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Engine VAZ-21112: description, specifications

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Engine VAZ-21112: description, specifications
Engine VAZ-21112: description, specifications

For the entire period of production, AvtoVAZ has produced a sufficient number of vehicles and power units. One of these was the station wagon VAZ-21112. This is an upgraded version of the classic vehicle 2111 with 1.6 engine.

Specifications and Description

Unlike its counterparts, the VAZ-21112 engine received a volume of 1.6 liters and an 8-valve block head. In fact, this is the same motor of the 083 series, which was finalized by the designers. The cylinder block has become 2.3 mm higher, which made it possible to increase the piston stroke to 75.6 mm. Thanks to the improvement of the block, the designers managed to achieve a volume of 1.6 liters. Environmental standards have also been raised.

Engine 21112

The timing belt remained driven by the belt, which does not exclude bent valves in the event of a break. It is recommended to replace the belt mechanism every 40 thousand kilometers. The lack of hydraulic lifters also greatly upsets the owners, which forces motorists to adjust the valves every 40 thousand km. The rest is a standard ICE 2111.

Engine VAZ-21112 specifications:



Number of cylinders and configuration


Valves in the head

8 pcs per cylinder

Piston diameter

82, 0 mm


1.6 liters (1596 cm3)

Recommended fuel


Factory capacity

82 HP

Average fuel consumption

7, 6 liters

Motor oil

5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40, 15W40


Maintenance of the VAZ-21112 engine is carried out typically for the entire 2111 series. The service interval for changing oil and filter is 15,000 km. But, as practice shows, in order to increase the engine resource to 250,000 km, it is better to carry out maintenance every 10,000 km.

At every maintenance, the engine oil is changed in the amount of 3.5 liters, as well as the oil filter. The original catalog number is 21081012005. You can also find analogues of the original product using this article.

Main malfunctions

The VAZ-21112 motor has a number of flaws that cause regular malfunctions. This is a problem of all power units manufactured by AvtoVAZ. So, let's consider what problems await the owner of this motor:

Repair cylinder head 21112
  • Swim speed. In this case, the idle control or the throttle wedge will be to blame. It is also recommended to check the mass air flow sensor.
  • Triple. Here, the cause can be searched for a long time, so it is recommended to first carry out computer diagnostics, and then look for a problem in mechanics.
  • Frequent overheating. This is not the fault of the designers, but the reason for the quality of the spare parts. So, overheating is caused by a stuck thermostat. Replacing the element should resolve the issue. You should also pay attention to the coolant level in the system.
  • Metallic ringing and knocking. The absence of hydraulic lifters makes itself felt. This means it's time to adjust the valves.
  • Engine oil leaks. This is due to the breakdown of the gaskets. This is especially true of the valve cover gasket and the head of the block. Replacing the elements should help solve the problem.

As you can see, the malfunctions are not critical, but they cause a lot of trouble for the owners of the VAZ-21112, especially if they are regular.


The most high-quality and reliable way to modify the VAZ-21112 engine is to change the eight-valve head to 16V. But this method is expensive, so motorists choose the simplest option. We change the standard camshaft for the production of "Nuzhdin" 10, 93, mount the split gear. Next, install the receiver and damper with a diameter of 54 mm. Some car enthusiasts recommend lowering the head height and replacing the valves. All this will givethe ability to develop up to 115 hp

Motor tuning

The second option to get extra motor power is to install a compressor. For this, the Nuzhdin camshaft 10, 63 is installed. There are enough options for suitable compressors, it is best to consult with the sellers.

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