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How to eliminate high fuel consumption

How to eliminate high fuel consumption
How to eliminate high fuel consumption

Now every future car owner, before buying a car, carefully compares not only the characteristics, but also the volume of consumed fuel. Due to the fact that gasoline prices in Russia are constantly rising, this factor is sometimes the key to saving money throughout the life of a car. High fuel consumption is also one of the main reasons for contacting specialists, but often, especially beginners, make incorrect calculations, and unscrupulous craftsmen in such a situation earn money without doing anything.

high fuel consumption

In addition to the human factor, the technical condition of the car may also be the cause. And before we say that your car has high fuel consumption, let's figure out what affects these indicators. This is:

- engine power;

- terrain;

- tire pressure;

- optimal gear selection for driving;

- driving style.

high fuel consumption VAZ 2109

Not reallythere is a universal way to reduce fuel consumption. It all depends not only on the car, but also on the driver. Over several years of observation, car owners have identified several factors for economical driving. Firstly, the car must move smoothly, without sudden acceleration, and then braking under a traffic light. Every time you immediately start braking after accelerating, this leads not only to excessive consumption of fuel and unnecessary stress on the engine, but also to wear of the brake pads. Secondly, it is recommended to start the car in advance from slopes or in a straight line. This will minimize the negative effect of the first option. For example, if in the distance you see that the red light has just turned on, immediately switch to "neutral", the speed will gradually decrease, and as a result you will either not have to brake at all, because the green light will turn on, or the high fuel consumption will be justified by a smooth stop near the stop line.

high fuel consumption VAZ 2106

Today, especially in large cities, it is increasingly possible to see a picture when drivers squeeze out the maximum speed to overtake 2-3 cars in front of a traffic light for the closest place to the stop line, and then brake sharply. Unfortunately, if such driving occurs constantly, then this is a huge load on the engine and braking system, which naturally leads to frequent breakdowns. The reason for this can be considered insufficient training in driving schools, where, in addition to memorizing exam questions, sometimes they don’t teach anything else.

Let's talk about carsLada family. The high fuel consumption of the VAZ 2109 can be due to a number of reasons, and the solution to the problem can be very different from whether you have a carburetor or injection car. The conventional wisdom is that manual transmission cars are more fuel efficient when driven correctly, but that was true more than 10 years ago. On modern cars equipped with automatic transmission, with the right mode, electronics can match, and sometimes even surpass mechanics in economy. The high fuel consumption of the VAZ 2106 could often be reduced only with optimal switching, but on modern car models, such a strategy is no longer needed.

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