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How did the world recognize Continental tires?

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How did the world recognize Continental tires?
How did the world recognize Continental tires?

Continental Concern is a world-famous manufacturer of car tires from Germany. In terms of production, the company is in 4th place in the world. The company emblem in the form of a rearing horse is now famous not only on German roads, but everywhere where Continental tires are used. Reviews about the products of this brand in the vast majority of cases are positive. The more interesting it will be to learn about the history of the founding and development of this company.

Continental tires

The birth of a joint-stock company

The business was founded in Hannover in 1871. Initially, the society produced rubber tires for wagons and carriages. In parallel with this, the company carried out continuous research in order to introduce new products into production. This soon led to the development of technology that allowed the production of pneumatic tires for bicycles, and then for cars. In 1904, the company surprised the world with a new invention. Tires "Continental" began to be produced with a tread. Thanks to this, the German concern became the first majora company that has radically changed approaches to the problem of slipping on the road. At the beginning of the 20th century, the company's forces were brought in to work with racing cars. With the support of Continental, Daimler vehicles have repeatedly won the Grand Prix of France. This circumstance made the authority of the German brand indisputable. The turnover of the company increased every year.

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Active development and development of new markets

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Since 1952, tires "Continental" M + S began to go on sale, the purpose of which was to operate in winter conditions. The company did not stop searching for new technological solutions. And already in 1955, it launched the production of tubeless tires. In 1967, the German concern opened its own test site in the city of Lüneburg. The expansion of the company's activities led to the withdrawal of production facilities outside the country. A plant in France was acquired, cooperation with the Austrian tire manufacturer Semperit began, and work was established in Portugal. In the 1990s, the company took a number of major expansion steps. A controlling stake in the Czech company Barum was bought, as well as the American brand ITT Industries Inc. The Hanoverian concern continued to buy up businesses and stores around the world. He organized his activities in South and Central America, as well as in Eastern Europe. Now the products of the German industrial giant were known to consumers around the world. Tires "Continental"became the standard of quality at the internationalmarket.

Modern history

The 21st century for the company began with the signing of an agreement with Bridgetstone, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive rubber. Joint developments were based on Run-Flat technology. The result was the release of products that are not sensitive to punctures. In trading enterprises you can find Continental R16 tires made using this technology. The study of new production methods suggests that the German concern continues to keep pace with the times. Its products remain the standard of quality. Tires "Continental" incorporate all the innovative technologies of our time.

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