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Which SUV to choose: selection criteria, features and specifications
Which SUV to choose: selection criteria, features and specifications

The car must be reliable, and for the Russian reality - also passable. In this regard, the question is relevant: "Which SUV to choose?". This article will discuss various options for these cars.

Briefly about the design of SUVs

On this type of car, manual gearboxes (CAT) are most often installed, although there are also automatic ones (Automatic). Following the checkpoint, a transfer case (RK) is mounted. It is attached either to the back of the first, or connected to it with a cardan. Less vibration during movement will be in the first scenario. With the help of the RC, the torque is distributed to the gearboxes of the main gears of the axles from the checkpoint. If all-wheel drive is on, then the PK distributes torque evenly between the rear and front axles.

In the absence of a built-in differential on the RK, only rear-wheel drive is permanent. The front axle is hardwired. When it turns on, the torque is distributed equally. This scheme is used on domestic UAZ vehicles. Basically, SUVs have two main gears, or two bridges.There may be more of them. They provide this class of vehicles with the best cross-country ability. In this case, we speak of a dependent suspension. Its working strokes when compared with passenger cars are very large.

Modern machines of this type have a mixed suspension scheme with the installation of an axle at the rear, an independent suspension in front, a final drive gearbox on a subframe. This provides a smoother ride compared to fully dependent suspension.

The clearance also affects the patency, which is currently understood as ground clearance. Although, strictly speaking, they are not the same thing, in most cases these terms are used interchangeably.

Thus, before looking for the answer to the question "which SUV to choose", you need to decide what, in fact, you want to get.

Classification by value

All cars of this class can be divided into several categories depending on the cost:

  • up to 1 million rubles;
  • 1-1.5 million;
  • 1.5-3 million;
  • over 3 million rubles

First two price segments

Due to the fact that most of our compatriots do not have free cash in an unlimited amount, the question arises: "Which inexpensive SUV to choose?".

This category includes cars of both domestic and foreign production. The first include: "Lada 4x4", UAZ "Patriot", UAZ "Hunter", "Chevrolet Niva". These machines are widely used by anglers and hunters.

From Chinese SUVs you canlook towards Renault Duster or Great Wall Hover H3. There will be no sophisticated electronics and a chic interior here, everything will be limited to the most necessary basic functions. These cars can be considered if you are interested in which SUV to choose for a million.

Which SUV to choose?

The second classification group above is dominated by city cars. These include cars of Korean origin Kia Sorento, Japanese Mitsubishi Pajero, Germans Audi Q3 and BMW X1, as well as a number of other models. Basically, these SUVs are characterized by a low-power engine, front-wheel drive transmission, rag upholstery, and air conditioning. The more features a car is equipped with, the higher its price, and the sooner it will be transferred to the next classification group.

Expensive cars

The third category is represented by quite expensive SUVs. This includes luxury cars such as the Audi Q5, Lexus NX, BMW X3 and others, but for the most part without additional features. These cars are designed mainly for the city, although most of them have four-wheel drive and good ground clearance.

The last price group includes the most expensive SUVs. Accordingly, they are also the most prestigious. These are, in particular, Toyota Land Cruiser 200, Range Rover, Mercedes G and GLS and others. This class is equipped with any available functionality, depending on how much money the buyer is willing to pay.

A brief overview of some of the cars in questioncategories

In order to give a complete and reasoned answer to the question: "Which SUV is better to choose?", You need to consider the most popular models today.

"Nissan Pathfinder 2, 5 dCi AT-LE"

Diesel engine capacity - 2.5 liters, four-wheel drive, automatic transmission. Capacity - 7 people. Basic equipment includes 6 airbags, climate control, heated seats, stabilization system and Bluetooth.

"Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 3, 0"

3.0L diesel engine, driver has separate knee airbag, power front seats, decent size color monitor, good cross-country ability, built-in camera.

Which SUV is better to choose?

"Mitsubishi Pajero Ultimate 3, 0"

The engine can be diesel or gasoline. It has a built-in navigator, Bluetooth, additional clearance options compared to the Mitsubishi Pajero Instyle model.

"Volvo XC 90 Executive 2, 4"

Capacity - 7 people. But the clearance is only 21.8 cm, which characterizes it as not the best in terms of cross-country ability. In expensive versions, leather seats with a ventilation and massage effect, a high-quality music player and rear seat heating.

The above models answer the question: "Which SUV to choose?" is not exhausted. There are a lot of them, and within the framework of one article it is not possible to consider all the cars that exist today.

