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Interior "Lada Vesta": description. "Lada-Vesta" - equipment

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Interior "Lada Vesta": description. "Lada-Vesta" - equipment
Interior "Lada Vesta": description. "Lada-Vesta" - equipment

The interior of the "Lada Vesta", as well as the exterior, meets the requirements for modern cars to the maximum. Interior decoration remained at the level typical for concepts and prototypes. In addition, new items that were previously absent in the equipment of the car are used in all trim elements. Their introduction makes the operation of the vehicle more convenient, while increasing its consumer properties.

Dimensions Lada Vesta
Dimensions Lada Vesta

Arrangement of the steering wheel and dashboard

The three-spoke steering wheel houses the radio, cruise control and telephone controls. The column is adjusted for reach and angle of inclination. The torpedo is made as a monoblock, the material of manufacture is dark plastic with light inserts. A distinctive feature is the minimum number of transitions and the center console protruding forward.

On the new instrument panel "Lada Vesta" some indicators are made with arrows and a minimum number of warning lights. The devices are formed in three modules, located in deep niches with illumination. Digital sensors are switched by activating one button or a pair of keys at the same time. The operation of the node does not cause any difficulties.

The main console is divided into a couple of parts. On the top element is a multimedia system with a seven-inch color display. Below is the climate unit. A row with control buttons acts as a separator. All configurations of the vehicle in question are equipped with frontal airbags.

Salon Lada Vesta
Salon Lada Vesta

Finishing materials and ergonomics

In the interior of the "Lada Vesta" there is a finish of fabric and leather. In addition, the equipment provides plastic, visually reminiscent of leatherette, which has increased hardness to the touch. The material is embossed, giving the interior additional rigor. The quality of the finishing components is fully consistent with the price category to which the car in question belongs.

In the "luxury" version, chrome inserts are used. The aesthetics of the seats are enhanced by the use of gray flecks on the upholstery. Gauges and controls are placed very conveniently, providing quick and clear reading of information.


Ergonomics of the seats makes the landing of the driver and passengers as comfortable as possible. The front seats are equipped with a backrest angle adjuster function. The driver's seat cushion is quite rigid, the overall dimensions allow a person of large stature and weight to comfortably accommodate. The headrest is close to the back of the head,which makes it possible to comfortably lean on it when standing in a traffic jam. In all types of assembly, heated seats of the Lada Vesta are provided.

In the updated version, the back row has been redesigned, does not have a clear division into two parts, and has a flatter surface. The backrests are made according to a split configuration, which makes it possible to load long things and objects into the cabin. The front seat cushions are raised, allowing rear row passengers to place their feet comfortably. Additional comfort when landing is provided by increasing the thickness of the pillow in front.

Interior of Lada Vesta
Interior of Lada Vesta

Features of seat adjustment

The headrests of the seats are adjusted according to the installation height. The rear seats are provided with details for anchoring the child seat. On this row, three adults fit without problems. Seat covers "Lada Vesta" are removable, gray with special inserts. The only drawback is the low ceiling height, which causes some inconvenience for tall people when landing.

Other interior equipment

Among other important interior elements of the Lada Vesta, the following is noted:

  1. Effective windshield defroster that quickly removes ice or snow crusts.
  2. Air conditioning unit that guarantees a decent degree of comfort, regardless of weather conditions outside the car.
  3. Comfortable and spacious glove box with lighting and cooling.
  4. The Czech-made ignition key has a Germanstylistics, aggregates with the alarm panel. The hinged spring-loaded mechanism makes it possible to reduce the size of the element.
  5. Emergency call system using the GLONASS unit, which is controlled by buttons.
  6. Photo Lada Vesta outside and inside
    Photo Lada Vesta outside and inside

Optional equipment

The configuration of the armrest in some configurations between the front seats is simplified. This leads to an increase in manufacturability in the design of the interior of the Lada Vesta, but does not adversely affect the quality of the equipment. The specified part has three fixing positions, the shape of the head restraints has also been modified.

Car doors are equipped with special pockets designed to store small items and items. Additional safety when transporting children is guaranteed by the rear door windows, which are lowered only halfway. Near the "nest" of the cigarette lighter, there is a USB connector for downloading data to the multimedia system. Even when driving on poor road surfaces, the inside of the car is quite quiet, thanks to a well-thought-out noise-insulating coating.

Package and prices of "Lada Vesta"

The vehicle in question is offered in three basic trim levels: "Classic", "Comfort", "Lux". Standard equipment has been expanded and includes:

  • front airbags, child lock on rear doors;
  • Auto-lock doors while driving;
  • headrests for the second row;
  • alarm, immobilizer;
  • system of exchange rate stability, slip protection, ABS;
  • BK, central locking with remote control;
  • power windows;
  • heating "seats";
  • additional turn signals;
  • steel 15-inch wheels with decorative caps.

The cost of the car in question in the "Classic" configuration starts from 530 thousand rubles.

Dashboard Lada Vesta
Dashboard Lada Vesta


In addition to the basic equipment, the specified equipment is equipped with a new Lada Vesta interior, as well as the following functionality:

  • adjustable armrest for driver;
  • anti-glare visor;
  • glass case;
  • height-adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • stowage compartment with cooling;
  • radio with display, four speakers and various connectors;
  • air conditioner;
  • special coating on door handles and exterior mirrors in body color.

This car will cost from 585 thousand rubles. Equipping a robotic box and a more powerful engine increases the cost by 50 and 25 thousand, respectively.

Lada Vesta car
Lada Vesta car

Deluxe version

In the maximum configuration, a number of additional elements are added. Among them:

  • side airbags;
  • "fog";
  • door sill lighting;
  • power rear windows;
  • rain and light indicators;
  • 16" alloy wheels;
  • climate control;
  • Gloss finish grille.

In this version, the Lada Vesta will cost from 650 thousand rubles, paired with a robotic "automatic" - from 670,000, with a reinforced engine - from 700,000.

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