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UAZ "Hunter": reviews, specifications, photos

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UAZ "Hunter": reviews, specifications, photos
UAZ "Hunter": reviews, specifications, photos

Perhaps the most famous domestic SUV in Russia is the UAZ. The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produces several jeeps. These are "Patriot" and "Hunter". The latter was introduced in 2003, after which it entered the market almost immediately. "Hunter" became the successor to the 469th UAZ, whose history began in the USSR. But how well were the flaws eliminated and is it possible to purchase such a car? Reviews about the UAZ "Hunter", disadvantages and technical characteristics - later in our article.


In fact, "Hunter" did not become a new model in the line, but only a slightly modified 469th UAZ. So, in front and behind Ulyanovsk designers have developed a new plastic bumper with large foglights.

hunter characteristics photo

The wheels on the car are now cast. Normally, road tires go here. The rest of the car remained the same. The car was slightly refreshed, but it still looks out of date and in a military way. Many make UAZ "Hunter" tuning. So, ready-made sets of power bumpers, winches, snorkels and arch extensions for mud tires are sold for this model. With this settuning UAZ "Hunter" looks more dignified and brutal. However, the cost of such improvements is sometimes more than a hundred thousand rubles.

hunter characteristics

There are flaws in the bodywork. Judging by the reviews, UAZ "Hunter" has a poor quality of painting. One gets the feeling that the enamel was applied in places without a primer - the owners say. After two years, the paint begins to swell, rear up and peel off. Often there are "bugs", which eventually develop into serious foci of corrosion. From the factory, the metal is poorly protected from rust. Yes, and its thickness itself is less. The mass of the new "Hunter" is about 5 percent less than the Soviet 469th. They also speak badly about the quality of welding. The seams on the bodywork are bad and starting to tear. There is also no way to adjust the doors. They close very poorly over time.


The dimensions of the car have not changed since the days of the Soviet UAZ. So, the length of the body is 4.1 meters, the width is 2.01, the height is 2.02 meters.


Ground clearance on standard wheels - 21 centimeters. This is one of the main advantages of the UAZ "Hunter" - the reviews say. Moreover, this is the distance to the bridge, which is the lowest point under the bottom. The remaining elements and assemblies are located much higher. Therefore, on the "Hunter" you can easily overcome fords, curbs and even forest stumps.


The car itself is quite tall, but there is not enough headroom for tall drivers. This is due to the frame layout - the floor is too high. The interior designit looks more like a truck: a flat metal instrument panel with antique arrow scales in the center. The steering wheel is two-spoke, without any adjustments.

On the passenger side there is a compact glove compartment and a “handle of fear”, as the owners themselves call it. The seats in the car, although different from the 469th, do not have good lateral and lumbar support. Therefore, many owners of Hunters change these shapeless chairs for seats from a foreign car (for example, from Opel or Toyota). The stove in the cabin is noisy, but warm in the winter. Although problems with it are not ruled out. So, pipes can flow or the radiator itself is clogged. Poor interior ventilation. The windows in the car do not open fully. There are only small vents that you need to pull "on yourself". But they have almost no effect.

UAZ characteristics

What other pitfalls are there in the UAZ Hunter car? The interior of this SUV is very hot in the heat. This is due to the ill-conceived design of the roof, which works as a thermal reflector in the sun. In rainy weather, owners are faced with such a problem as water in the cabin. UAZ "Hunter" has a lot of slots in the joints of the body, as well as a leaky ventilation hatch. This is where the water gets in. As a result, the interior is constantly damp, slush forms under the rugs, the windows sweat.

Another drawback of the UAZ is the side mirrors. They, according to the owners, are very flimsy and at a speed of more than 60 km they begin to vibrate strongly, which distorts the perception of information.


He is able to holdup to 1130 liters of luggage in a five-seat version. The second row of seats can be folded in a ratio of 60 to 40. With the backrests folded down, the volume of the trunk increases to 2564 liters. Pluses include a wide opening and low loading height.