Frame structures

To improve strengthassemblies, this type of machine can be equipped with a frame structure. This means that the body is attached from above to the frame through damper pads. The engine and the main transmission units are attached to the latter. In some cars, the frame spars are welded directly into the lower part of the body. This makes production easier for the manufacturer, since he incurs lower costs. The structure of the car becomes less stable.

The advantages of using a frame are as follows:

  • she has a simple design with calculation methods;
  • best noise and vibration isolation;
  • can act as a base for different cars or models of the same brand;
  • makes it easier to assemble the machine in the factory;
  • different bodies can be mounted on the same frame;
  • repairing the last one attached to the frame in the event of an accident is not particularly difficult.

Due to the existence of such cars, the question arises: "Which frame SUV to choose?".

Choosing a used car

Let's consider some machines of the type in question, produced over the past half century. It was they who were cars with frame structures.

Toyota Land Cruiser

It began to gain popularity in the 60s of the last century, and reached its peak in 1987 with the release of the Land Cruiser 70. Everything that was embodied in it is still used in the automotive industry of modern Toyota. The car is reliable, with good cross-country ability, comfortable. These machines model 100, in good condition, are not worthlose, and every year more and more win.


In the beginning it was a completely military vehicle. General Motors released the H2, which was quite bulky but had a large engine, frame and solid axles, and later the H3, which became the smallest model among the Hummers. In 2006, H1 Alpha was assembled, which is appreciated by brand fans.

Land Rover Defender

The design and appearance of this car has not changed much in 30 years. The car has a powerful engine, it was not created for city trips, so comfort is reduced. Designed Defender for trips through the wilds.

SUV selection

Jeep Wrangler

For a long time, all SUVs were called “jeeps”. Four-wheel drive, large exit angles, dependent suspension. Compared to the previous brand, it is more manageable on asph alt. The salon is more comfortable, especially in the Unlimited model, which has 5 doors. On this car, you can move without a roof over your head, or you can mount a soft roof.

Which one to choose from used SUVs?

Toyota FJ Cruiser

It has a large ground clearance, a small base on the frame structure, powerful engines. Salon comfortable premium class. The car is all-wheel drive, equipped with various equipment.

Nissan Patrol

Capacity - 8 people. Powerful engine. It has an elegant appearance, but easily handles off-road difficulties.

Mercedes G-Class

The famous Gelendvagen. From the time when this car was produced exclusively for military purposes, and to this day remains one of the famous frame SUVs. It has high-torque engines and rigid axles. Has the status of a prestigious car.

Suzuki Escudo

Produced in 1995-2000. Has excellent cross-country ability, reliability and endurance. When the question arises: “Which one to choose from used SUVs?” you can stop at this model, since the cost of cars of the first releases reaches only 250-300 thousand rubles, while on Escudo you can conquer off-road, go hunting and fishing.

Which inexpensive SUV to choose?

Rating of the most compact cars of the type in question

Basically, the question is: "Which compact SUV to choose?" more interested in the female half of the drivers.

1st place - Renault Duster

Reliability meets good looks.

2nd place - Jeep Renegade

Somewhat rough in appearance, but the machine allows you to climb off-road, which has a 30-degree inclination.

Which compact SUV to choose?

3rd place - Suzuki Jimny

Has a nice appearance, refers to the frame. Drive full.

4th place - Mitsubishi Pajero

Features unpretentious maintenance, does not require special care. High permeability. 4 generations have come out, all are popular in Russia.

5th place - Daihatsu Terios

Economic SUV,consumes only 8 liters. The machine is easy to drive, the change in the quality of the road surface is imperceptible.

Choosing tires

They must be durable, with the original tread. When the question arises: “Which tires to choose for an SUV?” it should be assumed that for summer varieties, an increased density of rubber is needed, which will contribute to minimal wear when moving on various road surfaces, that is, good grip is also needed with various areas on which the movement is carried out.

The product differs in quality and price. So, tires for SUVs from Bridgestone have a lower price. At the same time, Continental and GoodYear summer tires have a higher price and are in demand among owners of luxury cars of this type.

Winter tires should freely drain water and slurry from the snow. Good grip on icy roads must also be ensured. The leaders include the same companies that produce summer tires. Tires also vary in price and quality.

What tires to choose for an SUV?

In closing

Determine which SUV to choose, everyone should independently. Some people like compact models more, while others like giant ones. Someone has sufficient financial means and can afford some surpluses, while for others the most important thing is good cross-country ability or low fuel consumption. Potential owners need to evaluate their capabilities and think about whether it is worth buying such aautomobile. After all, a passenger car is quite enough to drive around the city.

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