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Columns "Ural 16 cm": all "for" and "against"

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Columns "Ural 16 cm": all "for" and "against"
Columns "Ural 16 cm": all "for" and "against"

This article presents some of the most successful and popular models of the company, namely midbass. Speakers "Ural AK74 16 cm" is a two-way component speaker system. Produced by our domestic manufacturer of acoustics "Ural". The company has established itself well in the market and is famous for the reliability of its products, maximum ease of use and low prices for its products. Speakers "Ural 16 cm" are perfect for both budget assemblies and professional level.


The box is completely standard, nothing more. Nice design and bright colors somehow brighten up the product. After opening the package, you can immediately see a thick cardboard protecting these speakers, as well as two holes for them. Everything is carefully sealed in foam protective packaging for greater reliability and maximum product preservation.

Speakers "Ural"


First of all, of course, midbasses in the amount of two pieces, then there are wires, rings for the purpose of fastening the HF when they crash into racks, fasteners, service sheet, self-tapping screws, tweeters, safety grills. A nice addition to the whole set is a tweeter. It comes with a silk dome, and of course one magnet with all the wiring, which is pretty handy. I was also pleased with the size itself, because usually for such money you can find much smaller and worse. First-order filters, i.e. capacitors, were also found.


Midbasses are made very high quality. Everything is done soundly on a stamped basket, covered with anti-resonance paint, there is no extra glue, a very tight cap, which will be difficult to wrinkle. Safety grills are made in their native style without any innovations. Externally, there are no complaints about the speaker.


What are they?

  1. Two-way component speaker system.
  2. Size - 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters.
  3. The frequency range here is from 45 to 22000 Hz.
  4. Max power stated at 210 watts.
  5. It has a resistance of 4 ohms, which is the best indicator between loudness and reliability, if you are not very versed in this subject and it is difficult for you to correctly adjust the entire assembly.
  6. Sensitivity 91 dB.
  7. The landing depth of the speaker is 60 mm. This is a very important factor, since this indicator is different for all cars.

Specifications"Ural Bulava".

  1. Size 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters.
  2. Frequency range from 110 to 8000 Hz.
  3. Max power 180W.
  4. Rated power 90W.
  5. Resistance 4 Ohm.
  6. Sensitivity 92 dB.
  7. Speaker seating depth 58.5 mm.

Description of the speakers "Ural Bulava"

Columns "Ural Bulava 16 cm" - this is the most budgetary model of the whole range.

Their frequency range is from 110 to 8000 Hz, but the advice is to use from 150 to 160 Hertz in order to introduce maximum volume. If you don’t need the maximum volume, but you want to use the speaker as a midbass, then, of course, set it boldly from 110 to 120 Hz, then you will get great sound, but you will have to sacrifice volume.

The maximum power, as the manufacturer tells us, is 180, and the nominal power is 90. Each speaker that comes in the box has a resistance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 92 decibels, also a 1-inch coil. The speakers are equipped with a motor with a diameter of 80 mm, and the mounting depth of the speaker (this is very important, because in many cars it matters) 65 mm.

There are no clamps here, you just insert and connect an acoustic terminal that "throws" on the speaker. Remember that the minus is the small terminal and the plus is the large one.

columns ural mace 16 cm

Speakers "Ural 16 cm" are designed for standard car seats, that is, if you bought a car and you have an economy package, where the acoustics are simply unbearable, thenthis option is for you. A significant plus is that they play perfectly from the head unit, and if you also have a customizable mafon, where there are trimmings, then from below you can cut from 125 Hertz or from 160, then these speakers will be just right. Of course, if you also use them with an amplifier, you will get a more pleasant picture, but do not forget about the cost (1490 rubles).

speakers ural 16 cm ak74

Ural 74C speaker test in the prepared stand

Testing column "Ural 16 cm" will be done in the room. The speakers are already inserted and fixed in boxes with a volume of about 26 liters each. There is a car radio Prology MCD-400 BG. The assembly is made without an additional amplifier. After listening for a certain time by several people, a conclusion suggests itself. According to reviews, the speakers showed themselves well, they were able to give out the necessary power, clear sound, pleased with playing rock and pop music.

speakers ural 16 cm

In-vehicle testing

The machine is completely soundproofed with quality materials. The same radio Prology MCD-400 BG is used, as well as the Kicx AP 4.80AB amplifier, without a subwoofer. The results were as follows: deep and powerful sound, but, of course, for such a price category; clear and smooth sound, decent volume.


Columns "Ural 16 cm" are serious competitors in the market. The company offers optimal sound, high-quality assembly, extensive product packaging andmost importantly - a good price. Few competitors can compete with these representatives, so users stop their choice on a domestic manufacturer. We can also safely say that this is an ideal value for money. But it is worth noting that another model was not presented here - these are the Ural AK-47 16 cm speakers, since their coil is not 16 centimeters, but 13.

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