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All about the VAZ-2109: characteristics, tuning possibilities

All about the VAZ-2109: characteristics, tuning possibilities
All about the VAZ-2109: characteristics, tuning possibilities

The VAZ-2109 car or, as it is popularly called, the "nine" is an improved model of the VAZ-2108. Its production began in the late 80s of the twentieth century. This five-door hatchback immediately won the hearts of Soviet buyers. It was extremely prestigious to have a VAZ-2109 car. And today, "nines" remain at the peak of popularity. Although their ownership has ceased to be elitist, the VAZ-2109 has many fans.

vaz 2109

On this machine, the Volga plant for the first time tested the establishment of a five-speed gearbox. This car belongs to the Samara family. The specific qualities of this group are: distinctive design, practicality, stability when driving on various types of road surfaces. VAZ-2109 differs from its "brothers" in its good speed, easy handling, and the presence of two rear doors. Another unique feature of the "nine" is the ability to fold out the rear passenger seats, which makes the trunk suitable for transporting bulky goods. This car is front wheel drive. There are 1, 1-, 1, 3- and 1.5-liter VAZ 2109 engines.The characteristics of this car indicate a low consumption of gasoline (5.8-6 liters per hundred kilometers). Acceleration time from standstill to 100 km / h is 16 seconds for modification 2109, 13 seconds for modification 21093 and 17 seconds for 21091. This car is equipped with a carburetor engine or with an automatic fuel injection system. The second option has increased power performance, is more environmentally friendly, and also economical.

tuning vaz 2109 do it yourself

Many owners of the ninth model VAZ do not want to be satisfied with the usual and standard appearance of their car. Tuning comes to the rescue. Fortunately for this, the "nine" has great prospects. Car owners modernize their "iron horses" in three main areas: the appearance of the body, what is under the hood, and the interior. When tuning the body, window tinting is used, the rear wing and “skirt” are attached, lighting is used, ground clearance is increased by installing new cups for springs and thrust bearings from the VAZ-2110 (“tens”), disks are replaced with unique ones and much more. During the engine compartment modernization, the traction characteristics of the car are subjected to major alterations. When it comes to the interior, it all depends on the owner’s imagination, most often they reupholster the steering wheel, gear lever, replace the covers with original ones. It is also impossible to imagine a tuned "nine" without a powerful audio system. In general, there is no limit to the modernization of your car, it all depends on the desire and capabilities of the owner, because it will take a lot of time andfunds. To save money, you can tune the VAZ-2109 with your own hands.

vaz 2109 specifications

Many elements for converting the "nine" can be found in specialized stores and on Internet sites. Thus, you can save on the purchase of parts. Each car owner decides for himself whether or not to tune his car: for someone, the uniqueness of his car is important, but for someone the classic look of the “nine” is quite satisfied. And what will your VAZ-2109 be like?

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