then you will have to turn to professional crackers for help. Such services are now provided in all cities. Alas, there are no other options.

lost alarm key fob

Where to look for the alarm unit?

Most often, control units are installed under the dashboard. But the installation location in the cabin may be different: installers are different. When you managed to find the block, you should find the Valet service button on it. More often, the button is located under the instrument panel and can be carefully disguised. Sometimes the search can take a long time: you have to check every wire coming from the control box.

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Disabling the security system

Next, an emergency disarming of the alarm is required. After disabling, car owners will be able to start the engines and use all the functions of the car, except for the security system. Shutdown in most cases follows the same algorithm: the difference between the models is in minor details.


You can turn off the alarm in an emergency by the following instructions:

  • The key opens the door.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Press the service button (you need to have time to press it in 5 seconds. Then turn off and turn on the ignition again.
  • The service button is pressed one more time. So, the alarm disarms.


The shutdown algorithm is as follows:

  • The salon gets in any way.
  • Turn the ignition on and off for a few seconds. Then turn on again.
  • Within 10 seconds, you need to have time to hold down the service button. Hold it until the siren goes off. The sound will indicate that the security system has entered maintenance mode.


Disable this alarm without having a personal pin code, as follows:

  • The door is opened with a key.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Within 15 seconds, press the service mode button.
  • The ignition is switched off. So, the security mode will also turn off.


What to do, lost the Starline alarm key fob? You can use the following algorithm. The car is opened, the ignition is turned on, the service button is held for six seconds. When the system enters service mode, the user may hear a beep. The status LED will flash more slowly. Then the ignition is turned off again.

If there is a pin code for the Starline alarm, then:

  • Afteropen the door, the ignition is turned on, the alarm is activated.
  • Within 6 seconds, enter the first digit of the pin code using the service button. The number of clicks will correspond to the password number.
  • Ignition turns off and on again.
  • Then, enter another digit in the same way.
  • The ignition is switched off and on again.


Emergency shutdown of the system can be done by opening the doors. Next, the key is turned to the "ACC" position. Within 20 seconds, press the service button four times, and then turn off the ignition. If the headlights blink, the security mode is disarmed and you can even start the engine.

How to start the engine?

Owners of security systems are interested: lost the key fob from the alarm, is it possible to start the car?

If the security system is not equipped with an immobilizer, then there should be no special problems with starting. Only the key fob-communicator is lost, not the regular key. If the key fob is lost, according to the instructions above, an emergency shutdown of the security complex is performed. So, the system releases the lock and allows the engine to start.

is it possible to recover the key fob from the alarm

Is it possible to restore the alarm?

Key rings are often lost and broken. This is not a reason to throw the security system in the trash. Is it possible to restore the key fob from the alarm? Can. To do this, it is enough to purchase a new blank key fob and reprogram the system with it. You can buy a new key fob from the official representative of the manufacturer of the security complex.They are available in all major cities.

How to restore the key fob?

It is necessary to program or bind the key fob to the alarm in security systems that do not have a dialogue code. The binding is used to synchronize the so-called "floating" code. In such solutions, one package with a code is used to control the main unit of the security system. The packet is encrypted according to a certain algorithm with the main parameters unchanged, but with a changing key.

Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe key fobs when purchasing a new one, which is not initially synchronized with the main unit, and in case of problems with the regular one. Also, binding is required if the standard key fob has any problems with communication. After all, it is not in vain that manufacturers indicate in the instructions that it is undesirable to press the buttons many times outside the communication range with the machine. The key to the encryption algorithm goes further along the algorithm, although it should not change.

linking the key fob to the alarm

Tomagawk key fob binding for TZ-9010, TZ-9011 and SL-950, Q-9, Q-9.5, Q-9.9, 10, 1, 7, 2, Z-3

Here's how to program a new Tomahawk key fob. The procedure is quite simple. The car must be disarmed and the ignition turned on. Next, find the "Override" button and keep it pressed until the alarm beeps four times.

Then on the key fob, the buttons "Opening the trunk" and "Mute" are simultaneously pressed. If everything went right, the key fob will bind, the siren will give a single signal. Firmware mode can be turned off if you just turn it offignition

The second, third and fourth blocks are written in the same way. More than four cannot be linked.

alarm starline pin code

Tomagawk TZ-9030, 9031, Z-5, 9, 3, 9, 7, G-9000, 7, 1, 8, 1 Keyfobs Programming

These systems assume a slightly different order. They should not be confused with those already discussed above, although the Tomahawk key rings are similar to each other. The difference here is already from the moment you enter the service mode.

To enter the programming mode, press the "Override" button 7 times. After a confirmation signal from the security system, the buttons for disarming and arming are clamped on the key fob.

lost key fob how to start car

Tomagawk Z-1

And here's how to tie a key fob to the Tomahawk Z-1 alarm. The algorithm is different. First, the car is disarmed and the ignition is turned on. The service button must be pressed already 8 times, then the ignition is turned off, and the alarm unit allows you to enter the programming mode. So, the siren will give out 8 signals.

Next, up to 6 key fobs are registered. On each press the arming button. The button is kept pressed until the block gives the corresponding signal.


If you lost the key fob, from the alarm, how to restore access to the security complex. Here's how (using Starline as an example) you can bind a new key fob to the security system. This algorithm is suitable for models A91, B9 and similar.

First of all, turn on the ignition and press the service button seven times. Furtherthe car is started. Siren will give 7 signals. This indicates that the system has entered programming mode. Then the second and third buttons are pressed on the key fob until the characteristic sounds of the siren.

alarm starline lost key fob what to do

Programming "Sherkhan"

The car owner lost the key fob from the alarm, how to restore a new one (using the Sherkhan security system as an example).

The system can remember only three key fobs: when the fourth one is written, the codes of the first one and all information on them will be erased from memory. There are two ways to bind a new key fob: using a pin code and without it.

If there is no pin code, then the ignition is turned on and then turned off. The fact that the system has switched to programming mode will be indicated by flashing marker lights. Within three seconds, press the button of the first key fob - the dimensions will blink once. Then enter the codes of the remaining key fobs.

The second method almost completely repeats the first. Within four seconds, turn the ignition key in accordance with the first digit of the pin password. Enter the second number in the same way. On the key fob, the button is pressed for four seconds. The car will give a sign with marker lights. The keychain is attached and can be used.

how to tie a keychain to a tomahawk alarm


Losing a key fob is not a sentence. You can always buy duplicate blanks and reprogram if you lost the key fob from the alarm. How to restore access to the car, as well as how to use the security system again, toldcar alarm installers and repairers. Binding procedures are simple, but it is still better not to lose key fobs.

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