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Renault Sandero - reviews of the Stepway version and its review

Renault Sandero - reviews of the Stepway version and its review
Renault Sandero - reviews of the Stepway version and its review

High demand for vehicles with increased cross-country ability has given rise to a whole list of 2-wheel drive vehicles with off-road style and increased ground clearance: Peugeot 3008, Skoda-Fabia-Skat and others. Add to this lineup also our hero of the article - quite popular in Russia Renault Sandero, which has the prefix Stepway, and get a more or less complete picture. About Renault Sandero, reviews are usually favorable towards the car due to the excellent price / quality ratio. So what is this car? Read more in our article.

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Unlike the standard Sandero, the Stepway features a rugged black plastic body kit, contrasting painted side mirrors, silver door handles and roof racks. These seemingly inconspicuous elements of the appearance of the car allowed the hatchback to look unusual and even stylish. The ground clearance has also been increased to 175 millimeters and standard crankcase protection has been installed. The suspension was completely reconfigured, which made it more rigid. Renault Sandero Stepway currently offers 4 engine versions(2 petrol and 2 diesel) with 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. The basic "Stepway" starts at 485 thousand rubles, the top version - 540 thousand rubles. As you can see, the price is slightly higher than for the Renault Sandero Prestige, the price of which froze at 510 thousand. In the top version, the driver gets air conditioning, ABS, 2 airbags, power windows, heated front seats, radio and other amenities. At the request of the owner, a navigation system can be installed for an additional fee. Our version of the Renault Sandero is generally more positive. The 1.5 liter diesel model both pulls harder and "eats" less.

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Inside, the same familiar interior from Logan awaits us. The ergonomic conditions of the Sandero Stepway interior are also taken from the latter. But on the other hand, the interior is spacious, which is the trump card of any Sandero. The rear seats are designed for three, so there is enough space for everyone. The trunk of the car is comfortable, and its volume is 320 liters. Stepway does not like fast driving. The engine pulls well on the bottoms, but it makes no sense to spin it above 4 thousand. Steering is not sharp enough, and responses to driver commands are vague. Compared to the regular Sandero, the Stepway rolls more in corners and sterns more often. But you have to pay for everything, right? So in our case, these shortcomings are compensated by higher cross-country ability, because even the notorious Russian roads are unable to knock down a Renault Sandero carStepway" from the set course. A strong and energy-intensive suspension makes it possible not to slow down in front of uneven roads - the smoothness is excellent. On the "Stepway" you can confidently drive along country roads and a broken asph alt path. It is because of this feature that Renault Sandero has positive reviews, because for such a price to get almost an SUV is very nice.

Renault Sandero Prestige

What do we end up with? Of course, the "Stepway" has its shortcomings and they are inevitable, because it is a budget car. However, the positive aspects of the car are much more. We list the most important ones: a spacious interior, a good optional portfolio, a dense suspension, a good level of safety, a good engine on the top version and the quality of the Renault brand proven over the years. All this indicates that the French managed to create a simple but practical car for little money - the dream of any summer resident and rural dweller. In many forums dedicated to the Renault brand, Renault Sandero is mentioned, the reviews of which are the most controversial from various users. Of course, there were some dissatisfied people, but believe the fact that there are much more Stepway followers. And yet, only you can draw conclusions.

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