Nissan Fuga: features, specifications, reviews

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Nissan Fuga: features, specifications, reviews
Nissan Fuga: features, specifications, reviews

Nissan's 2010 range has no executive class models left. The top sedan was temporarily the Nissan Fuga, which served as the basis for the new executive car. Let's take a look at its features and specifications.

General Features

This car is a mid-size business class sedan. It has been produced since 2004. In 2009, there was a change of generations. Fuga was developed as a successor to Cedric and Gloria. With the completion of the President and Cima, she became the top model in the range. In the foreign market, Fuga is presented as the Infiniti M of the third and fourth generations, since 2013 - as Q70.

In 2007, the first Fuga (Y50) was restyled. Second generation (Y51) updated in 2015

Fuga Y50
Fuga Y50

It should be noted that there is a hybrid version of the second Fuga with a wheelbase extended to 3.05 m. This executive car (F) was introduced in 2012 as the fifth generation Cima (Infiniti Q70L).

Nissan Fuga Y51
Nissan Fuga Y51

Platform and body

The car in question was created on an extended and extended V35 Skyline platform. In order to facilitate the body structurealuminum was widely used: door reinforcements, trunk, hood.

The design of the first Nissan Fuga strongly resembles the V35 Skyline. For the second generation, they used the Gloria and Cedric style of the 70s.

Nissan Fuga Y50
Nissan Fuga Y50

The first Fuga measures 4.84m (4.93 after facelift) in length, 1.795m (1.805) in width, and about 1.51m in height. The wheelbase is 2.9 m, and the weight is approximately 1.7-1.8 tons. The second generation has grown slightly in length and width: 4.945 m (4.98 after the update) and 1.845 m, respectively.

Fuga Y51
Fuga Y51


The described car was equipped only with atmospheric V-engines. Two variants of the V6 were originally available. 2005 Nissan Fuga added V8:

  • VQ25DE. 2.5L V6. Develops 207 liters. With. at 6000 rpm and 265 Nm at 4400 rpm
  • Engine VQ25DE
    Engine VQ25DE
  • VQ35DE. 3.5L V6. Its performance is 276 liters. With. at 6200 rpm and 363 Nm at 4800 rpm
  • VK45DE. 4.5L V8. Develops 328 hp. With. at 6400 rpm and 455 Nm at 4000 rpm
  • Engine VK45DE
    Engine VK45DE

In 2007, the V6 was replaced by modifications of the HR sub-series.

  • VQ25HR. Its power is 220 hp. With. at 6800 rpm, torque - 263 Nm at 4800 rpm
  • VQ35HR. Develops 309 liters. With. at 6800 rpm and 358 Nm at 4800 rpm
  • Engine VQ35HR
    Engine VQ35HR

On the second generation left both V6. However, 3.5 liters were combined with an electric motor. In the domestic marketno longer offered a V8. The place of the most powerful motor was taken by another V6.

  • VQ25HR. For this motor, performance has increased to 222 hp. With. at 6400 rpm and 258 Nm at 4800 rpm
  • VQ35HR. Became part of a hybrid power plant. Now he works on the Atkinson cycle. Electric motor with a capacity of 298 liters. With. installed between it and the checkpoint. Uses 1.3 kWh batteries installed behind the rear seat.
  • VQ37VHR. 3.7L V6. Develops 328 hp. With. at 7000 rpm and 363 Nm at 5200 rpm
  • Engine VQ37VHR
    Engine VQ37VHR

It should be noted that the Q70 is also equipped with a 5.6L V8 VK56VD. Until 2014, a V9X turbodiesel was available for it.


The car has a rear-wheel drive layout. For the V6, the 3.5L Y50 and 3.7L Y51 offered all-wheel drive. All engines were equipped with automatic transmission only: 5-speed on the first Nissan Fuga and 7-speed on the second.


Front suspension - double wishbones, rear - multi-link. Aluminum is also used in the design of the suspensions. The GT Sport package includes the HICAS rear wheel steering system. Disc brakes. The first generation was equipped with 17-inch wheels 225/55, 18-inch 245/45, 19-inch 245/40, the second - 18- and 20-inch 245/50 and 245/40, respectively.


Nissan Fuga has a 5-seat interior. The equipment corresponds to the business class and includes heating, power and ventilation of the seats, an ottoman for the rear passenger opposite the driver, etc.

Salon Fuga Y50
Salon Fuga Y50

Fuga also has a variety of electronic assistants and safety systems: a lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring, GPS-based Distance Control Assistance. Autonomous cruise control is also available. The second generation is equipped with a drive mode controller and Active Noise Control.

Salon Fuga Y51
Salon Fuga Y51


Fuga, as an E class car, competed in the domestic market with Toyota Crown and Lexus GS, in the external market - primarily with the Audi A6, BMW 5, Mercedes-Benz E. The cost for the first generation was 4-6, 3 million yen, and 4-6.8 million for the second.

In the secondary market, the price of the first Fuga with documents starts from 550 thousand rubles and reaches 850 thousand. The starting cost of used cars of the second generation is 1.1 million. some dealers sell it. In addition, Q70 can be purchased in Ukraine for UAH 1.2-1.7 million. (2.5 and 3.7 l modification).


Nissan Fuga is highly appreciated by owners. Reviews are positive about dynamics, handling, comfort, design, reliability, equipment, space, quality, trunk. The disadvantages include a poor-quality head unit of the multimedia system, insufficient sound insulation, weak brake calipers, low ground clearance, significant fuel consumption, poor paintwork.

Wheel bearings are considered the weak point of the car. Due to the combination with the ball joints, the maintenance of the running gear is very expensive. Moreover, they are not cheap andspare parts for Fuga. At the same time, there is no shortage of them, since the car has many common components with other models of the manufacturer officially supplied to the local market.


Nissan Fuga is a premium mid-size sedan in the E segment. Befitting a class, it has powerful engines, a luxurious interior and rich equipment. The car is reliable, but expensive to maintain and operate.