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GAZ-54: review, specifications, photos

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GAZ-54: review, specifications, photos
GAZ-54: review, specifications, photos

GAZ-54 is a Soviet truck that has been mass-produced since the 1960s. It represents the third generation of trucks from the GAZ brand. And it is also the most massive truck ever produced in the USSR. In total, more than four million Russian cars were produced.

Already from 1965 to 1992, the GAZ-54 was produced as a hybrid model. It had an internal combustion engine, and components and parts from other models of the Soviet brand were also used.


GAZ 54 photo

The GAZ-54 model range includes modifications that differ in carrying capacity. The cheapest and smallest truck was with a 3 ton GD, while the largest and most expensive truck had a GD of more than 4.5 tons. Trucks with a lifting capacity of 2.5 tons were also produced, as well as serial GAZ-62s, which could withstand no more than one ton. But still the most popular GAZ-54 had a HP of more than three tons.


car GAZ 54

And regardless of modifications and models, all trucks of the Soviet and Russian GAZ brands were equipped with very good,multifunctional and comfortable cabin. The instrument panel always gave out accurate, correct, and most importantly, the necessary indicators. However, there was one very strong innovation: the car did not have an ammeter, and instead, the engineers of the Soviet brand attached signal lamps. Just like in luxury and prestigious Mercedes cars, the cabs and interiors of GAZ trucks were equipped with clocks.


GAZ 54 car

The idea was invented by another Soviet brand, namely ZIL. She came up with and voiced the idea to make the headlights at the top and sidelights at the bottom. It was this idea that inspired our Soviet engineers, they made the GAZ-54 so. The design decision proved to be very effective, and this truck was in demand, so other similar cars were made with the same style.

However, already in 1964, the GAZ-54 received a new design: sidelights were placed on top, and headlights - on the bottom. The cladding was such that the car seemed to be smiling at all other cars.

Already since 1983, the latest version of the GAZ-54 lining was as follows: the radiator grille holes stretched forward, the sidelights were moved to the edge of the car.

Already in 1985, Soviet engineers made two-lamp sidelights on their GAZ-54 truck, which were also located on the sides. They were orange, slightly transparent, combined. It was very beautiful, so the design and style of this car was copied by other cars. The rims were also replaced, which had holes for ventilation, as well as new tires, which wore out much less. On thethe latest versions of the GAZ-54 had side rings, they were made very beautifully. The 1964 model year featured an apron on the truck's bumper.

Photo GAZ-54 can be found above in the material of the article.


The GAZ-54 engine produced 120 horsepower, a 4.2-liter V8. The transmission was this: a manual gearbox with 4 steps.

The car was over six meters long. Load capacity - from 1 to 4 tons. The fuel tank had a capacity of more than one hundred liters. Its maximum speed on the highway was 90 kilometers per hour. At that time, this is a very good indicator.

As it became clear, the GAZ-54 is very good, and its carrying capacity is impressive.

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