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"Nissan" (electric car): specifications, operating features, reviews

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"Nissan" (electric car): specifications, operating features, reviews
"Nissan" (electric car): specifications, operating features, reviews

"Nissan" (electric car) is known to buyers as the Nissan LEAF. This is a machine that has been mass-produced since 2010, since spring. Its world premiere took place in Tokyo in 2009. The company began to accept orders for production from April 1 next year. So, the model is quite interesting, and I would like to tell you more about it.

nissan electric car

About production

The assembly of the first copies began, of course, in Japan (in the city of Oppama). And then, after some time, since 2012, the company launched the production of these models in the USA. After that, the car became even more popular and famous, so production began in the UK as well.

At the end of the last autumn month of 2010, this car was declared the winner of the 2011 European Car of the Year electronic models. But this is not the only reward. In 2011, in April, the car was chosen as the winner of the competition called "World Car of the Year 2011".These awards have made the model even more bought and popular. So, now we should talk about the car itself.

About model

Nissan has declared its electric car production as the world's first affordable and mass car on the global market. Well, this is debatable. Of course, the car became popular. However, even a hundred years ago, other electric vehicles were mass-produced. For example, in 1910 in New York, taxis drove through the streets, which ran on electricity. And since the 1950s, such cars have been bought in the UK.

Competitors in the novelty of the company "Nissan" is. For example, the famous General Motors or the modern Tesla Model S. There are several tens of thousands of these cars around the world. But we must admit the fact that the LEAF has become purchasable. It is worth considering its technical characteristics. This will help to understand how the company succeeded in creating a good car that consumes only electricity.

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We built the Nissan LEAF on a brand new platform. This car shares it with the subcompact model Micra 2011 and the famous Juke crossover. An electric motor is installed under the hood. If you translate its original power into horsepower, you get approximately 108 hp. With. The torque is 280 Nm.

This car is front wheel drive. The most massive and heavy element of the model (that is, the battery) is located at the bottom. Thus, it was possible to provide the car with excellent stability. By the way, this is one ofadvantages of this machine. The battery is also an element that provides good structural rigidity. So the five-door hatchback is very durable.

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About battery

"Nissan" is an electric car that gets its specific "fuel" from a lithium-ion battery. She, by the way, was assembled for the car from 192 cells! What is her composition? There are only two elements - this is lithium manganate on the positive electrode, which is combined with graphite (respectively, on the negative).

The mass of the battery is rather big - about 270 kilograms. It is located under the upper seats, so it does not take up extra space. Its capacity is equal to 24 kWh. Of course, compared to other cars that run either on diesel or on fuel, Nissan is not as powerful and fast as an electric car. And the charge in it is enough for about 160 kilometers. Therefore, the Nissan Leaf electric car does not receive positive reviews from all people. And, admittedly, it is not for everyone. You need to understand that this model was created not to conquer roads and tracks at high speeds, but for calm movement around the city - from home to work, to the store, to visit and back. Every 160 kilometers you will have to charge the car. This can be done both at specialized stations and from a stationary outlet. True, in the first case, the charging process will take five hours, and in the latter - about eight. By the way, you need to take into account the fact that the life cycle of the battery is approximately five years. So it's worth counting onthat after this time you will either have to change the battery, or buy a more practical car.

nissan leaf electric car

Charging cycle

Interestingly, with a special Nissan charger, this car can be filled with energy in just thirty minutes. True, not completely, but only 80%. This machine has two sockets for chargers. Both are in front of the car. One is for normal, standard charging, and the other is for fast charging.

Today batteries are assembled in Japan. Approximately 65 thousand sets come out in one year alone. It was decided to place another plant in Smyrna (Tennessee). About 200 thousand sets are released there annually.

"Nissan", the photo of which is presented above, quickly became popular, and manufacturers, given this fact, decided to improve the model. Naturally, improvements should have touched the battery. And this was done. The developers have brought the charging power and increased the mileage to 123 miles (that's almost 200 kilometers). So now the car can withstand 40 kilometers more. And the charging time has been halved. After improvements, the model can be filled with energy in four hours. Experts are also thinking of equipping the model with an all-round parking camera, and trimming the interior with leather. Nissan, whose photo shows us a very compact car, looks decent from the inside. In this regard, developers and designers have really succeeded. However, the exterior needs some work. However, at first glanceon this machine it becomes clear that it is electric.

nissan leaf electric car reviews

Criticism and reviews

Nissan electric vehicles were also recognized in Russia. Of course, there are not as many of them as high-class presentable Mercedes or Audi, but such cars can also be found in the vastness of our country. Of course, there is a lot of criticism of the model. And everyone pays attention to the very 200 kilometers that the car can drive. This is not suitable for many - you still want independence from the vehicle. And in general, for a car powered by electricity to become truly popular, it needs to be able to last a couple of days without recharging. But it won't really be done for many more years.

There are also positive qualities. Running data, for example. They are really good. The car moves smoothly and easily, demonstrates good dynamics and good visibility, and this model also boasts excellent sound insulation and a set of modern electronic accessories.

nissan electric cars in russia


And one more point that needs to be mentioned when talking about the "Nissan" (electric car). Price is what is meant. In Russia, this model in fairly good condition can be bought for about 630-690 thousand rubles. For this money, you will get a car in which 109 horsepower, automatic transmission, low mileage, adjustable heated seats (with a timer), good speakers, soft running and excellent maneuverability. But the price, it must be admitted, is not small. Howeverwhether to buy such a car or not is up to everyone.

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