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Compact ZiD 4.5 engine for a variety of applications

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Compact ZiD 4.5 engine for a variety of applications
Compact ZiD 4.5 engine for a variety of applications

The ZiD 4.5 stationary engine is a compact universal power unit with which it is possible to mechanize various agricultural works.

Motor designation

ZiD internal combustion engine is a single-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine. It was produced at the Degtyarev plant in the city of Kovrov from the mid-60s and almost until the 90s of the last century. For its time, it was the most common motor for use in various agricultural units, such as pumps, crushers, various machines, circular saws, mini-tractors, conveyors, etc.

The ZiD 4.5 engine was widely used due to its main advantages:

  • compact;
  • simple design;
  • reliability;
  • repairability;
  • high technical parameters;
  • economy.

In addition, the ability of the engine to run on low quality fuel, which is important for rural areas, should be considered an important factor.

zid engines

Of the shortcomings of the motor, increased vibration should be noted,characteristic of all single-cylinder engines, which had to be taken into account when installing and securing the unit.

Engine device

The design of the ZiD engine consisted of the following main units:

  • cylinder head;
  • crankshaft;
  • piston with connecting rod;
  • crankcase;
  • pallet;
  • valve box;
  • spark plugs with high voltage wire;
  • oil pump with filter;
  • fuel tank;
  • flywheel;
  • reducer;
  • fan with shroud;
  • carburetor;
  • muffler;
  • air cleaner;
  • mounting posts.

The engine was equipped with a special two-stage reduction gear for removing and converting energy. In this case, a special pulley installed on the flywheel side was used for the belt drive. In addition, with the help of a pulley and a cord, the engine was started, and at any speed of the gearbox. For stationary operation of the motor, a special gear sprocket was provided on the gearbox side.

zid engine characteristic

It should be noted that aluminum was widely used in the production of engine components. The crankcase, cylinder head and piston are made from an alloy of this metal.

Technical parameters

The operational and technical characteristics of the ZiD engine are:

  • type - gasoline;
  • number of cylinders - 1 piece;
  • volume – 520see3;
  • workflow - 4-stroke;
  • cooling option - forced, air;
  • power - 4.5 liters. p.;
  • speed at maximum power - 2000 rpm;
  • idling speed - 700 rpm;
  • fuel system - carburetor ZiD 12;
  • gas tank capacity - 8.0 l;
  • fuel supply method - top gravity from the fuel tank;
  • fuel brand - gasoline A-72, A-76;
  • lubrication method - splashing, supplying oil to the tray using a plunger pump;
  • oil consumption - up to 20 g/hour;
  • oil system capacity - 1.6L;
  • gas distribution - valve;
  • number of valves - 2 pieces;
  • engine weight (dry) - 60 kg;
  • dimensions:
    • length - 0.63 m,
    • width - 0.58 m,
    • height - 0.73 m,
  • normative time to overhaul - 500 hours.
engine zid specifications

Engine Maintenance

Proper and timely maintenance of the power unit maintains the correct operation of the motor, prolongs the period of trouble-free operation, and allows maintaining the specified technical characteristics of the ZiD 4.5. When servicing, follow these simple steps:

  1. Before starting the engine, be sure to check the presence and quantity of oil. If necessary, top up to the required volume.
  2. Perform a full shift after 40 hours of workengine oil.
  3. Inspect the air cleaner every 5 hours of operation. Change oil and clean as needed.
  4. Pour gasoline into the fuel tank through a special filter.
  5. Flush the fuel tank sump every 50 hours of operation.
  6. After 20 hours of operation, check and, if necessary, tighten the screw connections.
  7. As needed, but no more than after 25 hours of operation, clean the air cooling fins of the cylinder body to prevent overheating.
  8. In winter, drain the oil from the crankcase after finishing work and a long break. Before starting the engine again, fill in oil warmed up to a temperature of 70˚С.

Engine repair

The ZiD engine has a simple design, so if necessary, almost anyone familiar with the technique can carry out repairs. To reduce the possibility of malfunctions in the power unit, it is imperative to observe the frequency and completeness of maintenance. In addition, every 300 hours of operation, it is necessary to partially disassemble the ZiD engine. In this case, it is necessary to tighten the connecting rod bearing, grind the valves, clean the piston, valves, valve box, cylinder head from carbon deposits and clean the breaker contacts while adjusting the gaps.

Features of mini tractors with ZiD engine

Despite the fact that the power unit in its design, first of all,was a stationary source of energy, very often rural innovators made home-made mini tractors with a ZiD 4.5 engine.

mini tractor with zeed engine

As elements and assemblies of such tractors, units and parts from a wide variety of motorcycles, sidecars, cars and trucks, sometimes from serial tractors, were used. But the basis of any design was a strong welded frame, which ensured the installation and reliable fastening of the motor.

tractor with zeed engine

Manufactured home-made tractors with a ZiD engine provided a variety of agricultural work in small areas. The low operating costs of such equipment were confirmed by the efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance of the power unit.

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