"Subaru Forester": clearance, review and photo

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"Subaru Forester": clearance, review and photo
"Subaru Forester": clearance, review and photo

Subaru Forester is an all-wheel drive crossover manufactured from 1997 to the present day by the automotive brand Subaru. The car was first presented in 1997 in Detroit. Thanks to its ground clearance, the Subaru Forester turned out to be an excellent car for both family trips and off-road driving.

Subaru Forester review

subaru forester metallic
subaru forester metallic

The first generation Subaru Forester was introduced in 1995 in Tokyo. The car went on sale in 1997. Two versions of the 2-liter engine were available: a 137 or 240 horsepower engine. In the US market, the car went on sale a year later.

Second generation cars have been produced since 2002 for five years. They were equipped with a 2-liter internal combustion engine, as well as a 2.5, 2.5 turbo and 2.0 liter turbo engine. They produced modifications with a four-speed automatic transmission and a five-speed manual.

The third generation of carscompletely changed both externally and internally. The design has become more attractive. The front optics merges with the horizontal grille. Air intakes are in a prominent place than in previous generations. The bumper of the car was painted in body color. In the second generation, the bumper most often had a gray color, and it was made of plastic.

subaru forester interior
subaru forester interior

The latest generation was introduced in 2012. For the Japanese market, the car was produced with a two-liter engine with a capacity of 146 and 276 horsepower. For the American market, a model was assembled with a 2.5-liter engine and a power of 173 horsepower, for the European one - 150 hp. With. The fourth generation was equipped with both a 6-speed manual transmission and a continuously variable gearbox (CVT).

The advantages of each generation was the clearance of the Subaru Forester, which for all models is 22 centimeters. The world-famous Euro NCAP vehicle safety test passed and showed the following results:

  • adult passenger - 91%;
  • child - 91%;
  • pedestrian - 73%;
  • active safety - 86%.

Increasing the ground clearance of the Subaru Forester

For some owners, ground clearance is a very important technical characteristic of the car. The ground clearance of the Subaru Forester is 22 centimeters. However, many motorists claim that in practice the actual ground clearance may differ from that declared by the manufacturer. First of all, this figure depends on the method of measurement and the place where it is carried out.

Not the best quality of roads in our country makes car owners go to the trick to increase ground clearance. The easiest way is to install new wheels with wider tires. The second method is more expensive and requires knowledge in the field of installation - replacing spacers between shock absorbers. The third option is to replace the factory springs with new ones, with a large number of turns. Which method to choose is up to the car owner.


subaru forester clearance
subaru forester clearance

The undoubted advantage is the ground clearance (clearance) of the Subaru Forester. Thanks to him, the car is able to overcome obstacles up to 22 centimeters high. This indicator is one of the best among all modern crossovers. Also, the advantages of this car include:

  • high cross-country ability even on strong off-road;
  • unique design, more like a station wagon than an SUV;
  • visibility;
  • modern transmission;
  • four-wheel drive, which helps the car to pass any obstacles;
  • luggage capacity;
  • car availability on the Russian market;
  • versatility.

For the most part, the cons of the Subaru Forester are minor, but it’s impossible not to say about them. The owners of this car have made their list of shortcomings:

  • service cost;
  • poor dynamics at low revs;
  • noise isolation, its poor quality is especially felt when driving at high speeds;
  • for passengerswith high growth in the back row is quite crowded;
  • expensive fuel - AI-95.


The car has both advantages and disadvantages. It is suitable for those who have enough funds to maintain it. But the undoubted advantage is the clearance of the Subaru Forester, thanks to which the car is perfect for fishing, hunting, traveling, as well as for ordinary family trips in the city, which makes it universal.