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"Nissan Primera" P12: description, specifications, photos

"Nissan Primera" P12: description, specifications, photos
"Nissan Primera" P12: description, specifications, photos

The last representative, closing the line of Nissan Primera mid-segment cars, is the Nissan Primera P12. Reviews of car owners indicate that you should not expect something supernatural from the car. For all three generations, she was unable to demonstrate a high level of aerodynamic and technical properties. Unfortunately, the quality of the chassis and safety are also not very pleasing to the owners. However, it is not necessary to completely reject the car. Among the representatives of its segment, the Nissan Primera P12 model does not take the last place, but most likely the “golden mean”, where the price fully corresponds to the quality.

nissan example p12

A bit of history

"Nissan Primera" with the P12 index represents the third generation of this brand. Its mass production began in 2002. This model became the successor to the Infiniti G20. Despite the average performance, the car immediately became popular. However, after 5 years, the demand for it significantlydecreased, and manufacturers decided in 2007 to completely stop its production.

Over the years of production, the Nissan Primera P12 has been presented in three body styles. This is a sedan, station wagon and hatchback. However, the latter was not much different from the sedan. In comparison with previous generations, the design of this model has become more dynamic and even bold, which was to the liking of motorists. In 2004, the company carried out a restyling, the results of which were changes in the interior. In particular, finishing materials were replaced with better ones, the level of comfort improved and great attention was paid to ergonomics.


In order to have an idea about the model "Nissan Primera" P12, it is worth disassembling its overall performance. Since several types of bodywork were produced, of course, they have different sizes. The length varies between 4565–4570 mm. The width of all is unchanged - 1760 mm. As for the height, this figure is almost the same - 1480 mm. Wheels with a diameter of 16 inches, ground clearance - 150 mm, wheelbase - 2680 mm. These dimensions correspond to all body types.

nissan example p12 specifications


Every motorist pays special attention to the external design of the car. What awaits them in the Nissan Primera P12? Let's start from the front. The first thing you want to pay attention to is the grille. It has an original forked shape. From the outside it seems that it is made in such a way as to focus on head optics. The headlights, in turn, are enoughlarge, vaguely resemble the shape of a drop, but with more strict and straight lines. Three ribs are pronounced on the hood. Thanks to them, the V-style is visible in the design of the front of the car.

After you can see smooth lines that are clearly visible in the shape of glass, tailgate, bumper. The rear lights are the same as the front ones, quite large in size, elongated from top to bottom.

nissan example p12 reviews

Nissan Primera P12: engine specs

For the domestic buyer, the car was equipped with different gasoline engines. But diesel units were intended only for sales in Europe.

Practically all motors have a similar design. The two-liter engine stands out against the general background. It, unlike others, is equipped with balancing shafts. Motorists consider the power plant 1.6 liters (4 cylinders) to be the highest quality and most reliable, even considering its modest technical characteristics (109 "horses"). There is information about the 1.8 liter engine, from which it follows that this unit requires a large amount of oil. Replacing the rings saves the situation for a while, but basically you have to change the entire block. After restyling in 2004, the 2.0 liter engine was significantly modified. Due to the fact that the control unit was reprogrammed, the consumption of gasoline and oil has significantly decreased.

All of the above engines came with automatic and manual transmissions.

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