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Infiniti G25: solid and powerful "baby"

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Infiniti G25: solid and powerful "baby"
Infiniti G25: solid and powerful "baby"

Infiniti G25 is a great option for those who want to try the premium class, but do not want to spend a lot of money. The G25 is the youngest model in the Infiniti lineup. The model is not new at all, it has been on the market since 2006. The car sells well, you can see it on the roads quite often.

Infiniti G25 in the city


Infiniti G25 has a recognizable corporate look. In city traffic, it can be seen from afar. He is not a copy of some machine. You either like this car or disgust it, but you definitely will not remain indifferent to it. In the updated version, stylish fog lights can be noted, which fit extremely well into the overall appearance of the car, which feels a bit of aggression. The machine is designed to look smaller than it really is.

The "muzzle" of the car has a beautiful convex, embossed hood, it smoothly transitions to a stylish modern linzovannaya head optics. A medium-sized chrome plated is installed between the headlights.decorative grille. The massive front bumper has two wide air intakes. The air from them is directed to the front brake discs.

Seen in profile, the car is a classic business class sedan. Slightly flared wheel arches and a single rib at the sill hint at the car's perky disposition.

The rear of the G25 looks interesting, the trunk lid deserves special attention, its shape is peculiar. I would like to note the light sports tuning of the Infiniti G25. There is a small spoiler on the trunk. From under the rear bumper you can see two exhaust pipes of a solid diameter. The car has 18-inch alloy wheels.

white Infiniti G25

Interior fittings

Of the pluses, one can single out dual-zone climate control, as well as heated seats, all kinds of rain and light sensors. Options can be listed for a very long time, in a word, this model has almost everything.

The handbrake in the car is implemented according to the "American principle", it is made in the form of a "third pedal". The on-board computer is located quite conveniently.

Special chic is the shift paddles under the steering wheel. With their very appearance, they immediately tune in to the aggressive nature of the Infiniti G25 and a fast, incendiary ride.

The keyless entry system allows you not to get the key out of your pocket at all. This is a convenient option that is increasingly found on expensive cars from major manufacturers.

Materials do not raise questions. An interesting combination: a modern on-board computer next tovintage clock with arrows. The size of the rear window is a little small, but this does not affect visibility.

powerful Infiniti G25

Trunk and interior

The trunk is quite roomy, though not too big. Part of the space is “eaten up” by wheel arches, its shape is not very convenient. The rear row of seats is cramped, especially if there are three passengers. Adjustment of an angle of backs of back seats for passengers is provided. In addition, there is a small hatch in the back of the rear row seats, which helps a lot in case of transporting long objects (skis, etc.) in the car.

The driver's landing is quite low, if the driver's height is more than 185 cm, then the roof will visually "crush" a little. It is possible to eliminate this disadvantage by tilting the seat back a little, but then the landing will be a little wrong, although some people like to sit behind the wheel that way.

Engine, transmission, brakes

The sound of the engine in this car is very impressive, reviews of the Infiniti G25 say that the sound is imaginary plus fifty-hundred "horses" under the hood. Although the sedan does not have real power. The most common engine: V6 2.5 liters produces a solid 222 hp. With. The engine is equally good both in the city and on the highway. Consumption in the combined cycle is about 10 liters. A perfectly acceptable result. A modern seven-speed automatic with the "sport" mode is installed as a box.

There is also a more voluminous 3.5-liter engine, it is also atmospheric, like a 2.5-liter V6, but it produces 309 horsepower. Do not occupy the dynamics of the engine. Beforethe first hundred it accelerates in less than 7 seconds. Consumption of about 12 liters of fuel.

The most powerful power plant that this model is equipped with is a 3.7-liter gasoline engine (aspirated). The engine power is 333 hp. With. Fuel consumption is 15 liters on the combined cycle.

The brakes are excellent, although they have a slightly short pedal travel, but you get used to it with time. The suspension works well, the steering wheel is also very responsive and comfortable in the hand. Steering wheel settings (angle, reach) are electrically controlled.

stylish Infiniti G25


Infiniti G25 is a perfectly balanced car in everything. Swift, muscular and dynamic - it is made with a hint of a premium class, but it will be felt more by the driver than by his passengers. The model has a decent level of equipment. The characteristics of the Infiniti G25 also do not raise any questions. This is chic, power and everyday practicality in one car. And the most important thing is that you will not go broke on the maintenance of this car and on fuel if you choose not the most powerful engine.

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