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Most economical cars

Most economical cars
Most economical cars

Due to the ever-increasing price of fuel, many car owners are seriously considering purchasing a more economical vehicle. Not everyone can completely abandon the car and switch to a bicycle. Due to the growing demand for low fuel consumption green vehicles, leading manufacturers offer a wide range of options to suit almost any customer's needs.

Those who are looking for economical cars, first of all, you need to pay attention to subcompact models. It is in them that the curb weight is maximally reduced, and for this reason, far from the most powerful engine is installed. These are cars with low fuel consumption. Of course, such a car will not produce stunning results on a quick start or acceleration. But on the other hand, like other economical cars, it will be able to significantly save the budget of its owner.

Today, one of the leaders in the field of fuel economy is a model from the Korean manufacturer Kia Rio equipped with Eco Dynamics. On board this car has an engine, the volume of which is only 1.1 liters. The consumption of this unit is only 2.66liters per hundred. This is an absolute record among cars in this category. In addition, Kia Rio can be called an environmentally friendly car, as the amount of carbon dioxide emissions does not exceed 85 g / km.

economical cars

The car has 69 hp. and accelerates to 100 km / h in almost 15 seconds. These indicators are quite enough for normal city driving.

Very economical cars produced by the Czech company Skoda. Their Fabia Greenline model consumes just 2.8 liters per hundred. This low consumption is achieved in several ways. First, a low-power motor is used. Exactly the same engine is installed in the most economical cars from Volkswagen - Polo BlueMotion, but it does not give such good performance there. Secondly, the start-stop system helps to reduce consumption when driving around the city, at traffic lights and traffic jams. Thirdly, special tires have been installed that have reduced rolling resistance.

most economical cars from volkswagen

Smart Fortwo demonstrates good performance. The fuel consumption of this car is 2.85 liters. This is a fairly good value, considering that the 799 cubic centimeters engine is installed on board. The maximum speed of this German baby does not exceed the bar of 135 km / h. Unlike the Fabia Greenline and the Kia Rio, this is just a two-seater that's only suitable for the city.

cars with low fuel consumption

And, of course, if we talk about fuel-efficient cars, we can't help butmention the Toyota Prius. Despite the fact that this model does not consume record amounts of fuel, it has undoubtedly been the leader in terms of sales for many years. Unlike the cars presented above, the Toyota Prius has a full-fledged large interior and a fairly roomy trunk. It consumes 4.6 liters of fuel when driving around the city and a little less than 5 liters on the highway. This is achieved thanks to built-in generators and a smart on-board computer that turns on the internal combustion engine at a time when there is not enough power from the electric one.

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