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"Pilkington" - car glass from a reliable manufacturer

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"Pilkington" - car glass from a reliable manufacturer
"Pilkington" - car glass from a reliable manufacturer

In Russia and abroad today Pilkington automotive glass is incredibly popular. Its manufacturer is one of the oldest companies in the world, which is the leader in the manufacture of flat glass.

Image "Pilkington" glass

About the manufacturer

Pilkington was founded back in 1826 in Great Britain. Branches and factories of the company are located not only in Europe, but also in other countries of the world. They produce glass for the construction and automotive industries. The company's customers are such automakers as Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes and other famous brands.

In 130 countries around the world there are branches of the company. This means that Pilkington auto glass is an incredible success. Most of the products are sent to Australia, South and North America. And the company's total sales are over £4,000,000 from automotive glass alone. At the same time, there are a number of factories that produce products for the construction industry.


Pilkington auto glass

Success for Pilkingtonbrought experienced and professional staff who work there. Why do world leaders in the automotive industry choose Pilkington auto glass? There are many reasons for this:

  • Huge production capacity, factories located in 26 countries.
  • Extensive experience in the glass industry.
  • Pilkington glass is the quality standard. After all, it was Alastair Pilkington who invented the unique float process, which is the world standard for the production of such products.
  • The company's factories produce not only the Pilkington windshield, but also other options. The choice is huge.
  • "Pilkington" - glass, in the production of which everything is taken into account to the smallest detail.
  • High performance products - impact resistance, effective water repellency, improved visibility, high wear resistance, safety.
  • Each Pilkington automotive glass is manufactured using state-of-the-art high-tech equipment.
  • Before shipping, all glass is checked for damage, cracks and chips. The company values ​​its name and reputation. That is why the defect in the production of goods at the factory is excluded.
  • Pilkington is moving forward. It is constantly evolving, innovative developments are being introduced, and the auto glass itself is being brought to perfection.


Pilkington windshield

Pilkington specialists have patented many unique types of glass that are producedand today:

  • Heat resistant.
  • Sunscreen multiple options.
  • Energy saving.
  • Solar reflective.
  • A huge number of options and methods for bending windshields for cars.

One of the company's most interesting inventions is self-cleaning glass for cars. This unique innovation was introduced in 2001. The essence of this development lies in the fact that a thin coating is applied directly to the glass. It is based on titanium dioxide. With its help, there is a fight against various types of organic pollution. The developers of this novelty are confident that the self-cleaning property is maintained for 20 years.

The secret of the invention is simple. Under the influence of sunlight and due to the access of oxygen, a chemical reaction occurs on the glass surface (all organic contaminants decompose). Further, the water that falls on the glass easily slides off along with the dirt. The surface itself dries instantly, there are no streaks left. This is very important for car windshield.

Titanium coating itself is very durable. It is not just applied to glass, but sintered with it at high temperatures. As soon as the surface cools, this coating becomes part of the glass. It is very difficult to damage it, you will have to make every effort.

Pilkington glass manufacturer

Pilkington's self-cleaning glass is a unique invention that is the hallmark of the company.


Pilkington -glass that is not cheap. On the contrary, the price for it is very high, unlike products from other manufacturers. So, a windshield for a passenger car costs from 7,000 rubles without installation. However, many car owners and automakers are willing to overpay for high quality, reliability, convenience and a very long service life.

Every buyer understands perfectly well that Pilkington is glass that will last for decades. In addition, this is a product from the world leader in the production of such products. And he is in constant demand among those who appreciate all the best.

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