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Road bikes. Style and character

Road bikes. Style and character
Road bikes. Style and character

With the development of the motorcycle, the appearance of this vehicle, and its design features, characteristics have changed, adapting to various conditions, specializations of operation. Depending on the purpose of the motorcycle, its trim elements, fit, control, there are two main types of bike: road and off-road.

Road motorcycles have an additional classification. They are divided into "Classic", "Sportbike", "Supersport", "Super Tourer", "Tourist", "Chopper", "Cruiser", "Custom", "Dragster", "Motard", "Minibike" and " Heavy motorcycles. The off-road class includes "Cross motorcycles", "Enduro", "Motards" and "Trials". In various sources, you can find a different classification of types of motorcycles. This article presents the most detailed version.

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"Classic" is a universal solution that allows the rider to move comfortably both on the track and on city streets. Road bikes of this class are also called streetfighters (“street fighters”). The main advantages of the "Classic" moto are its practicality, ease of maintenance and management. As a rule, these include the following models: Jawa 350, Ducati Monster S4, Honda CB, Suzuki Bandit 250-1250a feature of this subclass is the vertical (classic) landing of the driver.

Sport bikes are designed for road racing, ideal for those who want to feel the speed and power of the motor.

honda road bikes

The main feature of such motos is sharpness in control, which manifests itself in acceleration, braking, and also in changing the trajectory of the bike. Any command of the pilot is subject to immediate execution, so the management of such a supercar requires professional and perfectly honed skills. Typical representatives of sportbikes are the following: Honda CBR600F Hurricane, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R and Ducati 749

"Supersport" - the fastest version of a sportbike, powerful and light. Road bikes of this subclass have such representatives: Triumph Daytona 675, Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

"Sport Tourers" - something intermediate between "Tourists" and sports. This option is ideal for traveling long distances on an asph alt road. Representatives: BMW K1200GT, Kawasaki ZZR.

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"Tourists" - motorcycles that were designed specifically for long trips. Initially, this subcategory was invented by Honda, which released the Gold Wing model. At that time, there were other companies that equipped motorcycles with additional mounts, wind protection and luggage mounting kits. However, only Honda was the first to design a bike that combines all the necessary attributes to overcome long distances. RoadHonda motorcycles have become the benchmark of the touring vehicle, spawning a huge number of imitators and yet remaining a leader in their invention.

Today, "Choppers" are a certain style of motorcycle. A variety of tuned elements of such a bike allow you to create an individual style and constantly improve it.

honda shadow

The same conservative type of bike as the Chopper is considered to be the Cruiser. It is a heavy, powerful enough motorcycle for a comfortable ride. Such a bike is distinguished by the presence of chrome parts, a low straight fit, a two-level saddle. Cruisers include Honda Shadow, Yamaha Drag Star.

Custom road bikes are unique because they include any motorcycle, mostly cruisers or choppers, created by oneself. The key point in creating such an instance is its appearance, style, design.

Dragster road bikes are designed specifically for drag racing, i.e. straight road racing. The type of bike in question includes Harley-Davidson V-Rod series motorcycles.

“Motards”, or, as they are also called, “Scarvers”, “Supermoto”, showed their capabilities well on public roads and proved themselves off-road.

"Heavy motorcycles" are represented by domestic bikes: Dnepr, K750 and Ural GEAR-UP.

cross moto

Turning to the class of off-road motorcycles, namely, to the type "Cross", it should be noted that the operation of this typeBiking on city roads is strictly prohibited. The motocross bike is designed for off-road riding.

More powerful and much heavier motocross bikes - "Enduro". This type of bike confidently and accurately overcomes distances on city streets and highways and is designed to ride on less comfortable surfaces.

It is commonly believed that four wheels carry the body, and two - the soul. A motorcycle is the choice of freedom-loving, reckless and risky people who need to constantly spray adrenaline into their blood and feel the speed.

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