UAZ photo

But there are also disadvantages. This is the opening of the gate to the left side and the sagging of the hinges. There is a heavy full-size spare tire on the lid, which eventually hangs the hinges and does not close the trunk lid well.


UAZ "Hunter" was originally equipped with only one gasoline engine (we will consider diesel versions a little later). It is not UMP at all, but the Zavolzhsky unit of the 409th model. This engine is atmospheric with an in-line arrangement of cylinders. With a volume of 2.7 liters, the engine develops only 128 horsepower. The torque is also small - 210 Nm. The engine has a timing chain drive, a cast iron block and a 16-valve head.

What do reviews say about the UAZ Hunter engine? Like all ZMZ engines, the 409th engine is very voracious. So, for a hundred in the city, the car spends from 14 to 16 liters of the 92nd. Also, the owners speak negatively about the location of the tank necks (there are only two of them in the UAZ). They are welded in such a way that when refueling "to the full" there is still 8 liters of free space.

uaz hunter photo

There is no need to talk about overclocking dynamics. The car in running order weighs almost two tons. Up to a hundred the car accelerates in 25-30 seconds. The maximum speed is 140 kilometers perhour. But driving more than 80 is uncomfortable, and sometimes scary. Due to the ill-conceived design of the propeller shaft, at speed the whole machine begins to vibrate. Alternatively, you can install the cardan on the shruakh, as on the Niva. The cost of such a solution is about nine thousand rubles.


Diesel UAZ "Hunter" also exists. Initially, the Andoria engine with an 8-valve head and without a turbine was used as a "solid fuel" unit. With a volume of 2.4 liters, it developed 86 horsepower. The torque did not exceed 183 Nm.

Two years after the first release, this motor was replaced by a domestic ZMZ-51432. The unit was distinguished by a 16-valve timing mechanism and with a volume of 2.2 liters it developed a power of 114 horsepower.

Also, a Chinese 4JB1T engine is installed on the UAZ "Hunter" (diesel). With a volume of 2.2 liters, it develops 92 horsepower.

About four-wheel drive

The car is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission with hard-wired all-wheel drive "Part-Time". There is also a two-stage transfer case with a reduction range of speeds. The car can move in several modes:

  • 2H. Torque is transmitted only to the rear wheels.
  • 4H. Power is distributed evenly along the axes in a ratio of 50 to 50.
  • 4L. This is an all-wheel drive with a low range of gears. Serves for overcoming heavy impassability.
hunter photo

But as the reviews note, even in the top configuration UAZ "Hunter" does not have an interwheelblocking. Hubs need to be purchased and installed separately. The transfer case, even on the new Hunter, is very noisy.


The machine is built on a ladder frame. Front and rear - continuous bridge. Helical springs are used as elastic elements in the front part. Behind - leaf springs. Steering - gearbox with hydraulic booster. As noted by the reviews, UAZ "Hunter" has a very wadded steering wheel. Finding the center is quite difficult. And at speed you have to constantly taxi, even on a new car.

Brakes - disc front and drum rear. They are not efficient enough. It takes a lot of effort to slow down this two-ton jeep.

uaz hunter characteristics photo

Suspension reliability is not at the best level. As noted by the reviews, the UAZ "Hunter" is equipped with ball joints on plastic bushings from the factory. Not only do they have no lubrication (because of which the steering wheel is very tight), but they also collapse after 15-20 thousand kilometers, since they are completely devoid of protection against dirt. The steering wheel has a weak base. Over time, fasteners may break off around the hub.

Summing up

So, we found out what the UAZ "Hunter" is. As you can see, the car has a lot of flaws and "childhood diseases". Having bought a new car, it will definitely have to be brought to mind, the owners say. The car does not have reliability and any safety (although the latest models have ISOFIX child seat anchorages). On the other hand, it is the cheapest for todayan all-wheel drive SUV that can be taken new. But you should not count on reliability or comfort in this UAZ. A more or less civilian option with a comfortable interior and no less good cross-country ability is the Patriot. But its price is much higher.

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