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Suzuki Hayabusa K9 - style, power and irresistibility

Suzuki Hayabusa K9 - style, power and irresistibility
Suzuki Hayabusa K9 - style, power and irresistibility

Since the Hayabusa Suzuki was released, it has only competed with itself. This model makes a rather strong impression due to the fact that it is much cooler than previous models. All who were the first testers of the novelty were satisfied with both the power and the degree of traction. The engine of this motorcycle has exceeded all expectations due to the fact that it has much more power, it can reach speed several times faster.

hayabusa k9

In addition, the suspension and frame have been changed in the Hayabusa K9. They are made in such a way that they create more torsional and flexural rigidity, making this hyperbike much easier to use. Thanks to the better streamlining of the body, impeccable aerodynamics are created.

As a result of processing, this vehicle has acquired completely new parameters, only the family logo has remained unchanged, which is absolutely different from the others. The new model is better than the model released earlier and ranked one of the first places.

The presented Hayabusa K9 has excellent driving characteristicstechnical nodes like:

- modern type DOHC engine;

- four cylinders;

- four cycles of the main operation of the engines;

- four valves per 80.00 bore cylinder;

- piston stroke 65.00;

- improved power supply and fuel injection system;

- modern engine liquid cooling system;

- front telescopic suspension, which was improved by the developers and made upside down;

- pendulum rear suspension which has a central monoshock and progressive performance;

- other characteristics related to the body of the bike and providing aerodynamic properties.

hayabusa k9 specifications

The upgraded Hayabusa K9 is the fastest and most powerful production motorcycle of our time. For the production of K9, only high-tech plastic is used, which is characterized by good aerodynamic and aesthetic parameters. Suzuki Hayabusa K9 is considered one of the most famous motorcycles in the world, because its individual characteristics are difficult to confuse with the parameters and characteristics of other racing motorcycles.

For these high-speed models, they use an engine that gained its popularity back in 2008, which can easily reach speeds of up to 100 km / h in just a few seconds.

hayabusa suzuki

In addition, before launching Hayabusa into the vehicle market,many of its characteristics have been tested repeatedly.

For example, the suspension has been improved through many tests, and now it can be freely adjusted to the required ride height accuracy. The rear suspension has also been taken care of and can be easily adjusted as well.

Thus, thanks to all the improvements, the Hayabusa K9 motorcycle is easy to customize to the desired surface, taking into account the requirements and experience of the rider. As a result of such functionality, the driver receives not only a high-speed Suzuki Hayabusa K9 bike, but also a more comfortable and perfect motorcycle. The upgraded bike is a hit with tough bikers.

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